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  1. The WHOLE Baltic Sea? So they aren't gonna let warships in and out of St. Petersburg?
  2. The replies in this thread remind us that Surly has the most unique combination of knowledge, insight and debauchery there is. So...congratulations us?
  3. Until the Monday after the invasion started, it sounded more like The Battle of Termopylea. I like the Saratoga much better. These guitar riffs just rock.
  4. Take a breath, Man. As much as we disagree with Statsman's conclusion, his logic is valid. This thread is just so awesomely cool, and acrimony can kill it. I'm saying this as your friend. I hope you understand that.
  5. Not at all. I'm Surly 1% now, but grew up rather poor. And "Ohio Aggie," if you will.
  6. American soybeans would really hurt them. Totally valid question of if we'd do it. Peter Zeihan (love him or hate him) says we could easily shut down most of their oil imports. Again, bid question if we'd be willing to do it.
  7. The audacity of Ukraine is incredible. George Washington is smiling.
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