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  1. Which is really surprising considering how much zone we play combined with Obufu dropping back... I'm usually cautious about throwing flames under the seat of a coach until my low football IQ can see what others are constantly bitching about. Last night, despite a good overall performance (perhaps tortilla tech's showing has some influence on this) by the defense, I'm starting to get off the fence about firing PK. The linebacker and edge (sorry, EDGE!) play will cost us more games. I want to see us finally "All Gas" those bitches up north just as much as the next poster. Sark imo still hasn't learned that simple concept in this conference, either. Sportsmanship went out the fucking window a long, long time ago, with regards to running up the score. One could even argue that, in today's football game, the idea of "complementary football" is/ will be a forgone era as well. So for the love of all that is holy Sark, please just go out Saturday and fucking score points, then go score some more. Stunt on these hos / @Mason Ramsey TLDR:
  2. Fuck ou. We're still shit until we're not. Go out and not be shit. Hook'em
  3. 45-24 Texas Receiving 169 yards. Tortillas thrown, bout treefiddy!
  4. Sounds like she belongs on Surly
  5. Huhhhuh dur. Don't want to hurt feelings...
  6. Very interested to see how they do in a road game. Tech, regardless of what their depth chart looks like, will be amped up to play Texas for (potentially) the last time for the foreseeable future. If I'm Sark, I'm replaying the first half of the bird game all week and telling everyone they suck, their momma is ugly and they can't read well. We'll either blow up Lubbock on our way out or need grief counselors when the game ends.
  7. One might even say...Ballgame?
  8. 31-21 Texas Bout tree fiddy for the runners of the road.
  9. Does anyone know if bama has a soul?
  10. Saban was so fucking desperate, he went for a fake fucking punt on the first offensive series that went 3 and out... in our redzone. If he did that in today's CFB, there would be more than murmurs that he'd need to be put to pasture. Wouldn't have changed anything... GTFOH
  11. This one is for Colt and all us assholes that stuck around... Hook'em!
  12. "Stupid sip. All you have to do is look at post 80's, [mumbles] past 00's [quietly], and '10s once a we's a joined the roughest toughest conference in the land and our records is basically the same!!1!" /s Some aggy
  13. Texas 44 Bama 38 Prop- Ewers 262 passing, 10 yards rushing in a 3OT thriller where Gus Johnson emphatically states "TEXAS!!! WELCOME TO THE SEC!!!" or some such...
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