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  1. How have they not already moved on to “Trump took nuclear secrets to MAL to keep them out of the hands of liberal socialists that hate America!!”? I mean, c’mon, it’s sitting right there.
  2. Everyone's debating the fruit, but I'm 100% triggered that they fucking poured all that syrup and managed to get it on like 1/4 of the pancake. Spread that shit around.
  3. I like this plan. By that point Whittington will be injured so we can just swap them out 1-for-1.
  4. Hope we get a 12 minute highlight video of Garland playing peewee AG.
  5. State of Florida seems stacked with talent this year. Let’s get Wilson and Hall so Sark can have his own Florida Four.
  6. So much going on here. Don Jr looks like he has diarrhea. Jared beelining over like "hey guys, I'm still in the family! Remember? It's me, Jared!"
  7. Coach's quotes sound good. "Texas, Texas, Texas, Texas, Texas....oh yeah, he also thinks he'd be fine at Tennessee."
  8. That seems like something Trump needs to get in front of SCOTUS pronto.
  9. I'm shellshocked from last year's fuckery. I'm seeing aggy bags coming out of the trees, man.
  10. Decommit szn is certainly funny but Rogers bailing is actually bad for us if he's LSU bound, which looks likely. Just makes A&M that much more desperate for Toviano. We know the game plan when they get desperate for a particular guy.
  11. My assumption was that he recommended regular dental check-ups.
  12. Burrell is OK to me. I see a contributor but not a star. I like Lefau's tape (no idea what kind of competition he's playing against) but my concern there is can he get up to 230 and maintain his quickness? Given the shape our LB room is in, I really think we need a 3rd guy, and he needs to be a no-doubt stud. I wouldn't really argue against Baxter/Wisner as an A+. I'm not as high on Niblett as most seem to be. Love Cook, really like Hale, no problem with Wilson. Would've liked another guy with elite speed in addition to Cook. WR seems like a spot where there's gonna be interesting guys in the portal every year.
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