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  1. There's no science or anything behind that Athletic article people keep quoting. It's just Stewart Mandel being Stewart Mandel.
  2. I'm typing this all out for my own benefit. Not covering any new territory that hasn't already been covered in this thread. If it helps someone else keep it all straight, great. There are 7 teams that could conceivably end up ahead of us in the final rankings. We need 4 or more of these to end up below us. In alphabetical order, they are: Alabama - vs Georgia, +5.5, Saturday 3:00 PM. Should be below us with a win, due to head-to-head result, but the committee will still be very tempted by a 1-loss SEC champion Bama. Will certainly fall below us with a loss. Florida State - vs Louisville, -2.5, Saturday 7:00 PM. Definitely in with a win. Would fall below us with a loss (as a 1-loss team that did not win its conference). Georgia - vs Alabama, -5.5, Saturday 3:00 PM. Definitely in with a win. Should be below us with a loss, as a team that didn't win its conference. Committee might be tempted a little by SEC SEC SEC and recent run of dominance, especially if it's a close loss against Bama. Michigan - vs Iowa, -23.0, Saturday 7:00 PM. Definitely in with a win. Should fall below us with a loss as a team that didn't win its conference. Ohio State - no game. Did not win its conference, therefore should be below us in final rankings. Would be major committee fuckery otherwise. Oregon - vs Washington, -9.5, Friday 7:00 PM. With a win, Oregon's position relative to us would be a pure beauty contest. Best to assume they'd be ahead of us. Would fall below us with a loss. Washington - vs Oregon, +9.5, Friday 7:00 PM. Definitely in with a win. Would fall below us with a loss as a team that didn't win its conference. So Ohio State and the Pac-12 loser will be below us no matter what. The Pac-12 winner is probably above us no matter what. So we need any 2 of the SEC loser, FSU, and Michigan to end up below us. Probably not happening with Michigan. We need Louisville to come through badly. I think we want Georgia to win the SEC, so as to knock Bama completely out of consideration. There's a chance that a Bama win could put us ahead of both SEC teams, but that's risky. For the Pac-12 championship, we probably want Oregon to win. We know that Washington will be above us with a win. There's a (small?) chance that Oregon could end up behind us even with a win. Rooting interests this weekend, in order: Louisville/Iowa >>> Georgia > Oregon.
  3. But a big part of Texas’ argument right now is the OOC win over Bama. If we had played UTSA that weekend on FS1 and beat them easily, do you think our chances of making the playoff as they stand today would be better or worse?
  4. So sayeth SRV's ghost, so shall it be written. Forever and ever, amen.
  5. I have a bunch of friends and family that root for those two, and we’ve played those games for a million years. Regional rivalries is what makes college football really fun, IMO. Playing Alabama is cool, but I’m not going to be able to roll into work in Monday morning and talk shit about our big win over South Carolina, Tennessee, or Ole Miss. Those opponents mean nothing to me personally. Clearly I’m in the minority on this.
  6. I want to alternate Tech or TCU every year as one of our non-conference games. Don’t care about the rest.
  7. OpenAI’s board: we need to proceed very carefully with the development of this potentially world-changing technology Altman, MSFT, every OpenAI employee, the entire financial/tech media, and literally everyone on Twitter: lol nah, stonks go up!
  8. QE returning + our top 4 WR/TE all leaving seems like it would be of great interest to a dude like Ryan Williams.
  9. A lot of times, watching the games in real time, I’ll be thinking to myself “Quinn looks kinda meh tonight”. Then I check the stats at the end of the game and he has like 290 yards and 2 TDs. I think we just have QB PTSD as Texas fans.
  10. Language of the week is Tagalog… Sampu Win Steve
  11. Arkansas Baptist Buffaloes better watch the fuck out.
  12. We need to rip that page out of the playbook and burn it. Hate that shit
  13. Trying to chip the layer of stone off his hands.
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