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  1. Exactly. Once you are seated, you have to take any request from your wife like Judaism handles potential converts. My wife thinks my hearing is terrible. Little does she know that I’ve always scored excellent on every one of my hearing tests. And I’ve had to get many, many hearing tests due to working in chemical plants almost my entire working life.
  2. San Antonio no esta. Mierda mucho.
  3. Vamos Brahmas!!!!!
  4. I drink a shit ton of beer. If I had to drink a seemingly warm tall boy of Beast Ice, I might have given an even worse expression. I’m with Fam68. Mika gets down. That Czech heritage coming out in spades. and @Covri…. Icehouse? Jesus. I think Steel Reserve might be the only beer worse. I never felt rich by any means in college but I drew the line at Natty Ice.
  5. 1st baseman, another reliver, and a starting pitcher and we're back in WS contention. 2 of 3 and we have a real good shot to get in playoffs and who knows. 1 of 3 and we're going to need some significant help from other teams IMO. None and we make it interesting but I can't see us getting into the tournament. I've been wrong, however.
  6. I’m watching The Dark Knight Rises. Bane’s speech struck a nerve as I couldn’t help but feel that it’s exactly how MAGA sees the world….. Take the Harvey Dent talk and put in America / Democracy and it feels eerily like the natural conclusion of MAGA.
  7. No car wrecks, crime talk, or boarder crisis. Gay AF. /MAGA
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