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  1. Here. Grey vest with grey long sleeve shirt.
  2. Yep at tch for the plo tournament last Friday and heading up today too.
  3. Just drove from Round Rock to Westlake. Wasn't too bad. Little bit of slickness on the bridges, but managed to make it home without getting into a wreck. Semi's were doing 75 on I35.
  4. thread title updated yeah, I gotta say that email may have been my favorite thing I've ever written.
  5. Installed a light bar on the front and back this weekend. with high beams on: light bar on: Main reason for install is for when someone coming the other way flashes their brights at me thinking I have my brights on. Gonna blind that mother fucker.
  6. When I was growing up in the 80's the "oldies" station played stuff from the 50's. I thought to myself the other day after they played nirvana and green day that 101x is now an "oldies" station since they mainly play 30 year old stuff.
  7. 1. a lot of luck with evenly skilled players. Coolers like Ace high flush vs King high flush or boat over boat is where the money moves around. 2. You aren't guaranteed to be in the money if you fold. If the short stack has the best hand, and the 2nd smallest stack has the second best hand, 3rd-3rd, 4th-4th etc, then the money just switches around with no one eliminated. With 5 others you're only about 20-25% to win. Depends on two things. If first is a shitload more than 2-4 then I would because I want to win. If 1-4 payouts are flat I probably fold and hope biggest stack wins.
  8. have they had a scene as awesome as this one yet?
  9. Changed the oil on the FJ today. Great job by the toyota engineers. Go from: unscrew one plastic thing rub a little oil on the new one screw it on To: take off rock shield take off little metal flat piece shove plastic piece in to housing and spray oil everywhere get special tool and take off housing and spray oil everywhere drain and clean housing replace gasket on housing put filter in housing screw housing in replace gasket on outside of housing put metal piece back in place replace rock shield
  10. we went out today. Lake Austin was glass. Only saw 5 other boats and only 1 guy water skiing, no one boarding or surfing.
  11. I think the one being built in California has been an unbelievable success with no issues, cost overruns or problems of any kind.
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