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  1. I'm generally of the belief that Looch is in on the conspiracy. He generates much of the hype that leads to the unrealistic expectations. He feeds the inability to think critically by pumping up an overly optimistic message that is then repeated until it becomes truth so no actual assessment has to be done. No critical thought required. No self assessment. Ags are easily brainwashed... It starts with fish camp and you can see it on the political forum where they are susceptible to repeated taking points. They are susceptible to group think when an inspiring leader repeats the message over and over again. They don't deal in facts, they wallow in fiction. This leads to inflated self worth, inability to actually assess and address issues, and reliance on conspiracies to explain their failure to meet expectations. I think the school is in large part to blame for cultivating this this culture, but Looch as the "Sip" mastermind has taken it full throttle to generate a ton of income for himself and continue propogate this victim complex. It would make a fascinating book.
  2. Just a reminder this dumb MFer wanted Georgia to win so there wouldn't be a discussion about Georgia and Alabama both getting in. We're in BECAUSE Alabama won and we didn't have to depend on the committee to make a choice between us and FSU. We wouldn't have had the SEC bias factor in that discussion and very well could have been left out in favor of FSU. Never concede a spot that gives you a chance no matter how small. Math. A good reminder to not argue with idoits. Thanks to @Huckleberry @jimmyjazz @Red Five @Dahobbs and others for specially calling out the stupid posters on this site.
  3. These threads are a great for identifying reactionary pussies and stupid people. Thanks for the bump!
  4. Where are all the fucking idiots who were rooting for Georgia over Alabama? Literally our biggest advantage here is that Alabama win over Georgia anand our head to head won over Alabama. A whole lot better than our only hope being to see is Louisville gets their head out of their ass. We still aren't a sure thing unless Louisville wins, but damn that extra spot being open sure looks fucking good for Texas right now. And every talking head is talking about it, including these announcers over and over again.
  5. 0 Washington in, 0% chance we get that spot. Oregon in, >0% chance. You can't argue that, so instead you argue a point that nobody made. I realize there's a lot of moving parts and that's confusing for you. But that doesn't mean just conceding potential spots is the best option. At the end of the day the best chance is FSU losing.
  6. Are you dense or disingenuous? Try addressing what I actually wrote.
  7. Meh, I typically agree but I think they had time on this play. But it seems like it may have helped us out in the end.
  8. Nobody is arguing that. Everyone agrees that the committee was 99% going to select the Pac10. But it's not an absolute. Very likely, yes. But not a 100% guarantee. And that's what's so frustrating arguing with idiots. You are stating with 100% certainly that you know what the committee was going to do and while they likely would have done that, there was a chance. However small. 1 in 100 is still better than 0. There would have been a discussion and you would have heard all about it from talking heads if we win our game...Should it be Texas or Oregon? And the committee would have heard that as well. Count the number of times you hear Texas should get in over Washington. It will be 0. And that's because there is no argument. I'm out. It's a moo point and some people just don't understand math.
  9. That would be for a spot that was potentially open due to Washington losing. That is now gone because Washington took that spot. One spot we could have gotten is 100 % closed. But you keep talking losing a beauty contest. We at least had a chance in that beauty contest. Now, absolutely no chance. There are other avenues, but that one is gone. I'm happy for you that you don't have to worry about that anymore though. That's the most important thing.
  10. This right here is the most compelling argument I've seen that we wanted Oregon to win an ugly game. Anyone who has argued for Washington over Oregon needs to understand your are on the side with Helobious. But thanks also to DaHobbs and Huckleberry for their efforts as well. Unfortunately, my opinion of the intelligence of many people on this site had gone way down. Stating something is an absolute is not an absolute. 13-0 Washington 100% takes a playoff spot. Texas has no argument against that. There was a small chance and an argument to be made that Texas would get in over Oregon. Maybe 1% but that's a better chance than 0. The best thing about Washington winning is I don't have to hear any of these idiots say they were right, even though the argument for Oregon still gave them a 99% chance of getting in over Texas. I feel like I'm reading Texags with some of this dumb shit. Root for Alabama and mostly Louisville.
  11. I'll post this here too. Minutes and Hours Watch show is this weekend. Free admission at the Ao5 At Gallery in the Arboretum. Nearly 40 brands. Should be a good show if you have some time to kill before the game or on Sunday. Hit the link for tickets. Mostly microbrands at this show but there are a few brands that are a little pricier like Crude and Treiber. Crude are actually pretty damn cool and unique. Treiber will have a prototype of their new release based on the 300SL Gullwing. Having seen the first watch based on the 57 Chevy, he's a great designer Desi excited to see the prototype. Lots of really cool microbrands there too. https://www.lamicrolux.com/
  12. Surprised he wasn't arrested years ago. The guy is a scam artist. He started in Dallas. Quite honestly anyone who chose him to sell their watches probably is too dumb to actually tell the time on a watch and should get a digital Mickey Mouse watch.
  13. Minutes and Hours Watch show is this weekend. Free admission at the Ao5 At Gallery in the Arboretum. Nearly 40 brands. Should be a good show if you have some time to kill before the game or on Sunday. https://www.lamicrolux.com/
  14. We're probably neighbors then. My daughter plays on the WP team at Stratford. She loves it.
  15. New Direnzo DRZ02r Aerolites These are really great.
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