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  1. Remember UT president Berdahl? They kept hiring guys like him.
  2. Back to the realignment point- the Ags made a great move to jump up in recruiting juice by going to the SEC. It’s a conference where paying is not discouraged a bit, and they could also sell to recruits a better path to the NFL. That hurt Texas and OU. By joining theSEC, Texas and OU hope to re-establish the status quo. NIL (with no salary caps) and free player movement has changed the game. It will be interesting to see how things shake out.
  3. Well, near as I can tell, both young Texas college grads and young Oklahoma college grads like to move to Dallas, so maybe you’re right that there’s no difference between OKC and Dallas
  4. So, in 1920, Oklahoma had eight representatives in Congress. Now, 100 years later, it has five. That means that as the US population doubled, Oklahoma grew less. In 2020, Texas had 18 representatives. In 2020, it has 36. Texas’ population grew faster than the US as a whole. It’s not hard to understand why Texas is growing in population and influence while Oklahoma is decreasing. The Texas economy is like a stool supported by three legs- energy, technology and defense. (Education a nd the arts are lesser supports). Oklahoma’s economy is also like a stool. Its three legs are methamphetamine production, stealing copper wire and Indian casinos. You want to argue that Texas sucks. Fine. Go for it. Oklahoma sucks far more and the world has taken notice. TLDR: Texas has Willie Nelson. Oklahoma has Toby Keith.
  5. It’s the whole value proposition. OU built a program by paying kids from the Philips 66 company town team to play in Norman (Phillips had given their dads jobs, so they could play for the company town HS team). OU continued to pay schoolboys, because they had to, because they were asking Texans to move to Oklahoma. (Seriously- ask yourself. How many of us have ever voluntarily gone into Oklahoma for reasons other than work, UT sports, weddings, funerals? I went, once, for a Big Brothers camping activity at Turner Falls. I can’t imagine any other reason why I’d go. To see Styx at an Indian casino?) So, sure. OU has money for NIL. That SEC country four star now has to weight OU’s program, NIL money, the value of an OU degree () and four years in Norman vs. say, Georgia’s program, NIL money, the value of a Georgia degree and four years in Athens. Not the same as recruiting against TT or OSU.
  6. OU’s traditional problem is that it’s recruiting base (state of Oklahoma) doesn’t produce the D-1 talent to compete nationally. It traditionally solved that problem by claiming Texas as its recruiting base. Of course, Texas isn’t Oklahoma. OKC isn’t Dallas, Fort Worth or Houston, let alone Austin or San Antonio. Its closest comp is probably Lubbock, or maybe Arlington writ large. OU solved that issue, in the ‘40s, ‘50s, ‘60s, ‘70’s, and ‘80s by buying players, shamelessly. Stoops ran a relatively clean program, relative only to his predecessors. The PAC move would have been good for OU, opening up their recruiting to a new fallow field. The SEC move also opens up new recruiting fields, but with o e catch- they will now have a lot more competition for buying players. There will be others bidding against them. And their competitors can offer real college towns, and equal exposure. OU may have to pay a hefty premium to get a Florida kid to come to Norman (OKC) over Gainesville. I would never underestimate OU’s desire for a winning program. I wonder if they have figured out yet how much it will cost?
  7. If KD returns to the Nets, I’ll root for the Nets. If he plays somewhere else, that’s who I’ll root for.
  8. I think raising taxes on the corporations that sell us our goods and services is a great way to fight inflation. They are honor-bound to not raise prices.
  9. Here is an example. My wife is a realtor, self employed. TurboTax tells us annually that we claim fewer expenses than average. That’s fine. We want to pay our fair share. It’s very common, to get a sale of an existing home negotiated, for my wife to agree to throw in $500 towards repairs, and to do this via a check to the buyer. We deduct that as an expense, because … it is one. It’s not reflected on the broker’s 1099, so we have to deduct it or eat it. She wrote a check, and is receiving nothing tangible in return. If we get audited, which will be more likely because they are hiring these agents because they want more audits, we will have to spend time trying to explain this to a government employee that doesn’t know how real estate transactions work, and likely doesn’t want to know. They may very well disallow it. Which is why- even though we don’t cheat on our taxes, we will be hiring a CPA to prepare them from now on.
  10. I imagine, at some point, they knew they had to tell them. Tell them too soon, and they screw the whole deal up. Tell them too late, and they are even more pissed off. What we saw from the Ags was, arguably, their best behavior. Their hissy fit stopped nothing but caused a lot of people a lot of trouble. This was the best we could hope for.
  11. Or maybe, none of this was supposed to break until early 2023, but the Ags couldn’t keep their fucking mouths shut.
  12. All GoR talk aside, this is the timing issue that concerns me. The Big XII expands next season (2023-2024). Will Texas be out by then? Texas is ready to pay what it owes and won’t raise a fuss. That said- there is a reason we have t played UH since 2000. My hope is that we’re not asked by the conference to host them or visit them in 2023 or (if it comes to it) 2024. I know that there are some at UH that would love to flex on UT, given any chance (the UT administration’s goal is always to just move on without drama or entanglement in UH carrying ons). That said, we’re not Aggies. If we have to play them, here or there, I’m sure we will, without histrionics. If we’re forceD to pay through the nose, I’m sure we will, without histrionics. It’s just that all others involved will be dead to us for a long, long time.
  13. So, you think The University of Texas and OU have no agency anymore, with respect to conference actions? Can the Big XII decide that UT and OU only play road games? Can it decide that all their home basketball games will be on weeknights? I think the schools have more leverage here than you think. There is something called sovereign immunity. UT wants to play ball and get along. UT doesn’t want to be taken for a ride (example- UH would love to hoot and holler over Texas being forced to give them a game. That will piss Texas off to no end). UT has a shit ton of lawyers. BigXII better be careful.
  14. If so, maybe it can be part of a negotiation for exit- “Here’s a cash offer. If you don’t accept it, understand this- there is no fucking way we’re playing the Houston Cougars, the Cincinnati Cougars, the UCF Cougars or the BYU Cougars. The damned Bears are bad enough.”
  15. Buck, my post was based on the assumption that UT and OU sat out the vote (or were held out of it after notifying the conference of an intention to vote “no”). If that assumption is wrong, then forget my suggestion
  16. The Big XII new members join in July 2023. If there was ever a time for sovereign immunity, wouldn’t it be for a state campus to say, “We never agreed to host that school or visit that school. Accept them into the conference, if you want, but don’t put them on our schedule”.
  17. That would be a great point if I actually advocated for appeasement. I didn’t. I recognized that this war will end in one of three ways: 1. Russia wins. 2. Ukraine wins 3. Some negotiated situation. Nobody is ever happy with negotiated outcomes, yet that’s how a bunch of wars end. We’re six months in to a war, proxy for us, real for Ukraine. A whole lot of lives have been wasted or ruined and a whole lot more will be before we get to ending 1, 2, or 3. Im rooting for Ukraine as much, or more, than any of you. I’m as disgusted by Russia as any of you. I don’t think my rooting will have any impact on the outcome.
  18. No. Ukraine putting up a fight helps NATO. They are using weapons almost as good as NATO would use, and they obviously have fewer troops than NATO would apply. It serves as a future deterrent to Russia. (And China). Russia’s attack strengthened the NATO alliance. The point is- the west is helped by the Ukrainians fighting. Yet, the west is not supplying troops. There is something cynical about this calculation and I’m not proud of it. That said, as I posted above, as long as Ukraine wants to fight, I want us to support them.
  19. Cactus, gents and atomheart, I don’t disagree with any of your comments. My problem is that I am chagrined by the truth of the comment “the west is prepared to fight to the last Ukrainian”. Not proud of that.
  20. A nice gold watch, that can be handed down. There are 36mm watches that can be unisex.
  21. I guess we’re approaching 6 months? The Russian assumption was that some combination of overwhelming Russian power, welcoming by Ukrainians, and instability of Ukrainian government and armed forces would allow them to take over in days, creating a fait accompli before the west had time to respond? There is no doubt that the Ukrainian response is remarkable. Russia badly miscalculated just about everything. I have to admit that I am very much disheartened by the savagery of the Russian troops and leadership. They are willing to sacrifice their own indiscriminately, and even more ready to assault, torture and murder Ukrainian soldiers and civilians. And to despoil the land for generations. Plus, there are the nukes. The nukes are the reason the west is holding back full support. Because of the nukes, if Russia is successful with indiscriminate bombing and civilian slaughter, western armies will not send troops in support. Because of the nukes, the western support comes with strings attached. I find myself a little disturbed by my happiness in the reports of dead Russian soldiers, but it is balanced by my disgust of the Russian murderous cruelty to civilians and captured POWs. I have been downvoted here for prior expressions of desire for a truce, even one that surrenders territory to Russia. My motive is a wish for an end to the Ukrainian suffering, and a fear that Russia can and will get more barbaric, using their nuclear threat as a backstop against western retaliation. It seems to me, that unless Putin were to die, the likely outcomes are either a protracted vicious war of attrition (with Ukrainian civilians doing most of the attriting), or a brutal Russian victory. I don’t see NATO openly joining in as long as Russia doesn’t expand (NATO needs to make it clear that if Russia expands, we are coming in). I can see even a bad truce as superior to either outcome noted above. That said, I don’t get a vote. As long as the Ukrainians are willing to keep fighting on, I support arming them as much as possible. I also support helping any Ukrainians that wish to relocate outside the country for the duration. I marvel at their willingness to endure as much as they have so far, and it’s not my place to tell them that it’s too much. Sanctions are good, but I don’t have delusions about them. As soon as Putin dies, a new leadership in Russia will state that Putin was driving everything, they (the new guys) are reasonable and let’s negotiate those sanctions away and do business. Of course, the western business leaders will want to do business. I hope some international body does an accounting of costs (property, injuries, lives) and makes reparations a requirement for sanction lifting. Ten years after the war, I expect us all to be working with Russians again. I’m sure they will tell us that we only heard one side of the story, that there is more to it. In our minds, we’ll be remembering the pregnant mother shot on the bridge, fleeing, the little girl with her legs blown off, but we’ll be silent, because it’s our job and what’s the point after all? (Somehow, the “Fawlty Towers” episode where they are exhorted to not mention the war to the German tourists won’t be as funny). They’ll say they were victims of Putin as much as anyone and we’ll probably nod along in agreement that that guy was an asshole. Thanks for bearing with me on this long post. I’m just trying to figure out how this ends (a Putin death seems like the simplest route to the least pain), and disheartened by the cost (more in lives and innocence than in dollars) of getting there.
  22. I enjoy supposition about ESPN greasing the skids for an early exit from the B12. I just don’t buy any I have seen yet. ESPN is paying for B12 content that includes Texas and OU. That is a deal they are happy with. I don’t see them surrendering something of value without getting value in return. Similarly, I don’t see any network making active moves that freeze Oregon out. Nike is just too big of an advertiser. The networks may answer questions about values of reconfigurations, but I don’t see them initiating any. I think a B12 collapse is the best way to a quicker exit, and that looks unlikely. Perhaps adding PAC teams to the B12 could help…maybe Texas and OU could argue in court that they never agreed to any of this. All of the other avenues to an exit, caused by realignment, seem like wishful thinking.
  23. I do my family’s taxes. My wife is a realtor, self-employed. I don’t cheat and never have. Every time, turbo tax uses its macro to review deduction amounts and says that our chance of an audit is very low. If/when this bill passes, I’m having pros do our taxes. I just do not need the hassle and stress of an audit; let the paid preparer deal with it (I suspect CPA prepared taxes will be less likely to be audited). I guess this law will stimulate the economy- the tax preparation part of the economy
  24. It’s ok to be pissed off. This (their willingness to leach off you) is a big part of the reason you probably don’t have a meaningful relationship with them. I have a saying- “The formula for a happy family is for grownups to act like grownups and kids to act like kids. It’s when they get it the other way around that things get screwed up”. Kids need steady financial support and when grownups need it, the whole balance goes askew. How can a father be a mentor and counsel to a young adult when he needs to hit his child up for money to get by? I wish I could tell you how to fix it. The money thing- no, you’re not obligated, but you already know that. You’re trying to hold out on a possibility of having a real relationship with your family, and assigning financial values to relationships is a very dangerous and cold step to take. On the other hand, they’re telling you, by asking for money, just what they value the relationship at, since they’re willing to jeapordize it to have enough cash this month. It sucks.
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