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  1. Trucks are crazy expensive - yet I still see a million of them on the road. Seems like a paradox. How are there so many people out there that can afford $60k vehicles?
  2. Saw a rumor that the plan to shoot it down once it gets over the Atlantic.
  3. Isn’t Newsweek basically the Sports Illustrated of news now? Basically, a bullshit blog run by businesspeople trading under a formerly reputable name? Edit: I guess I'm showing my age by calling it a "blog". "Content farm" is probably more appropriate in the parlance of our times.
  4. "Tried to commit but Jimbo didn't answer so he called Texas and committed there instead" is gonna enter the Pantheon of all-time aggy bullshit. Truly breathtaking.
  5. Honestly there's not a ton of new/surprising info in there for anyone that's followed the whole cycle. Probably the most interesting thing to me was that Johntay Cook was Texas all the way behind the scenes, despite social media stuff. Sure seemed like he was leaning aggy for a minute there.
  6. This joke has got me feeling kind of blue
  7. So this education savings account thing is basically the death blow for public education in the state, right? Already critically underfunded and now we’re gonna pull a bunch of (taxpayer) money out to give it to religious schools?
  8. "they're going to recruit so-and-so through the whistle" is such a tired recruitnik trope. Yeah dude, I bet all the other programs are going to stop calling him and just see how it plays out.
  9. Supposedly a couple countries have looked at Spain's Leopards in recent years and said thanks but no thanks. Apparently they're in pretty bad shape.
  10. Yeah I think the Cowboys need a veteran TE on a reasonable contract. If Schultz wants to be that guy, fine, but my emphasis is on the "reasonable".
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