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  1. The technology they used to create the environments and capture so much "in-camera" is so cool!
  2. The relatively new Eliminator game mode is surprisingly fun. I didn't think a battle royale mode would work in a racing game, but it does it pretty well!
  3. From a 23 point lead to now a 4 point lead. Ok, now that's the Spurs team I know.
  4. No 7empest, but Descending was awesome. And yeah, I think they sounded better last night than the San Antonio show.
  5. This is the opener. I respect the work he's putting into his music and those instruments/controllers, but the music's not for me. I'll be fine if I miss most of his set.
  6. Come on, live debut of 7empest! They've been playing it during soundcheck the past 3 or 4 shows, according to reddit.
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