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  1. i had my birthday party there in like 2003.
  2. i don't love musician biopics but rocket man was very good and very well done. wasn't nearly the cookie-cutter drivel that most of them are. was more like a rock opera. if you decide to watch one of the 2, watch that one. i'm with you on lotr (saw each once, would pay to not have to see another minute of that franchise or the hobbit). pirates i thought the first one was great but the 1-2 others i saw were trash.
  3. two posts in a row that have never seen casablanca? get it together, people.
  4. passes isn't new, and was basically just onlyfans. now it's onlyfans and livvy dunne and longhorn athletes. seems like an odd fit, but what do i know?
  5. scarcity used to help those keep their value, but that seems to be going away this season.
  6. you're putting forward a scenario where most resources are put towards having a great football team, but then we'll end up with an underachieving basketball team and a middling baseball team? you must have an active imagination.
  7. or gamblers are going to take advantage of their shitty pay and get them to fix prop bets.
  8. evan carter getting passed around like a tijuana prostitute.
  9. good news is it's only 138 minutes. though some people say bad movies aren't longer, they just feel longer.
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