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  1. Not great, but exactly what I was expecting because of course.
  2. Doesn't seem like this rule is applied to every manager equally.
  3. Arteta got booked for celebrating. He now is banned for the Villa game.
  4. Huge points saved You can see why Pool only came away with 1 point at Luton
  5. WHAT THE FUCK Stepped away and now it is Luton 3-2 JFC
  6. And Jesus puts the Arsenal back in the lead. Fantastic cross from Ben White and a great flying header from Jesus
  7. This Luton crowd is at an absolute fever pitch.
  8. Zinchenko on the bench in favor of Kiwor. White in for the Injured Tommy and Kai is the 3rd midfielder. This camera angle is ass.
  9. Reminder Arsenal play at Luton tomorrow at 2:15 on Peacock
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