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  1. Holy shit. Hadn't read this thread in a while. Turns out the guy from 3 years ago, Luke Denman's parents live across the street from me. I knew their kid was in prison in Venezuela but had no idea what for. They were always vague about why he was there. Bizarre to read about it here.
  2. In retrospect, maybe Caleb shouldn't have done all these bad luck things in the dr. pepper commercial.
  3. Per Kentucky guys on their paid sites:
  4. Had a house that had 2 side yards and a small path that connected the two with dog door on the left one. Had a bunch of people over for a football game, we all went out to smoke in the right yard, dog followed us out, went around the house to the dog door and went in and ate all the food on the coffee table.
  5. They are not going to hire the guy that's been clowning them for a couple of years, they are thin skinned. His remarks about the level of talent was him trolling aggy. Aggy reporters listed his trolling and making fun of them as one of the reasons for jimbo getting fired. Looch has flat out said there is absolutely no way they hire him.
  6. how is this different than betting on aggy?
  7. put the brisket on at 1030 last night aiming for a 10-11 finish and the damn thing never really stalled and went strait to 200 and was done around 6 this morning. Smoking a turkey and making mashed potatoes, stuffing, Mac and cheese, pinto beans and sweet potatoes.
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