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  1. going to repeat this in writing to make sure i'm typing what he said...... thermensa would not let alex fucking okafor workout the fuck
  2. well fuck me then the metroplex converted in 94 to allow all the different area codes to call each other "locally" i thought that was a nationwide thing /moar you know
  3. In the 80s, Gattis had a centralized call center with one phone number to order pizza anywhere in austin: 459-2222 (you will recall - if you were born - that 10-digit dialing did not become mandatory until '94 - before then you could dial a 7-digit number within an area code) Sophomore year Jester East #507, telephone number was 495-2222 We averaged 5-ish misdials a day and got sick of it, so we started answering "Gattis" and taking orders If you didn't get your pizza from august 85 through may 86, welp, now you know why
  4. this is a PSA for anyone that decides to go to pyle this year..... NEVER EVER go anywhere south of the 20-yard line in front of THE DISH..... it will collapse in our lifetimes at the cost of thousands of lives, in the name of "MOAR THAN THE SIPS" they will become MARTYRS to the cause
  5. from the wiki: "The Sabatier reaction has been proposed as a key step in reducing the cost of human mission to Mars (Mars Direct, SpaceX Starship) through in situ resource utilization. Hydrogen is combined with CO2 from the atmosphere, with methane then stored as fuel and the water side product electrolyzed yielding oxygen to be liquefied and stored as oxidizer and hydrogen to be recycled back into the reactor. The original hydrogen could be transported from Earth or separated from Martian sources of water." Once you have the ability to manufacture CH4 in situ on mars, you can start moving asteroids from the asteroid belt to martian lagrangian orbits. Once you have enough mass, you move everyone off the planet for 5 years. They live in orbit while you crash thousands of small asteroids in to the poles, releasing all of the water and oxygen. When the "dust clears" you should have something to work with. The terraforming part (flora) is easy. We could start today. It's just a matter of money. It's the fauna part that is going to require getting medievial, because of the lack of the magnetic field.
  6. what a bizzare flex chanting sec when you just got to the big12 double bonus: upside down horn shirts made for the occaision goodbye cougar high we will be pulling for your opponents in all sports forever
  7. strong systems lobby on behalf of their constituents weak systems don't have a flagship that lobbies for their constiuents let's go clockwise around the state the amount of lobbying done by aggy on behalf of: aggy texarkana: 0 aggy commerce: 0 aggy prairie view: 0 aggy corpus: 0 aggy kingsville: 0 aggy laredo: 0 aggy san antonio: 0 aggy kileen: 0 aggy stephenville: 0 aggy canyon: 0 the aggy lobbying score stands at zero, point, zero.
  8. kudos to 956 for starting this critically important thread if the term "capture/captured" has yet to be introduced in to this thread I will be using that meme in my replies/comments re: helobious and gmaps working fine..... - street view is extremely important, depending on when the imagery was recorded - the navigation of gmaps is not it's failing; if it has the bandwidth it usually renders at lightspeed whether zooming, or panscanning, or both - here is the use case that identifies where the ABC overlords are abusing it's power through enshittification: from a standing start zoomed out to the north american continent i can zoom and pan to a specific location in a couple of seconds if the rendering engine and bandwidth keep up; up until a few years ago, at maximum zoom, every non-residential location would be identified and tagged with the name of the location which was an active link; today less than 50%, sometimes less than 30%, of the specific locations are "blank" buildings; you know a kickass new pizza place is in stripmall X between businesses Y and Z, but the map doesn't tell you which storefront is the pizza place; it doesn't give the name of the business; there is no active link to click to nav to the website to place an order; BUT IF YOU "SEARCH THIS AREA" for "pizza" and SUBJECT YOURSELF TO ADS IN THE RESULT SET..... VOILA! the name of the new kickass pizza place appears on the edifice with a clickable link to the business; what's going on here is this: if you are not paying in to the ABC ecosystem in some way, and this includes pretty much the entire adtech cloud, if you are not paying "protection money", you don't exist (not rendered on the map) until your customer already knows you exist (by typing in your name in maps search or regular search) other memes in addition to "Capture" that should be introduced in this thread if they have not already been voiced include the "blipvert" from MaxHeadroom (ABC 1988) and for any readers have not seen it Idiocracy (Mike Judge 2006) and if the thread really gets funky, it will be impossible to avoid citation and reflection of ideas brought forward in Minority Report and the complete Matrix Trilogy including the Animatrix compilation from the 2003 box set anyway, here is where enshittifcation ends up, if we don't do something about it:
  9. brain conditions that result in dehabilitation like ALS, hemorrhagic strokes, CTE, etc. are not profitable for pharma or assisted living the families are on their own unless they possess unlimited wealth for private 7x24 sheet changing
  10. why didn't van dijk come over to challenge that ? it was flat so he knew it wasn't going to his mark
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