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Official Coach Sark Thread of Dominance—haters back off


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2 minutes ago, SimkinsMan said:

I really, really like this hire.

To fill its job opening, Texas needed someone with experience, who can coach, and who can recruit like a fiend. Sark is all three.

Yes, Sark has made mistakes. Serious ones that crushed USC. But he has apparently learned from them. And he's now at an age, 46, where he is coming into his prime as a college football head coach.  

Perhaps most importantly, he is a charismatic leader, which this program desperately needs. Chuckles couldn't handle the limelight, and Mensa was just an asshole who couldn't win big conference games. Neither was big enough for the job. Sark has been at USC, Alabama (twice) and the NFL. He has been on this stage before.

Once, of course, it broke him. But if he has grown in the last five years, this could be a great hire. After a decade-long shitshow I want to believe. So I'm betting on a Sark redemption tour, kickass offenses, and I'm damn sure excited for 2021. Choo choo motherfuckers.

It might be a good hire. We won't know for a while.

But his 46-35 record as a head coach leaves a lot to be desired. Granted he did turn around a Washington program that was in the toilet, so maybe it's not as meh as it seems. His tenure at USC is a cause for serious concern. Lets hope those demons are safely behind him, for his sake and ours.


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My commitment to the Sark era (clinteastwoodcoffee.gif) is completely dependent upon his hiring of hard, pipe hitting motherfuckers, including Tosh Lupoi and never allowing Mike Stoops (or his kind.)

Assuming these conditions are met, LET'S FUCKING GO!!! Time for us to start actually playing this fucking game. Cheers to a possible return as the evil empire

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Fuck it, let's roll.  Herman's gone, let's give the new guy a shot.  On the plus side, his offense at Bama is legit, he's a great offensive mind, and he's been tutored by the GOAT.  On the negative side, holy fucking shit there's a lot of negative. 

My only consolation at this point is when Carrol was hired at USC, Trojan fans were up in arms.  Maybe we'll see something similar here. Maybe.

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I posted my view on Sark in that raging inferno of the Urban or Bust thread but my view is recruiting just got injected with steroids. He’s also going to bring in some big names from the transfer portal possibly even Bryce Young or Jalen Milroe. The quality of his assistants will also be orders of magnitude better than the staff Fuck Face  got to by year 4.  

Our recruiting “process” is also going to look a lot different than we have been accustomed to seeing at Texas.  Obviously the downside is well documented and hopefully we have done our homework there. Outside of Urban Meyer, he represented the highest ceiling of the rest under consideration. But also potentially the lowest floor if he cannot handle his personal demons. 

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8 minutes ago, 6th Street said:

I'm sure Lincoln Riley is shaking in his boots


You have fucking hated our last 2 hires from the very start and were calling for their firing during our season opening game threads. How about giving this guy a shot. You have put a curse on our coaches. What are you going to do break the 6th Street jinx. 

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