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  1. Give aggy a break, y’all. That particular Cracker Barrel is actually the finest restaurant in College Station.
  2. Late to the discussion, but I don’t think this hurts Republicans politically at all. The message just changes from “vote for us because Democrats kill babies” to “vote for us or Democrats will legalize killing babies.”
  3. Baxter Cook MHP Wilson Chatman Cojoe I don’t have any clue on defense. Hopefully we can dig up an OT somewhere. Green maybe?
  4. It's like an inverse chart of the amount of work I did today.
  5. Yeah but you’re young and you got your health. What do you want with a job?
  6. The Athletic on Arch: Article 1: Arch Manning commits to Texas in most impactful pledge of modern recruiting era: Wasserman Article 2: How Texas landed Arch Manning
  7. The next day, July 21, news broke that Texas and OU had reached out about joining the SEC. Also a lot of long @closetojumping screeds around that date. Maybe ctj is recruitocosm ?
  8. One of the only amusing aspects of the Trump era is watching guys like Greg Abbott fall in line and lick boots and then come up absolutely empty handed for their efforts.
  9. They update the undroppables list throughout the year based on performance. At least I think they do - I know Yahoo does. Until they take them off that list, your only move is to bench him or trade him.
  10. I've been on team @F250 for a long time, but it truly bothers me how the continual focus on red meat culture war bullshit distracts our leaders (and in fact a large proportion of voters) from the day-to-day issues that affect every Texan. The state's power grid being run on a knife edge of reliability, or the state being critically short of teachers, to name a couple. Outrage drives people to action, I get that. But my kids' classes have to be split up among other teachers when their teacher is out because there's no fucking subs. Could we maybe table the laser focus on the rights of a handful of trans kids until we figure out how to reduce the number of kids in a public school classroom to something less than 30?
  11. For the 37 trillionth time in human history, we've kicked the can down the road until the crisis arrives on the doorstep. Fossil fuel prices need to be high, we've basically run out of time on that. But clearly, gas going from $2.50 to $6 in a matter of months is a fucking disaster for the poor, the middle class, and the economy as a whole. Ramping it up to $6 over 20 or 30 years would have been a lot more manageable. Short-termism really is a motherfucker.
  12. I think my favorite part is the Word 98 clip art stars just thrown on there haphazardly. Great job, great effort Hayes.
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