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  1. I don't get into the whole "overpaid" discussion. QB salaries go up every year. Dak got paid market value. His contract will be outdated soon if it already isn't. And if you look at teams like the Rams, you can pay as many star players as you want. The salary cap hell is a myth. You can arrange contracts to fit them all under the cap with ease. Dak's contract has zero to do with our failures. Seeing as they can't build a complete roster around their QBs over the last decade and a half. This OL is about as bad as what Romo dealt with (but he conveniently gets the excuses for that terrible OL.) And our run game is pretty inefficient as well. Something Romo never could overcome, either. The 2 seasons we had the most complete teams were 2014 and 2016. And both years, the defense was complete shit and allowed Rodgers to school them. We traded one of the top WRs in the league for absolutely nothing. Every other WR was getting a 1st rd pick minimum. We got a throwaway pick. It doesn't matter who our QB is. The front office has no idea what to do around them.
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