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  1. Russia is helping Iran gain advanced digital-surveillance capabilities as Tehran seeks deeper cooperation on cyberwarfare, adding another layer to a burgeoning alliance https://www.wsj.com/articles/russia-supplies-iran-with-cyber-weapons-as-military-cooperation-grows-b14b94cd?st=4zhikfo2pv9zh70&reflink=share_mobilewebshare
  2. Western leaders are beginning to have a clearer vision of how they hope the war in Ukraine will end. What is missing is any plan to make it happen. https://www.wsj.com/articles/ukraine-allies-see-a-way-war-can-end-but-lack-plan-to-achieve-it-ec1780b6?st=ahsslh7w2wa3hav&reflink=share_mobilewebshare
  3. Here is the shareable link to the WSJ story on the coming offensive- The outlines of Ukraine’s planned counteroffensive against the Russian invasion are beginning to emerge, after months of weapons deliveries from the West https://www.wsj.com/articles/ukraine-offensive-takes-shape-with-big-unknowns-2f75f5ae?st=lmcpojyeszho4rv&reflink=share_mobilewebshare Unpopular opinion, but the US’ reluctance to a real increase in defense spending is a big hindrance to getting this war won. If this offensive isn’t dramatically successful, I suspect the 2014 borders are going to be the very best Ukraine can get. I don’t trust our domestic politics (both parties).
  4. I think the odds are pretty good that Zelensky is telling the truth- Ukraine needs a lot more shells. They can’t produce them as needed and are dependent on the west, who allots them piecemeal.
  5. Ha-ha! Dad was a combat marksman (sniper) in Vietnam. He ran the sniper training school in the Mekong Delta (interesting educational institution; there was also an “Ambush school” and a “Tunnel Rat school”). He said that he was so sick of war stories where a guy says he was shot at by a sniper. “Bullshit! Those weren’t snipers! Know how to tell a sniper shot at you? You’re dead, that’s how you know!”
  6. Answered Gen. Mark Milley told Congress on Thursday that Iran would need only several months to build a nuclear weapon if Tehran opted to produce a bomb https://www.wsj.com/articles/iran-could-produce-nuclear-weapon-in-several-months-if-it-decides-to-do-so-mark-milley-says-ecd38f07?st=u9ttynwoxoiaer4&reflink=share_mobilewebshare (Narrator): “They want to produce a bomb” Milley also said the US won’t allow them to field a nuclear weapon.
  7. Iran’s cozying with Sunni Syria is another example. How close are they to getting nukes? Before the Saudi-Iran cozying, I felt Israel had the green light on blowing up anything they needed to to stop Iran from getting nukes. Now, I’m not sure.
  8. The shareable link: Ukraine is facing challenges in raising the troops it needs to eject Russian forces from its territory https://www.wsj.com/articles/a-year-into-war-ukraine-faces-challenges-mobilizing-troops-64dcdc49?st=7yn18n5xffqa8a7&reflink=share_mobilewebshare I keep feeling that if Ukraine doesn’t “win” this year, it’s going to be settling for new borders. yes, Russia will be a pariah for a long time, but if Ukraine really wants a fresh start, it needs major progress this spring and summer
  9. Have all the nuke nations had to develop their weapon technology on their own, pretty much? I know that Russia had spies in the US program (Lavrenty Beria was the Soviet overseer), but the US was definitely not trying to help them. Did the nuclear powers pretty much tell their Allie’s trying to develop nukes, “you’re on your own, buddy”? The US knew Israel was developing nukes, and turned a blind eye to it, but we didn’t help, right? Did the USSR assist the PRC? Did the PRC assist NK? Thanks, and I’ll hang up and listen.
  10. You have more faith in the legendary Shia-Sunni intractability than I do.
  11. In 2020, Herman put out a team that had many team leaders for whom winning football games was of secondary (at best) importance, and it showed.
  12. Great question. The answer is, on this topic, he should follow the guidance and direction of his bosses- CDC, Hartzell and Eltife, the latter two actually working on this issue. If, in good conscience, he could not do that, he should have resigned.
  13. It was not Herman’s job to fix the school. He was the highest paid employee, but it just wasn’t his job. His job was to coach the football team.
  14. Nicole, I heard it different. I heard that things were affected by the split regents pressuring Powers. Mack had friends, a nd Powers didn’t want to fire him, because he needed friends. (I am pro-Powers, btw). I heard that Luck assumed Mack would go and we would make a run at Saban. Luck, however, did not want to be the one to fire Mack; he felt that should be done before he signed on. I heard the key part of Patterson’s interview was his signal to Powers that he would follow his lead. This explains the last weekend- Mack was staying until the biggest cigars told Powers he could stay but Mack had to go.
  15. I don’t know that Ukraine is losing that many trained troops there, but they are losing trainable troops. A couple of months ago (because Russia has been “on the verge” of taking Bakhmut for a while now), I linked a WSJ article that hinted that Ukraine was using raw troops in Bakhmut, and that raised a couple of eyebrows here. Since then, there have been more such hints. You have to wonder if the time and personnel would have been better spent in training. Maybe Ukraine thought Bakhmut would fall much quicker, and a short term tactic (use raw troops in its defense) became a long term strategy?
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