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  1. This is probably just outside the "affordable" category at $1200. But I've had a chance to test drive this Typsim watch for a couple of weeks and it's a beauty. Certainly a Submariner vibe, but the dial treatment is fantastic and creates some cool visual effects with its disappearing silver gilt application for the text, minute track, and surrounding the indices. Overall it has a very vintage-y feel in a new watch. You can also get a COSC-Certified version if you're an accuracy fanatic.
  2. Well that's good news.
  3. This is what got Joel Klatt nearly killed in the Box 12 championship Gabe. Dropping back to pass may their own goalline when they were losing by 67 points.
  4. Not in Ameritrade either, which I'm assuming is due to the name change. A little frustrating because that has most certainly tempered a potential recovery after the CEO passed away last week, causing it to plummet.
  5. Name change to RecycLiCo way approved so I'm sure their ticket symbol is changing.
  6. Thanks, Agreed on the assessment. Holding some of the same stocks. Commercialization will be big. A buyout would be great. I do like the CTO and hopefully they can bring in a new CEO who will jump start things as they begin commercialization.
  7. I'm also wondering if recent health issues may have been the reason the stock took a nose dive in the past couple weeks. Clearly the market doesn't like his passing, but I have always thought the CTO (now interim CEO) presented much better than Larry did. I guess the key is whether he has any business sense and ability to position them for commercial operations.
  8. I hate to laugh but that was pretty funny. I was also actually thinking that he may have been the right guy for the initial stages but they might want to go with someone else as they move to commercial operations. While the technology has always impressed me, I can't say I was blown away with his leadership, at least publicly. Agreed with no revenue. That said, I was getting the impression that with the pilot plant producing and the recycled material achieving the promised quality standards that the pilot plant material could be used to generate some revenue while a full-scale facility was constructed (which was originally designated to be next door to the pilot plant). So hopefully they should have some revenue stream starting up soon. I don't know how much that will be from the pilot plant though. It sounded from a previous announcement that would begin in the 3rd quarter. So maybe we'll see something very soon. Would be nice.
  9. So is AMYZF completely dead? @Harrison Stafford Holy shit its tanked the last week.
  10. FYI, if anyone is looking for an affordable diver with a Sinn-like aesthetic, definitely check out Vero. $885 on the bracelet and a very good all around dive watch. Unbelievable 10 year warranty on ANY damage. https://vero-watch.com/
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