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  1. take a good, hard look at that sign. those proportions are correct…
  2. i may rather play games 1/2 on the road. give me jv + framber and hope for a split to come home to whomever’s pitching best between javier, urquidy, garcia to go 3/4 in mmp (vs cortes + montgomery?) then have jv in g5 at home. think the yankees feel good about that scenario?
  3. crushing enemies? wake me when that part starts. can’t wait.
  4. excessive time spent on romantic relationships? don't need to watch every episode? i think we're about done here. go watch the gypsy and the hobo and tell me that don's relationships didn't contribute to story, stakes, tension, or character development. also lol on lost. glad to hear criticisms from someone on surly's friends. btw, if you didn't feel the proper amount of development in watching draper, you probably haven't figured out that
  5. i know they keep track and everyone wants to have a good record of predictions, but putting in a high confidence level crystal ball and having the guy commit 30 minutes later doesn't make you carnac the magnificent. it's called a crystal ball not a premature leak. jesus with these "reporters".
  6. plenty of eye candy, annoying and otherwise. but mad men is really about the people who work at the advertising agency, most of which are men, who are awesome. whenever i think of the term "soap opera" relating to nighttime shows, i think of the old melrose place and shit like dallas and dynasty. i think some said friday night lights was in that category, not sure about that. from what i know about soap operas, mad men is decidedly not a soap opera. my mount rushmore of dramas is the wire, mad men, the west wing, and probably breaking bad. the first 3 seasons of lost are really close but that's not how it works. and larry sanders show is the best comedy show of the past 30 years, though i'm not looking to get into an argument about seinfeld.
  7. sorry coach, my religion dictates that i get soft this summer. you know, sitting by the pool, chasing the muff around.
  8. i'm sure this has been posted, but in case anyone had any question about who's steering the ship here... https://www.pewresearch.org/religion/religious-landscape-study/views-about-abortion#views-about-abortion the first amendment clearly states that my rights to impose my freedom of religion on anybody who gets in my way shall not be infringed upon. read the constitution, people.
  9. i refuse to believe this group of pro-life do-gooders would put any (already born) child in a bad, potentially dangerous situation.
  10. i'm not bitching about our team or our season, but i am disappointed with the results of this series. i'm really getting sick and tired of being the better team for the majority of a game or series only to see it somehow slip away. just so oddly familiar. we weren't clutch in key spots, we walked too many guys, our defense wasn't sharp, and our managerial moves were of the bonehead variety. we also were not helped out by shitty home-plate umping, something we should be used to by now. our starting pitching was badass and our stars got some big homers. i hope the team is pissed the way i'm pissed. we've always shown the ability to bounce back from big (seemingly) emotional losses. getting pena and meyers back should not be overlooked. we are a different team than we were a week ago and it's time to go fucking streaking. also in terms of potentially being the 2 seed forcing us to win 1-2 games in yankee stadium in the alcs - yeah, that does not concern me.
  11. yeah, we watch a ton of sitcom reruns, mostly just in the background or before we go to bed, and there's nothing out there that even approaches hulu for this. i would argue that every other streaming service could combine their libraries and not match up to hulu. between that and having every major network's (minus cbs) first-run shows the next day makes it a no-brainer. the partnership with fx (a network with a ridiculously high hit rate) is icing on the cake.
  12. yeah we’ve never had the ad version. that would drive me nuts.
  13. watch mad men. this is a layup. those other shows are not in the same conversation. it’s my favorite drama of all time.
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