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OU @ TCU 11 am CT ABC (sat)


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4 minutes ago, Hank_Hill said:

Patterson going to have us looking like the Bama game for that one.

Considering how improved tcu looks after getting rid of him, I doubt they're worried 

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When something interesting happens in another football game, they record it and quickly show it in the other games. 

Why can’t that be the procedure for judge?  When he hits it, then find a nice place for a 10 second break and show it. 

Also, just dropped the game for fsu start. 

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8 minutes ago, Bigbend1812 said:

Plus the record is 73 you twats not 62!

Everyone knows that's the roids record to the point the people who have gotten over 61 aren't even in the hall of fame. Nobody cares about the roids records anymore. They're no more legitimate these days than Ben Johnson's 100 meter time

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2 minutes ago, Fondren & Main said:

Who got hurt?

Don't know his name, but I think it was a defensive back. He was trying to make the tackle on a run play and had his head snap back. Hasn't moved since.

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