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  1. Not my best work as I did it in a rush, but wanted to ride the momentum on this thread. schloss.mp4
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  2. Is Bevo there Lobo? I am really interested to see if Bevo and Schloss have a natural bond and if Schloss willingly reaches out. Bevo is a huge part of our University and football program so if he has an instant affinity for Schloss I think that will speak volumes to our recruits. If you could, please take and post video of their initial encounter. Any still shots of Schloss petting bevo would also be appreciated - would prefer if taken from side so I can see as much as possible of both their faces.
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  3. Mac Engel has a column that is getting texags' panties in a wad: https://ca.sports.yahoo.com/news/offered-one-reason-why-jim-162910055.html
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  4. This might be the most egregiously insulting thing that’s been done to a rival sports team that I can remember. Holy fuck it’s beautiful.
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  5. I just can't right now. It's amazing. I don't think this could have been done in a way that was any more publicly humiliating to aggy. I'm trying to think of how, and I really can't come up with it. They manage to get themselves to the biggest stage in college baseball, and of course they lose. And before the spotlight shifts, we enter from off-stage and step directly into the spotlight, rob them and knock them down, and then walk off the stage as the spotlight follows us, never to return to aggy. Aggy is left laying on the ground. In the dark. Crying. But that's the public part. Equally amazing is the "private" part of it--what they're saying in their conversations among themselves. They've actually worked themselves into a conspiracy theory whereby Schloss has been a secret Longhorn agent who . . . and I'm still trying to understand this . . . got them to the National Championship series with the intent . . . again--I'm still trying to understand this . . . of losing. But aside from the incomprehensibility of it all, think about the psychological trauma this evidences. They genuinely think that we're in a position that is so superior to them that we would (and, more importantly, could) pay off their coach to throw a national championship. It's insane. But it's in equal part just . . . really sad. And by "sad," I mean fucking awesome and amazing to behold. I just can't right now. It's too much. Even for me. I mean, it's like if you gave Robert Downey Jr. a roll-aboard full of cocaine in 1997. I mean, he would want to do it all in one sitting. He'd probably try to do so. But really, it's just so goddamned much that even I can't do that much aggy misery in one night.
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  6. This attempt is a consequence of Trump’s increasing rhetoric of violence
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  7. I was in a hurry, so maybe not the best I could have done, but here it is. Hitler rant for your amusement. https://www.captiongenerator.com/v/2301712/looch-reacts-to-schloss-news
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  8. Word out of Belmont is they are now looking at cancelling SEC party today. Apparently Pit Bull is furious as his sound guy and dancers "won't shut the fuck up" about the Earley hire.
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  9. This is the thread for all discussion around this event. There are rules for this community including not wishing death on anyone. Anyone posting anything encouraging assassination attempts in the United States will be banned. Anyone posting blatant and disprovable information will be banned. Discussion is permitted and speculation into what the ramifications is allowed. Unfortunately it is not possible to divorce the possibility of death in an assassination attempt, but please keep discussion to theoretical situations including political candidate death to a responsible minimum. This topic will be heavily moderated. The stance of the site is that political violence has no place in American politics.
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  10. Paul Pelosi survived an assassination attempt, Trump mocked it. Biden called Trump to make sure he's ok. That's the difference.
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  11. Your football team bought an entire class with Hefty bags full of cash and your fan base chest-thumped for years afterward about how you had more money than anyone, including Texas. There is no school more responsible for this current state of athletics, than your own. If you can acknowledge that and still believe that college sports are in jeopardy, then peace. But if you think TAMU is somehow above it and not largely responsible for it, then you're lying to yourself and everyone else.
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  12. Making noise in the kitchen at 2:30am Mrs Bozo: “are you drunk?” Bozo:”I think it’s pretty selfish of you to ask me that question, to be honest with you.”
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  13. I had to draw porno. Wasn’t great but I finished
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  14. Hanging with ags last national championship team.
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  15. The DP apologists and hand wringers here have to be some kind of paid for bot service. You all are acting like the dude is in year 3. He is in year 8! No way you can argue this is a program on the way up and ready for SEC. Contrast him to Sark. Who rebuilt team from damn near ground up to compete in the SEC, took lumps year 1, improved year 2, final four year 3. Poised to do some damage to SEC in year 4. DP is finishing a season where he lost to UTRGV, lost series to TXSTate, shit bed in pre season tournaments (again), shit bed in Big 12 tournament, lost series to aggy (counting regular season and post) and then was a 3 seed in a bracket with ULaLa and then got run out the stadium in the loser's bracket. This is not a fucking program on the rise/readying itself for a much tougher baseball conference in SEC. His last appearance in Omaha was a 2 and BBQ and since then team has been sliding downwards. If you are feeling positive about this team under Pierce heading into the SEC you are fucking delusional.
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  16. Hey guys, does anyone know if Bevo was at the introduction? I'm really interested to see if Bevo and Schloss have a natural bond and if Schloss willingly reaches out. Bevo is a huge part of our university and our athletics programs so if he has an instant affinity for Coach Schloss, I think that will speak volumes to our recruits. If anyone could, please take and post video of their initial encounter. Any still shots of Coach Schloss petting Bevo would also be appreciated - would prefer if taken from side so I can see as much as possible of both their faces. Edit: damn it, that's what I get for not reading the entire thread. Da Fino beat me to it literally by several days. That's what I get for thinking I'm funny lol
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  17. aggy fans seem to be taking this well. This is the classy bunch we're told to admire and aspire to be like:
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  18. Chris Del Conte at the next SEC meeting when Alberts walks in the room:
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  19. Negged for posting Dan Bongino. No wonder you bitch about Cloak Room. Idiot.
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  20. Things changed forever when the peaceful transition of power was stopped in 2021.
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  21. In. I'll contribute for a headstone:
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  22. Take a bow @immamac, @RGBIII, @closetojumping
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  23. Stealing the best head coach they've had in any sport in a hundred years the same week we join their "hundred year decision" conference is almost too magical to imagine.
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  24. It's not a machine gun unless it comes from the machine gun region of France. Otherwise it's just sparkling assault rifle.
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  25. Obviously the magnitude of this is not lost on me but I have thought the exact same thing.
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  26. We really pillaged the entire A&M baseball program lol. Them boys got off the team bus after getting back from Omaha, high fived a bunch of A&M fans congratulating them, then all of them packed their shit for Texas. Not a single assistant stayed… I don’t think A&M has had a more sobering reality check in their history, and that is saying something
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