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  1. I'm not talking about the team. I'm talking about you. Bragging about losses. Especially a loss y'all were up like 20-3. Just ran out of time and a quality loss. Whooop!! Gig em!!!
  2. Lmao. This is so fucking aggy. Bragging about losses now. Did y'all just run out of time today?
  3. Dak was a throwaway 4th rd pick who has netted the same success as cornball Jackson, who was a 1st round pick. Keep celebrating week 3 regular season wins like a bitch
  4. Also, never trust Lamar Jackson in a big situation. He's good at front running when he's up multiple scores. But when the game gets tight, he folds.
  5. @Zepol87 not pumping up your cornball glorified RB who blew a big lead and lost the game? Lulz.
  6. Do you use your work computer on the same network as your personal? They are cross referencing your digital footprint on these devices. Even using a VPN doesn't always work. These ads are becoming much more invasive as time goes on. If you are using Windows, go into your privacy settings and see if an option is checked called Let apps use my advertising ID for experiences across apps.
  7. Venables helped Sandusky butt fuck little boys
  8. They didn't even try and run the ball? Lulz. So dumb. Time wasn't a factor at all.
  9. Yep. That was a huge conversion and most likely Mizzou gets at least a FG and more time off the clock. I was curious if it was a "lets keep the #1 team alive" penalty but it was definitely a legit penalty.
  10. Yep this seems over. Mizzou had a chance to put a strangehold on this game and never did,
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