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  1. we're playing those pricks January 8, 2024 in Houston.
  2. For a POW, Col. Hogan got a lot of pussy.
  3. The people that call into the Finebaum show seem to be hillbillies for the most part. How many other jewish guys are the guru for moonshine-drinking football-loving hillbillies?
  4. Gil Bang

    Led Zeppelin

    and they're wearing skirts
  5. Went over to texags for a minute, and at least one poster over there is referring to Elko as "The Elk".
  6. Heh. GF's cousin has invited us to a "cookie decorating party". She makes cookies, she wants others to decorate them, and then she is going to give them away as christmas presents. So, she gets free kitchen labor. I'm drawing cocks and balls on every cookie.
  7. Ron with the lip-licking thing is so fucking weird.
  8. I was wondering. I didn't think the righteous ones in gomersville would tolerate a trans mascot.
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