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  1. That vine looks a lot like the thing that we had take over our backyard last year. Sorry it didn't take, but you can always try again this year! A buddy of mine has been trying to convince me to make 100 a year and sell them online for $100 apiece, but I don't have the space, time, or, quite frankly, enough of an idea of what I'm doing in terms of selecting survivors versus short-lived gourds. But I appreciate the sentiment!
  2. Doesn't answer OP's question, but might be relevant to others reading. Doomlet learned the basics by playing No Stress Chess, a version of chess in which you draw from a deck of cards to determine which piece you must move. Makes for some strange setups eventually, but it removes much of the decisional paralysis that can overwhelm beginners, and really reinforces the way each piece moves.
  3. @RamjetFDO had a little to do with it too!
  4. October update. I'll dig him out and move him to the front of the house before two much longer.
  5. Wordle 467 3/6 Daily Quordle 248 quordle.com Max streak ends at 31. Fuck that word in the lower right.
  6. I know it's not a simple question, but absent all the other information you'd need to decide whether to accept this trade, would you all take Mahomes and Mack Hollins in exchange for Josh Allen?
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