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  1. In 2003 I asked a guy involved in college sports what he thought about some Texas players getting arrested. He responded, "Sounds like they're finally getting the right kind of players."
  2. The opening credits to these old toons always look impressive af. Like you know you're about to watch something important.
  3. She is batshit crazy, and I would still strike that with the might of Thor.
  4. Agree. To write a story about any time period and place where racism is prevalent and to not include that word (or other common slurs) is to pretend the racism doesn't/did not exist. In Gundy's case, however, he wasn't documenting racism. He might have even been promoting it. Regardless, OU sucks.
  5. Yeah, I've worked with a bunch of them. They act like they're Texans yet they constantly trash their state's flagship school for the sole reason they couldn't get in. Fuck them and their Horns-down bullshit.
  6. Sorry, but "He shot my arm off!" cracks me up. What a bunch of clowns.
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