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#2 Texas vs. #7 Creighton - 6pm on ESPN - It’s Game Day!


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a strangely high number of the comments i've read about the game online essentially state, "if creighton had just made like a couple of threes early they would have won the game."


first off, it isn't as if creighton was just missing a bunch of wide open looks- our elite perimeter defense did what it's always done under Beard, and we made creighton either take contested shots, or settle for open shots by bad shooters. second, the only reason the game was even close is because some random white boy got super hot with 90 seconds to go and started hitting circus shots against us, as is tradition. we thoroughly handled every punch that creighton threw at us, and we were clearly the better team on the night. conclusion: everybody hates Texas and sees everything through an anti-Texas lens, even in basketball. i wouldn't have it any other way. 

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