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  1. Not when you figure in the cost of the Tru Coat and long term warranty.
  2. It's stealth paint holds up better and allows for forward deployment.
  3. Guyana has reached out to its allies: USA, Brazil, UK and France. Well that's all you hadta say...
  4. So how thoroughly can they flood them? And can they do them all?
  5. And the comments to that tweet disappoint me. Killing communists takes calories and electrolytes. A Texas Whopper has lotsa both. An army marches on its stomach.
  6. Belongs in the “America eff yeah!” thread.
  7. North Dakota was invaded by Okies when they found oil here. Sucks.
  8. Maybe you should've shown them how it's done. Get a few hours of your sentence commuted.
  9. I mean, spread out enough it's fine. Oil is organic.
  10. Our company calls them “golden handshakes.” And I want one.
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