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  1. Critical Drinker had a critic who has seen the entire season. He backs up the reviews posted above. "It is to TNG what Maverick is to Top Gun." "It mocks seasons 1 and 2." Holy crap. They mighta pulled it off.
  2. A decrease in demand, and a shift in demand. Olds buy depends and commemorative Donald Trump dinner plates or whatever. Less stimulating to the economy that the cars and houses bought by the youngs.
  3. For me it's a side bet. If the stock never does well, I'll still be fine. If it goes bomkers?
  4. So they shot it down over water. Water that's soft enough to hopefully preserve the 'lecteonics inside for us to take apart and look at. This is a huge blunder for China. All they accomplished was sewing discord in America. And the past few years have proven that America is immune to discord.
  5. And Germans always pronounce my name wrong. So what. Don't bother me none. Turkee acting like Aggy.
  6. So the UKA holds the best it can, bleeds Russia as much as it can, then gets Panzers, Bradley's, long range rockets, etc. and goes on the offensive in June? Or what?
  7. What time did you lose power and water? And how are your trees doing?
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