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  1. According to "Yellowstone" this would be grounds for impeachment.
  2. Back in the day their players just whipped it out in the parking lot and asked girls, "Can you help me with this?" Now they rape as many as 15 people in a week?
  3. I think it would resonate less than the plywood
  4. Is this guy trolling the Russians with the patch on his jacket?
  5. Are we talking Surly because it would devolve into a debate about knees or toes and then 30% would say WNB
  6. Pinch collar provides instant correction in a way the dog innately understands. Like his mother correcting him as a pup. It is a very humane way to train heel initially.
  7. Yeah, I always send my warrior in what I think is a promising direction before I found my first city. What tips do you guys have for getting into a naval domination match with the AI? Should I out certain civs in the mix, certain maps, etc?
  8. Love the thread title. Read it as: Beet Off Season
  9. Yeah, same dilemma. And then we have the Q nuts running the House so could be that. Who knows? I think I need tacos too. Edit: and some beer
  10. I think I read this same thing back on June.
  11. Was coming here to post that too. This guy lost his license and he's on the defense team of a Jan 6 Prod Boy Joseph Biggs whose trial is underway. The Judge, without saying "negligent" said he was negligent at best. https://www.cnn.com/2023/01/06/politics/alex-jones-lawyer-suspended-sandy-hook/index.html
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