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  1. While this is amazing and a nice addition to their trophy case, sadly, it is not the original. The type has multiple differences from the original – size, weight, italics, leading.
  2. The BOMC expands its influence https://www.kvue.com/article/news/education/university-of-texas/ut-austin-new-ivies-forbes/269-94324c42-4c40-40bd-a78a-819edfe7ad86
  3. You probably want to stay away from the Aggy AI thread
  4. I find it best just to not talk to them.
  5. They retired from their first careers and don't need the money.
  6. Does anyone else like the idea of branding these with a Surly Horns watermark? (Or any original content posted on the site, for that matter.) If so, PM me and I can send you the file. If you use an AI platform that adds its own watermark, there are multiple sites the will remove it for free, including this one: https://www.watermarkremover.io/
  7. I thought how the AI added a lone Surly member in orange shorts sneaking pics with his phone was truly insightful.
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