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  1. re: the margot robbie gag - yesterday i was running around and listening to mlbn on sirius and they interviewed nate lowe. in the interview, they asked about the rumors that he's dating margot robbie. he said he wasn't but a lot of people had been texting him and sending him screenshots. it took what i would describe as an uncomfortable amount of time before somebody said out loud that it was a running gag on social media and that she'd been linked to dozens of players. sigh.
  2. this is a completely accurate grouping for my current standing in the industry. i have no notes. we're actually shopping a reality competition show right now so the looming strike is not a bad thing.
  3. whatever people think is happening will be turned on its ear in may when the writers strike.
  4. and houstonian josh brener (big head) appears in both.
  5. the asg is july 11th. that could be the deadline so you’ll have new players for the 10 day matchup right after.
  6. upon rewatch, my favorite new moment is when bill pours the wine with his thumb in the punt like some upscale restaurant.
  7. the older you get, the colder you get. i'm always in the 97 point something range.
  8. uh, yeah, i know she's british. i said her accent was flawless, so that should've tipped you off that i knew she wasn't american. she just looks really really british and it's distracting.
  9. julio was hurt my entire playoff run while shohei beasted, but i agree, there needs to be a hard and fast trade deadline. it needs to be the same every year. and that day/night should be pure, unadulterated chaos in our league. i agree that qs should never be spoken of again. that stat is a joke these days and not a funny one. wins can be unpredictable in a more fun way, and high leverage "hold" relievers always have the upside of getting big outs that turn into wins. i don't mind k/bb or k/9 though i always seem to suck at it. we should keep it 6x6 so if nobody can come up with a better pitching stat, i say k/bb stays.
  10. my only criticism of ellie is just how european she looks. it's not her fault, and her accent has been flawless, but yeah. it's like she has resting british face.
  11. leeeeerrrooooooyyyyyyyy jennnnnnkinnnnnnnsssss.
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