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  1. I have the Xbox Series X. We used to have a pretty active Xbox group on here in the days of Destiny 1, but it faded after we all started getting tired of Destiny. If you got Xbox you could either a Series X or Series S. If you don't have a high end 4K tv and you don't think you'll play a wide variety of games, I might suggest the cheaper Series S (if you can find it anywhere).
  2. Depends on what you prefer. If you're just looking at specs, I think the Series X has slightly better specs, but it's not really going to affect your gameplay much at all. And some cross-platform games actually run better on the PS5 at the moment (possibly because developers didn't get Series X dev kits until much later than PS5 dev kits, or possibly because of PS5's solid state drive technology, who knows?). Do you want a system that has games on it that no other platform does? Then the PS5. Do you want a system that allows you to play loads of previous-gen games (from original Xbox
  3. Thanks for the advice, y'all. I'm sure he has some boxes of ammo, so I'll ask my mom to check and see if she can make an inventory of that as well.
  4. He did know his stuff. He was actually the NRA Junior Rifle Champion for Sharpshooting one year in the 60s.
  5. Thanks. I'll try to head down to SA soon and get some pictures of everything. Here's the list my mom was able to send me.
  6. I come to you, surly gun owners, looking for advice. I'm completely clueless when it comes to firearms. My father died last month and has a gun safe with 40 or more guns in it. My question to y'all is what's the best way to go about selling these guns? I did a little bit of research and know that as a private seller in Texas, I don't really have to worry about a background check or the guns being registered or anything like that, but I'd rather not sell the guns to some random nutjob (same reason why I am always uncomfortable about buying/selling anything on craigslist, but I have done that be
  7. Patty, you really fucked up the end of the game there.
  8. Who the hell is this SGA guy? Has his career high already at the end of the 3rd. Seems like guys always seem to have career high games against us.
  9. So, we took a trip to Galveston for the weekend and left the inside faucets slowly dripping, but just used those styrofoam covers for the 2 outside faucets, no drip. We were planning on driving back to Austin tomorrow (Monday), but I'm starting to plan on staying here another day in hope that the roads get a bit better by Tuesday. Really hoping that I don't return home to a flooded house or something like that. It's a new construction and just moved in last July. Stressing me the hell out.
  10. Great run here in the 4th. Need to close this one out.
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