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  1. I assume that there's going to be a special election and / or appointment procedure to fill the remaining months of her term. However, what happens in November? She won the primary back in May so I assume her name stays on the ballet. Can a dead person run?
  2. A strip club owner named Dick Shappy? Seriously? This simulation is dumb.
  3. A strip club owner named Dick Shappy? Seriously? This simulation is dumb.
  4. Uhhhh. Your generation did not turn out ‘just fine.’ Early boomers fought for equal rights, but when the prospect of dying in a south Asian field was no longer on the table your revolution died. Then, you completed traded in the idea of equality of races and sexes for $ and greed. Once in your 30’s you became materialistic. The mid-late 90’s convinced you that your shit didn’t stink when the stock market was booming and the us was the only super power. the 2000’s scared the shit out of you bc of 9/11 and almost losing your 401k…. So much so that a black guy became President. A last gasp of 20’s coming out before that part of you completely died. That death Let your pickled generation reverted back to a hybrid of all the worst qualities of each decade of existence. Your greed from the 80’s remains. Your self assurance of the 90’s remains. The fear of the 2000’s remains. Your impending death Only exacerbates those qualities to the point that you now feel aggrieved. So much that you now are taking the rights afforded to you, and the ones you actually fought for back. Much like a child who would rather just pick up their ball and go home before losing, you’re dismantling all the rights you earlier fought before you die off / lose your political power.
  5. Democrat isn’t something you do, man. It’s like a state of mind. You can’t just “ unledge” after one victory. Maybe we take a step back from the edge one day, but rest assured that there will be the Abbot’s , the Trumps, the Ron Johnson’s, the Sinemas, etc to push us back to the edge. This is a mid season story arc. Buckle up for the season finale.
  6. Nobody goes there anymore. It’s too crowded.
  7. Thinks of Hope Solo…….
  8. I don’t know…. According to the tweet he’s a more of a Home Bi’er than a Homowner.
  9. You guys are giving me ptsd. The box break downs and the thermostat comprise 75-90% of all of my fights with DNAgal.
  10. Fencing response https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fencing_response
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