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  1. Not that I can really tell. It appears to only say that weather damage is not covered by the warranty.
  2. Nah he was only a custodian. He had to clean the bathroom afterwards.
  3. In this chat with @Texzilla588, I completely forgot to give my respects to Morgan Spurlock. The guy was one of the greats. He was an amazing documentarian. Super Size Me almost got the recognition it deserved but I felt it fell short only getting a nomination instead of the Oscar for Best Documentary Details here - https://www.oscars.org/oscars/ceremonies/2005 Anyway, RIP to one of the greats.
  4. Oh we're back to this one I see. The lazy argument. No, we have 380+ pages of people saying why they hate him, many long before he had his heel turn. The bulk of us hate him because he is a jackass that shows his ass way to damn often. The guy is running his mouth espousing really stupid things. We aren't just claiming he is stupid, we are posting the things he says as perfect exhibits of his stupidity. Etc. You know, let's really break this down I really question that he is smart about some things. He's a good and shrewd businessman, but I would also chalk that up to being lucky as well. First off he had a leg up with money to get started, that counts for a lot and we shouldn't undersell that. Second, he's got super lucky in business. He made X which got beaten by PayPal but offered something and was acquired. He was also forced out of PayPal. He then invested in Tesla. Forced out their founders, but he has made them into a monster company. He did need a lot of subsidies but he built something there. He also made SpaceX. I would argue he doesn't know cars all that well. I think he assembled a team that did a great job. Same with rockets, he doesn't know them well, he just opened his wallet and hired a ton of people that do, And revisiting businessman - how good/smart is he? His current run is not very good. He overpaid for twitter. He's forced through a product at Tesla that has put enormous strain on the company. He has fired people across all of his companies so haphazardly he actually later found he had to rehire people because he cut too deep. He's letting a headstart that Tesla had evaporate and is risking being passed in just about all markets (China - done, Europe and the US ... ?). So ... yeah, is he smart? Or is he lucky and his luck has run out? Again, we've given pages and page of why we don't like him. It's not because he's an everyman with $Billions. You don't have to guess at any of this. Go back and read. And finally Ok, let's play this one out, because it's not really hard. People would look at my post here, etc. They wouldn't find anyone running really dumb conspiracy theories or just general stupidity like Elon is. If they go back far enough, they would see some really dumb things that I very much would attribute to youthful stupidity. They would not see that trend continue or pick back up in the present. I could easily say (because it's true) I was stupid when I was young, I learned and I got some wisdom of age, I matured. That person was me, but I know better now. And I certainly would not be running my mouth blasting out stupid things like Elon does day in day out. I would understand that Uncle Ben was right, with great power (wealth, reach, sway, etc), comes great responsibility. And I would be very measured in what I do online. So NOPE. None of this would happen. I would be more like every other rich businessman you don't hear about. People wouldn't be questioning my leadership or my intellect. They might say "he is or isn't doing a good job" But I would not be on display the way that Elon has put himself.
  5. Take away the stupid x/y * y = x his underlying “logic” of changing capita is also really dumb. He just described mechanization, something humanity discovered 100 years ago. Using that as a need for humanoid robots is stupid. We discovered long ago that specialization in robotics trumps the human shape to fit what we have.
  6. Man Texzilla really was a fan of the Super Size.
  7. He slapped the letters A and I on it. Of course Silicon Valley money-bros wrote him a check, they are stupid as hell. I’m shocked Sesame Street hasn’t gotten a lifetime endowment given they have had A and I on at least 30% of their shows! Being stupid and being someone who can bring in money are not mutually exclusive. The only thing it means is that the SV$-bros saw a half a sliver of a chance to make money and jumped. That doesn’t mean squat (certainly not that he’s intelligent).
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