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  1. I need something to laugh at today.
  2. He's going to get the nomination but Haley staying in the race and getting 30-45% of the votes along the way will weigh on his ego. The true weakness of a sociopathic narcissist personality disorder
  3. I want to vote on the R Primary but it is hard when you are weighing the Paxton supported candidates vs the Abbott supported ones. Paxton wants to get rid of anyone that supported impeachment. Abbott wants to get rid of anyone that is against his voucher scheme. Finding a candidate that was for impeachment and against vouchers means going to the Dem primary. Is there a place to look this shit up instead of reading the crap that comes in the mailbox?
  4. He gets by the Truths he post. Paid by the capital letters in the tweets er truths
  5. Reminds me of a picture I once saw about a camping trip to Yellowstone with an old open top car that had rows of seats like that. For some reason I thought it was Teddy Roosevelt
  6. Which will last longer Mitch or the lettuce? Oh, and this should be good since turtles love lettuce
  7. It's almost as if he should have stopped taunting Carrol at 5 Million
  8. The Proud Boys would look at that as an opportunity to get Mike Johnson in as President before a new Veep is appointed
  9. Nothing, The GQP is probably fear mongering that if you vote Biden/Harris you're likely to get another melanated president in the next 4 years. Oh the horrors of returning the Obama years after 2017-2020
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