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  1. ok, i'm sure this has been addressed, but i haven't read about it. and fuck off to anyone who says, "why can't you just read the thread", because this shit is dense and moves like the wind. what are the rules concerning multiple transfers for a guy? i thought i remembered when this nonsense first started, it was like you could only transfer once and play right away. is this a covid thing, a grad transfer thing, or is it just the wild west and the ncaa can't stop shit?
  2. there was an ongoing debate on the west wing about whether smart presidents make good presidents. when asked "does it bother you that some of our smarter presidents have been some of our worst presidents?", seborn (rob lowe) says something to the tune of, "i don't care about that, when i'm looking for the guy, i start with the guy with the big brain." obviously there's a long history of tracking who's "smart" and who isn't, and i'm not interested in tests that go back before ww1. the ability to take in information, process it, and form an articulate response that is accessible to the american people is incredibly rare these days. that's why newsom and pete stand out so clearly. it should be the hope of every american that the president is, at the very least, "smarter than me". it's a low bar, but one that has been sorely neglected, while half the country seems to feel more comfortable with someone who's "as dumb as me". at this point, i'll take a great communicator who's smart enough to surround himself with intelligent people with good ideas. if the communicator is also smart and has good ideas, that's a fucking bonus. but it's so freaking sad that while some people wouldn't vote for pete because he was gay, plenty others wouldn't vote for him because he was too smart. and before people get their panties in a bunch, i'm talking about ind/republicans and focus group/cable news nonsense, not people on here. 2028 should be a lot of fun.
  3. love newsom but worry that a ca politician can win nationally. fox news has been poisoning the country against everything california for decades, despite there being more trump voters here than any other state. he definitely has the presidential voice, and much like pete, won't hesitate to go on fox news and eat their lunch for them. we should also throw josh shapiro into the mix, who is every bit as sharp but from the right part of the country. winning as a dem is all about the rust belt right now.
  4. the odds don't matter. casinos like getting interest free loans for a year. find yourselves a bookie.
  5. i'm rewatching s1. it makes you like every character more. except sydney.
  6. then you might as well just say "humans have done horrible things to other humans over the centuries, so some hatred against humans is understandable." things get repeated, start as stereotypes and tropes, turn into assumptions, then morph into accepted facts. people say things like "jews control hollywood" without realizing it's an anti-semitic trope. some jewish people i know actually think it's some sort of compliment. it isn't. it's ignorance. i've been avoiding this thread, so like some others, i am not caught up, nor will i read 30 pages to qualify myself to post here. apologies to absolutely no one if i repeat what others have said, as if certain arguments have already been litigated and have become message-board law.
  7. can you explain why you put savages in quotation marks?
  8. we are talking about right now. you're saying you're not defending the jews. you should be. it's not a monolith. if you don't agree with what israel or netanyahu is doing, that's ok. but saying you're not defending the jews is not what you're trying to say i don't think. but i could be wrong. why is some hate of jews justified from history?
  9. to add to this, hamas knows israel cares about civilians. why else would they hide their bases of operation in hospitals and schools. israel. or netanyahu. both would be better words here. not sure why so many have a problem differentiating.
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