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  1. flipped during the last commercial in the hoops game, where the fuck is the game? espn+ ONLY? i thought the league contract guaranteed local "cable" for all home games
  2. i've been waiting for someone to say this not just the teams, the entire schtick "up close and personal" pioneered by abc for the olympics has never bled over to the world cup like this and it's neither embiggening nor cromulent
  3. they don't need any help typing this watching the highlights 4-1 over korea team fighting richarlison for their 3rd on 29' was full matrix bullet time as the good doktor would have said..... PRETERNATUAL after yesterday i thought mbappe couldn't be stopped today, it's clear brazil can only stop themselves bet the house, the farm, and the boat
  4. somebody flirting with europe or in a drop battle will come calling if arsenal fall off a little but if arsenal remain top of table they will hold for the rest of the season in case they need him he has several years to play with to find the right home at the right level going in to the '24-'25 season
  5. the californians overran seattle and portland 10 years before targeting austin seattle is also in the shadow of rainier which in my opinion is far more dangerous than any california fault with the exception of the reclaimed sea level land from the presidio all the way down to sfo
  6. '11 fiesta: uconn v. thieves was crappier at least tulane has a smidgen of football history the green wave won the sec in '34, '39 and '49
  7. world cup big picture: in the modern era beginning in 1990.... the US has advanced to a knockout game in every world cup outside of europe the US has never advanced to a knockout game in europe round of 16: 1994 loss, 2002 win, 2010 loss, 2014 loss, 2022 loss
  8. haven't read a thing in 48 hours, so if i repeat someone else flog me - poland are losing to france right now the exact same way we lost to nederland - cut apart for their first 2 goals while falling asleep for just a few seconds - it's not that we don't have depth, we don't have the depth to rotate and play at the same level; we have 1 dest, 1 adams, etc. - we are missing a big body that can occupy VVD in the box on set pieces: mcbride, onyewu, brooks someone like them would have made a difference - turner, adams and dest all wrote themselves big checks - parcells: we are who we are, and despite the talent elevation of the last 5 years with all of our best going to europe at the proper age, until we have an mbappe, we need to play to counter; we've always had our greatest success as a defend and counter team; we didn't have enough quality and class to overcome running out of gas - i'm still contemplating gregg's job
  9. only thing missing there was mbappe pointing to the upper left 90 before launching the shot poland like the US play their ass off and go to sleep twice on defense, 2-0
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