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  1. I did, about 10 posts before yours
  2. 11yo shows me pyramid shaped thing he got on a trip: "It's like the holocaust from star wars" me "not sure there was a holocaust in star wars" 11yo "holocron?" me "yes, holocron"
  3. haha, yes, public boat ramps have some weirdos. Luckily my hood has it's own private ramp so most of the people are just a little nuts, not full blown psychos.
  4. blacklab

    Austin FC

    My 12yo and I had a great time. He's been dying to go to a game forever and I'm glad we finally did. He tossed a beanbag right in the hole on his first try and won a hat at the Ford display outside before the game. We paid $25 to park at 2201 Donley. There was plenty of street parking available around there at 7pm. I'm sure the city charges something stupid to park there but it would have been way easier to get out had we parked on the street rather than the lot we did. Going to park on the street next time. Prices in the stadium for concessions are fucking insane. $7 for a 20oz bottle of coke, $19 for brisket nachos. I honestly do not ever remember paying this much at any venue in my life. Stadium is so small there really isn't a bad seat in the house. People in the south endzone are nuts. So much energy in the stadium. Fucking team were idiots tonight. So different watching the game live rather than TV. TV is way too focused in on the ball, so great in person to see plays develop and see people open. I swear there were a dozen or so times someone was running free on the wing and rather than passing out just dribbled strait into 3 people and lost the ball. Need to work on long kicks. We lost 90% of the long balls. San Jose was not putting huge pressure on, just fucking kick goal kicks short and work it up. The last goal was so stupid. 3 dudes allow a guy to cross without closing him out. Either park the bus in back or continue to attack. The half ass whatever the fuck that was cost us the win.
  5. blacklab

    Austin FC

    What a game. first time here in person. What a great little stadium. we need to stop the long passes. I think we’re 0-7 on controlling goal kicks and 0-5 on long passes from left to right side.
  6. Reason I'm asking is we went to bull creek near the bridge on Lake Austin and parked between two boats that were about 60 feet apart, leaving about 20-30 feet between us and each boat. Turned out one of the boats had >50 feet of anchor line so we dropped right on top of his. He had a complete shit fit telling us we didn't know what we are doing and don't understand how anchors work when our boats got close. Mine didn't move more than a few feet, his drifted 20-30 feet.
  7. When you anchor in a party cove type place with water depth of about 10 feet and a muddy bottom that is easy for an anchor to catch, should you use a 50 foot anchor line or a 15 foot anchor line?
  8. are they talking about the lime electric scooters?
  9. you're good, would rather this stick to news here
  10. moved the mental health and guns discussion to cr.
  11. Lake Austin was busier than I have probably ever seen it today. A special shout out to idiots going 5 miles an hour. WTF are you doing? Fucking speed up or anchor. You make it dangerous for those of us pulling wakeboards or tubes by clogging up a huge chunk of the lake.
  12. Yes apparently the septic was all fucked up and would take a lot of money to clean up so that’s why the lot has not been developed
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