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  1. That article was from pre-2021 season. The noted three year window has closed. Darn.
  2. I’ve heard the 9.95ers comment before that Venable really pushes for the commit, on visits. It probably works better on HSers than transfers. I will feel more optimistic if Williams makes it to Austin as planned. We want him at Texas. We really, really, don’t want him at OU.
  3. Since the 1950s, there have been D-1 salary caps and barriers to movement of players(NCAA regulations). Now there aren’t. The old rules allowed smaller programs to punch above their weight, while restricting larger ones (and gave room for cheaters). Most ofFBS wants to go back to the old ways. It suited them better. Change is stressful. I’m hopeful that we won’t have salary caps, revenue sharing and barriers to movement again. Side note- the Sooner ON3 board is less optimistic about Williams now.
  4. I was looking at TCU’s schedule next year: @Stanford Long Island University UCF @SMU @Kansas Houston @Utah TT @Baylor Oklahoma State Arizona @Cincy They are not going to sell a lot of tickets.
  5. Sooners ON3 is very optimistic about sealing it with Damonic Williams this weekend. Does anyone here know any more?
  6. So very true. The one great trait about Aikman- he could play a high stakes game against a top opponent and not make a big error. A lot of really talented QBs don’t have that trait. If you had a mediocre team, you want Steve Young or Favre, who can create something out of nothing. If you have the ‘92-‘95 Cowboys, you want Aikman.
  7. I was looking at Baylor’s schedule for 2024. Tarleton @Utah Air Force @Colorado BYU @ISU @TT Oklahoma State TCU @WVU @UH Kansas OSU, Utah and Kansas show up on pre-season ranking lists. I don’t think Utah is counted as a league game, but rather, a carryover from pre-league additions. I see one patsy in non-conference, a tossup and a likely loss. They’re going to have to be good to make a bowl (not that bowls matter very much anymore). What is the point of Baylor football now? To give lots and lots of development snaps to transfer portal prospects. It’s located in a talent rich area but only able to load up on large numbers of three star recruits. Some will be diamonds in the rough. Coach ‘em up, Dave!
  8. Aranda was the coach for Baylor’s greatest season ever. They won the conference, won their NY6 bowl game and finished #5 in the AP poll (Of course, to beat Texas they needed the official to swallow his whistle on a roughing the punter call)
  9. Yeah, this super league divisions plan is loved by the M2 schools, because they want things to be like they used to be- no pay for players and barriers to player movement. Any team could be as good as its coaching hire. They got to be on TV, playing name programs. They don’t like how things are. They want them to be like they used to be. It’s reminiscent of the Texas legislature hearings, when the reps from Waco, Lubbock, Fort Worth and Houston pitched hissy fits. “Somebody make Texas do what we want!”
  10. This argument that a P2, M2 and G5 setup will lose college football fans is overblown. In FBS, we already see a 20-80 split of fans (20% of the programs have 80% of the fans). Are the networks really supposed to strategize so as to not lose the 20% of fans that follow the lower 80% of programs? Although, I do understand why the M2 teams want revenue sharing with the P2 and salary caps.
  11. Sark talks a lot about “culture fit”. I imagine a big part of “culture fit” is the portal recruit expressing interest in more than maximizing NIL and also committing to not trying to leverage for more NIL in the future. The wrong attitudes about NIL built that Ag 2022 class and then ranked the Ag 2022-2023 seasons. And, of course, I have no insight into discussions with Texas recruits and will just assume they are all real princes, wrt character, attitude and culture.
  12. And this year, we lost to OU, and won the Big XII and made the CFP. It’s crazy- in ‘99 we were ranked high, had a real shot at a BCS game, and then the Ag game led to a three game losing streak. ‘01: played the B12 CG with a win putting us in the BCS CG, against a Buffs team we crushed earlier, and blew it. ‘02: Only had to beat TT to play for the B12. Blew it. ‘04: Incredibly talented team shut out by OU. ‘06: only had to beat one of KSU and TAMU to play for the B12 title. Blew it. It seemed like if we left the door the tiniest bit open, it would knocked over. I wonder if part of it was Mack, and his demeanor. He had terrific UNC teams before he came here that fell short of conference titles and Alliance Bowls. Maybe Sark is different.
  13. This reminds me of when I posted about taking a whore’s bath in the São Paulo airport. People were disappointed when they found out what that was.
  14. I have met Sooners who said they had an invite without Texas.
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