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2023 NCAA Tournament - First Round


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WV got a bit fucked on time, those refs should have called the foul a  1.5 seconds sooner than they did. there was a clear foul around 6 seconds left and the refs just sat there and didnt call it. 


i still think they lose. but they would have had another 2-3 steps they could have taken to get much closer to the net. 

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1 minute ago, Js1 said:

80-something % FT shooter misses the first. 

Then the panic turnover. 

Just awful execution.  2019 was such a fluke for Bennett. 

How do you fluke yourself to 6 wins?

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Just now, hobbes2702 said:

So do the first and second round exits.  Bennett is a massively underperforming match coach outside of one season

He's a got a few Elite 8s in there, I believe.

Undeniably complex March legacy though.

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8 minutes ago, TexArcher said:

Man, I was really looking forward to hearing how great Huggy Bear is at coaching basketball without winning championships again on Sat.  Oh, well.

Any coach that gives Eric Stevenson a scholarship  deserves every bit of the shitstorm that follows.

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