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  1. I've got a guy. A really good guy. I don't have his info at my fingertips, but I'll PM it later.
  2. You don't have to worry because you can write your own RX after.
  3. Except that he owns that P-51. And Corsairs and Hellcats are cool, but they aren't even close to being pure sex like that polished P-51. If I'm a rich guy, that's what I buy too.
  5. Gil Bang

    Led Zeppelin

    I like Zep, but it's time that we all admit that about 30% of their stuff just fucking sucks. Unlistenable, horrible shit. Like flip the channel and hope "light my fire" from The Doors is on. Just that terrible, horrible, bad.
  6. I gave South Austin's mom the right load.
  7. He'll hire Jackie Chiles for the civil case.
  8. The Angels thing started last night when they threw at Trout.
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