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  1. Need to rewind the VHS tapes before we return them to Blockbuster
  2. Yep it was. Aired December 2015. But once something comes to Netflix, a whole new set of eyeballs get to see programs they normally wouldn't. A lot of sports fans never really kept up with the 30 for 30 series. And this puts this episode front and center for so many. They also had another version of wide right and another playoffs choke job they can add to their history. Buffalo of the 90s is the Vikings of the 70s, except they didn't lose all 4 in a row. 2 franchises who had some really good teams but never won the big one. I watched it again and it was really good. Their first and last Super Bowls were the ones they had a chance to win. The middle two they were ran off the field. Dallas played pretty poor in the 1st half of the second Buffalo Super Bowl with them 2. But Buffalo couldn't pull away and a turnover in the 3rd qtr really turned the game and they never recovered. The Buffalo/NYG Super Bowl is still the only Super Bowl I can think of that had a game winning FG like that where it was win or lose. All of Vinateri's for NE was with the score tied so a miss wouldn't have lost the game on that kick. I was really surprised how welcoming Buffalo fans were of Norwood when they had the huge event for them after they lost the Giants Super Bowl. Not sure how welcoming fanbases would be today if that happened. Seems fans are more rabid these days
  3. NFL finally scrapped their pointless Pro Bowl game. NHL even tweaked theirs since I think theirs went the way of the NBA/NFL where it was a joke. MLB is the only one that actually resembles the real game since you can't really half ass and trick up a baseball game unless you get extremely wacky with it. But the NBA as a whole is becoming less and less interesting. I'm not one who cries we need to go back to the 90s snails pace of play but there has to be a happy medium of what bwe see today and back then. Believe we had a good medium of this in the 2000s and 2010s. Not sure where you can pinpoint the turn of this style of play. Was it the Warriors? I know the Splash Brothers had a ton of influence to how kids coming up wanted to emulate. I read AAU is basically just a 3pt chuckfest now days. The 3pt shot used to be exciting to hit. A big deal. Now days, it's the opposite effect, boring as fuck. I prefer to see inside the paint play now days but it's becoming rare.
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