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  1. It plays well with a segment of voters who might otherwise be agnostic. i will allow Congressman Johnson to pander to religions Conservatives in exchange for the tools Ukraine needs to kill Russians.
  2. As good as this thread was, it somehow got better.
  3. We need to get this guy posting on Surly.
  4. Put her in prison on a healthy diet and exercise regime.
  5. Kickass American weapons show themselves incredibly adept at killing Commies. Other nations take notice and might buy $23B of F16’s. Lotsa American manufacturing jobs there. https://www.flightglobal.com/defence/lockheed-martin-sees-potential-market-demand-for-another-300-new-f-16s/159230.article
  6. Moved my cardio outdoors this summer and it’s kicking my butt. (Yes is does get hot in South Dakota as well.) What do you guys like for ‘lectrolyte hydration drinks? I’m doing the Pedialyte Advanced powder atm, but I want something sugar free.
  7. Why would you marry a woman with such bad judgement. Is she a good cook or something?
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