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  1. not going far on this showing
  2. i can see england conceding to much faafo bumblefucking around the back trying to kill it off
  3. the fighting charlie browns
  4. i like the new us kit
  5. florida 93 in the top 10? there are a number of teams in this list where the author cites accomplishments but does not thoroughly describe why that team was "top 25 influential" lsu 19? how were they influential other than being really good? iowa wesleyan? portland state? putting up filthy numbers in lower divisions is not influential in my book
  6. that was 4 years ago the bird might be useful on 75' but no longer as a starter
  7. he spun the croats round right round baby right round like a record baby
  8. at least it will open up now
  9. what made that was morata fucking paying attention to the line and coming back to reverse when released through
  10. https://archive.is/skako this was previously unreported.... Southwest Plane Plunged Within 400 Feet of Ocean Near Hawaii April flight landed safely after ‘roller coaster’ maneuver US regulator investigating previously unreported incident
  11. 7max dutch roll not great bob https://avherald.com/h?article=519ce679&opt=0
  12. yes - professional intelligence we need moar
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