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    • Post in Texas vs tech - 2:30pm on ESPN
      It worked last week..

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    • Post in Roadkill vs trampling longhorns LHN 7 PM
      Post in Roadkill vs trampling longhorns LHN 7 PM
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    • Post in UTSA VS Texas 9/17/22
      Repeat after me:

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    • Post in 8.29.22 Coach Sark PC at 11 am
      Post in 8.29.22 Coach Sark PC at 11 am
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    • I gotta get these fucking cups out of my office and I don't want to ship them out if at all possible. So instead I am using it as an excuse to get drunk with some Surly idiots. Location will be at Pinkertons BBQ in Houston and on a Thursday because they will have dollar shiners. All Surly members welcome but you will be publicly shamed by all attendants into becoming a burnt ends member while there. Yall can pick the date, the 13th probably works best for me but I am open to any of the three. @immamac will host another one in Austin at some point in the near future and there will be another opportunity when we get the Burnt Ends dinner scheduled (Probably February or March). Whatever cups are left after that we will ship out. Whatever date we have picked I will be there from probably 11:30 till 6pm or so as people filter in and out. Password is Muledick
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    • I didn’t want to believe you, but you are correct

      that’s some piss poor football 

    • i don't know when or where it's coming out, but here is a clip:


    • 4 hours ago, bschoolprof said:

      I guess we've now entered the phase in the Longhorn coaching cycle of life where we clearly have the "Fire Coach" camp vs the apologists camp, the name change on this thread title notwithstanding.  There will be much gnashing of teeth, and shit flinging, and sound and fury signifying nothing over the next year or two or three until Sark is finally let go.  There is no question to anyone with half a brain cell that's watched football for more than a season or two that Sark is not the guy and should never have been hired. It's not a question of should he be shitcanned, but instead when.  We've all seen this movie and we all know exactly how it ends. Worse yet, we know the entire second and third acts.  There will be coordinator changes. Supposed new beginnings. A new offense or new defense or some magical player that's gonna turn it all around.  Or some recruit that we will lose or gain if he's let go.  But we know none of that ever matters.  Offseason hope will always give way to the realization that it's the same old shit, usually by game two or three.  Unless you get the hire at the top right, starting right from the outset, everything else is bullshit.  We know it to be true, we just don't wanna see it. That's the essence of being a fan I guess. 

      We'll have a new coaching search in another few years, regardless of what's said or argued about on this message board, because it's always about what happens on the field rather than the internet.  To paraphrase a famous poster, until then, we wait.  

      We'll probably fuck up that hire too, because that's what we do, but you never know.  Maybe we will get lucky.  So there is hope.

      Texas has become the Aggycoaster meme. 

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    • If youve been paying attention to Texas Football for the last decade, this is exactly our standard

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    • Just now, Bruh Man said:

      Dude, they have Shemar Stewart and Walter Nolen coming off the bench. We have Ovie Oghoufo starting and Jett Bush coming off our bench. They have like 4 seniors in their THREE-DEEP on both sides of the football. They are in for some big time recruits down the stretch in this recruiting cycle They are miles ahead of us. They just need to develop Weigman and get him ready next year.  

      I know you're going to bump this next time they lose, so let me be clear - 8-4 w/ two gimps at quarterback and a talent-rich roster full of underclassmen then that is actually pretty good. They are setting themselves for playoff runs in the next two seasons as long as Jimbo develops Weigman or they get a stud QB recruit/transfer. 

      You're already hedging because you know it's true. It's year 5 and Jimbo is going to finish 8-4. 

      What do you think you proved here after saying aggy was "building a powerhouse" and would be a playoff team last year? I criticized the Sark hire when it happened so I'm not sure why you think it's some revelation that I would want Gundy. It doesn't disprove anything I've said about aggy but you know that. 

      Let me know when aggy starts to produce "powerhouse" results and then you can troll me. 



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