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  1. I ran it up to 250k and was chip leader for a few hands. Then lost every hand I played for about an hour. ICM chopped with 4 left, I got $255 for a $95 profit. At the break I had 50k in chips and counted around 800k chips in play. With $1500 guaranteed $1500/800k = .001875. $100 gets you 50k in chips = .002 so it was a good deal. Did the ICM with me with 50k less in chips and I would have made $116 less, so the $100 got me $116 and it also allowed me to play a few hands that I probably wouldn't have if I had less chips so it was probably a good add on. Now cashed 5 of 7 tournaments, up $766 and averaging $30 an hour.
  2. Ended up with 14 runners, $300 overlay down to 7 old dude 200k, me 160k, 3 at 100k and 2 around 50k
  3. Bad news everybody. karen from last week was banned from shuffle 512. old man from last week is here, only 9 runners so far
  4. oh, he knows he's 2+ years away from getting a mortgage and needs to get his shit strait now to make it happen then.
  5. Now know why McLaren is so slow this year. Just saw a commercial showing them/bragging about using webex. Huge disadvantage for the team being stuck with that shit-ass software.
  6. You have to play 2 hours till the rebuy period is up or we would have chopped. I told everyone at the start lets be nice and chop in two hours. Everyone nodded their heads and then 3 of the first 4 hands had an all in and call leading to 2 rebuys. And yeah, the ad-on period at the end of the two hours becomes a prisoners' dilemma. If no one buys in great, and if everyone buys then you probably should too.
  7. Got a buddy that's been a professional gambler for a few years and needs to straiten up a few things with the IRS and get his bank accounts in order so he can buy a house. Anyone here want some work or know someone who does?
  8. 12th man runs on to the field of play into the ball and is out.
  9. 8 days into the poker blitz. played 6 tournaments, cashed in 4, should have cashed in 5 but I fucked up Tuesday. By far the funnest tournament has been the bomb pot PLO tournament on Tuesday at 52 Social. Tonight played in the bigo at 52 social. 6 runners, we chopped at 4. $1100 put into the pot, $2k paid out, $900 overlay. I got $450 after putting in $280 for a $170 profit. Probably should have just played tight on the $80 to start. At the break I had 80k in chips. $2k prize pool. $50 gets you 50k in chips, $100 gets you 100k in chips. Around 900k in chips in play. Every chip was worth 2k/900k = $.002 each so 50k in chips worth $111. I didn't do all the math but it seemed with round numbers of ICM in my head it was right to buy chips so I bought 50k for $50. Looking at the math I should have bought $100 worth. Is ICM the right way to think about the add on or some other way I should think about it?
  10. and out a few hands later. 15k ante when you have $100k is not good. Went all in with a flush draw hoping to steal, got 2 callers and somehow my pair of 2's was not good.
  11. Did horrible in the Bigo at lodge last night. tonight is a plo bomb pot tournament at 52 social. Down to final 7, just went from chip leader to middle of the pack.
  12. If you'd like to share your hot takes about cops please find the appropriate thread for that. This thread is news about Uvalde.
  13. Couldn't have asked for a better final 8. Young female who thought it was a holdem tournament but kept getting lucky and stacking chips, very passive calling station with a huge stack, two really old dudes that would get confused on many hands, two uber aggressive guys that always overplay big pairs and one guy that was super tight. Build my stack from $50k up to around $150 by getting decent hands and hitting some flops. Big stack takes out second biggest, little stacks keep taking out each other and all of a sudden we're down to 4. Passive calling station with $600k, me and super tight around $150 and one old guy at $30k, blinds at $5-10k. Top 3 get paid. Old guy asks about paying the bubble. Big stack says no way. Old guy says fuck you guys I'm gonna win. He wins the next two pots and knocks out super tight dude. Both guys are pretty passive and I manage to win several decent pots and get up to around $300k. Old guy has around $100k. He pots pre flop, I call with KT97. Flop is K96 he goes all in, I call, he shows AA53. Turn 7, river A. Very next hand I get KKQ9. Pot preflop, big stack calls. Flop AAT. He is first to act, shakes head says "I guess I call", and lays down JJ99. Dealer lets him know it was his turn to act and I haven't acted yet. He says oh fuck, check, I pot/all in and he calls. Turn J. River J. Took home $250 after $30 entry and $40 add on for a $180 profit. 3 for 3 and on to big o tomorrow at lodge.
  14. Made final table 8 left, I’m in middle of the pack
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