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  1. Trout is back, and the Angels suck still. 10th HR tonight. Angels should trade Trout right now.
  2. didn't see a thread. This is awesome
  3. A few years back, we got some new carpet installed in the guesthouse. The carpet company (been around this town forever) asked for 50% down to order, and the remaining 50% to be paid at installation. "Just give the check to the installer". A few weeks later, the carpet store calls and says the check was lost by the installer, call him Jim Smith. "he's one of our best guys...this has never happened before", etc. Asks for replacement check. We say "sure, we'll bring you a check, minus the 40 bucks for the stop payment on the first one". They say cool. We stop payment, drop the new check, everything's good. Fast forward a couple of years. GF and I go out for NYE. Wake up in a hotel as planned. GF asks how much we spent last night. I say "a few hundred I guess...I paid with the debit card". So, she checks the app on the phone and says OH SHIT...THE ACCOUNT IS 2 GRAND LIGHT. Fortunately, we keep a pretty good pad in that account, so nothing is gonna bounce or anything. Upon further investigation, she sees that the missing check to the carpet company has cleared. Pulls up the image, and now, instead of "Acme Carpet" as the payee, it reads "Acme Carpet + Mary Smith". the + Mary Smith part in different writing. Yeah...Mary is the installer's estranged crazy wife. She also changed the date by a couple of years. We called the carpet company and they were extremely apologetic, said it was a nasty divorce and she's caused him multiple problems, etc. We bank at Chase. She banks at Chase, and used the app to do the deposit. We reported it to the cops...no idea if they did anything. Chase opened an investigation, returned our money, and closed her account for fraud and reported her to CHEX systems. Oh..."Stop Payment" orders expire. They aren't forever.
  4. Ex-fuckng-lactly They will put him in a holding cell for 4 hours and he'll raise millions. "I'm locked up so you WON'T be locked up"
  5. He might have more than one.
  6. AFTER BEING DISCOVERED in an attic, John Lennon’s famous Help! guitar is headed to auction as part of the upcoming “Music Icons” sale at Julien’s Auctions on May 29 and 30. Both Lennon and George Harrison played the Framus 12-string Hootenanny acoustic guitar while making Help! — both the album and accompanying film — as well as Rubber Soul. Lennon can be seen strumming it in the performance of “You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away” in the Help! movie, while it’s distinct 12-string shimmer also graced songs like “Help!”, “It’s Only Love,” “I’ve Just Seen a Face,” “Girl,” and “Norwegian Wood.” The Framus later ended up with Gordon Waller, the Scottish singer-songwriter who was one-half of the duo Peter and Gordon (with Peter Asher), and then Waller passed it along to one of Peter and Gordon’s road managers. Fifty years later, it was discovered in an attic in the British countryside, while the original guitar case (made by the Australian company Maton) was found in the trash and rescued. The Framus guitar currently has an estimated price of $600,000 to $800,000, but it’s expected to fetch far more than that and potentially surpass the $2.4 million price tag of Lennon’s Gibson J160E when it sold in 2015. The lot includes the guitar, the Maton case, and a copy of the book The Beatles: Photographs From the Set of Help, featuring images by Emilio Lari. Darren Julien, co-founder and executive director of Julien’s Auctions called the discovery the Help! guitar “the greatest find of a Beatles guitar since Paul McCartney’s lost 1961 Höfner bass guitar.” He continued: “Finding this remarkable instrument is like finding a lost Rembrandt or Picasso, and it still looks and plays like a dream after having been preserved in an attic for more than 50 years. To awaken this sleeping beauty is a sacred honor.” The Help! guitar is one of over 1,000 lots that’ll be featured in the “Music Icons” sale. Other highlights include a Fender P Bass played by U2’s Adam Clayton (plus Clayton’s stage-worn Rick Owens t-shirt, pants, and sneakers); Mick Mars’ signed Girls Girls Girls Kramer KM-1 guitar (used in Mötley Crüe’s “You’re All I Need” music video); Tina Turner’s custom Versace dress worn during the “Wildest Dreams” tour in the mid-Nineties; and a pair of Onitsuka Tiger high-top sneakers Freddie Mercury wore on stage in 1979, along with the singer’s red vinyl pants.
  7. Except he's never ever had the decency to use it himself. It's "Sleepy Joe", Barack HUSSEIN Obama, etc.
  8. Maddow quoting Stringer Bell
  9. I'm the OP. This is so fucking weird. I got a new iphone. Downloaded everything from the cloud. Now tapa thinks I'm "Jake Adler"??? I don't know Jake Adler, and I'm not a guy that uses socks (only used 1 in the history of these boards, "The Flooring Guy" to fuck with that cunt dillo pad. I'm going to get to the bottom of this.
  10. 45 degrees in the courtroom y'all.
  11. I'm pretty sure "shitgibbon" was coined on this site, by a foul-mouthed Southern Lady
  12. Jesus...this motherfucker is a china doll.
  13. That didn't happen. I'm part of a small chat group with a person that's inside the courtroom. A legit dude who's name you'd certainly recognize. if that had actually happened, I would have heard about it. Correction: He's got a seat for the trial, but was in the overflow room during jury selection, watching a live feed.
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