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  1. Yeah, global warming is becoming more popular for the Russians and Chinese.
  2. Carnival Barker: Ignore the guy picking your pocket. Look over there we caught a snitch!
  3. Allegedly, Lauren Bobert knows how to use Seeking Arrangement to suck cock for money. Allegedly
  4. I suspect that some of it could have been incriminating evidence like the call logs he put on servers no-one had access too (Ukraine extorsion calls) and maybe he had other calls where he made offers to foreign governments to sell out the US or there were files that intercepted Mike Flynn arranging illegal deals. Maybe videos of Gaetz with 16 year old girls. The pee tapes the Russians were using to extort him. I hope it takes down more than just Trump. Flynn, Navarro, Gaetz, Meadows, the turtle and McCarthy all need to go down.
  5. Signals Intelligence or (SIGINT) is collection of messages from adversaries. Releasing that let's them know we are intercepting it and they can take measures to thwart future interceptions and it cost a lot of time and money to intercept again if you can defeat their new security methods. ELINT is Electronics intelligence and is related to the interception and processing of electronic signature information that can give clues to the type and origin of equipment being monitored. If the adversary know which parts of the signal we are looking at for the fingerprint of their devices they can change it or create spoofing to confuse our systems or operators. Francisco 2.0 hit the nail on several of the concerns. Doing this stuff takes a long time and if they know it they either send us bad info through the channels, change their methods and we lose it for a long time or it takes a lot of time and money to get back in.
  6. If you are a petty dictator whose main goal is suppression of domestic opposition they may still be a viable supplier if they can ever restart the production lines. Otherwise I think China will step in, they give no fucks about human rights either. Just ask the Uyghurs. They are definitely making a push on engaging in a land war in Asia territory Ukraine looking at Russia be like: How many washing machines have they sent? So Putin is President Snow?
  7. Yeah a few more Bankruptcy, tax evasion, degenerate gambling, former drug use (except pot) or continued drug use, alcoholism, susceptible to extortion due to golden shower tapes or prostitutes, unexplained sources of wealth, close ties or business dealings with foreigners, personality disorders that can make you unpredictable, unstable or violent. I could see several of those tripping surly posters up. Trump hits most of those.
  8. Guy Reffitt has a co-leader on the sentence leader board. Thomas Robertson was an active cop at the time. 87 months or a little over 7 years. https://www.cnn.com/2022/08/11/politics/thomas-robertson-capitol-riot-sentence/index.html He rolled the dice and went to trial. It's starting to make a lot of those previous plea deals look too easy on the defendants.
  9. And the guy he wanted to implement the plan was named Barrack. Can't make this shit up. (yeah an extra "r" but so what)
  10. It was when Phil took out Vito for being a "fanook" who married his sister. Tony was going to take him out but Phil beat him by getting him the night before Tony's orders were going to be carried out. All kinds of irony there.
  11. These Top Secret classifications are called Compartments. SCI stands for Sensitive Compartmented Information. Information is compartmentalized so they have access to the info they need to do the job but not everything else. Need to know is the key. a guy in the intelligence community may have TS/SCI access to intelligence products but not collection methods or nuclear data. The nuclear program is one of the most highly sensitive along with intelligence sources and methods. there was a stink a while back about Trump releasing info that had sensor capability info that tipped off adversaries to what we could collect. This is bad because then they change behavior to defeat our systems.
  12. So warrant signed by a judge Trump Appointed Executed by the FBI Director Trump appointed Enforcing a law Trump signed FAFO
  13. With the exception of twitter and text Trump is a luddite or technophobe. He had everything printed for him to read. The people who printed it had to mark it, put a cover sheet on it, put it in an appropriately labeled and color coded envelope and it had to be securely stored and tracked until it was destroyed and then it would be taken off the printed inventory list.
  14. No, the office of the president holds that power not some retired stable genius.
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