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  1. make sure its clumping. our nibeghour has regular bamboo and its a pita.
  2. I dont ignore anyone. I may make an exception for you.
  3. that doesnt make sense. if yew got 2 shots yer srerile.
  4. 2 weeks tomorrow jnj shot. no effechs costco no mask tomorrow
  5. goin to costco no mask. goin to bucees daytona goin to whataburger in jax. goin to white castle near lbv. 2 weeks since vaxed j n j. one shot. fuck 2 shots.
  6. my 2006 ford mustang just passed 200,000 miles. still runs great.
  7. fuck fuck denver. disney boy says the disney character named hoser
  8. got J n J mon 5/3. 1 shot. no pain no nuthin. publix. easy peasy. stupid vax card too big for wallet. cdc incompetence. fauci is a complete moron.criminal he is goin to bucees daytona on the 26th. no more mask. no problems. good shit. fuck gettin 2 shots.
  9. he burned up? RIP Jim Rhome rome?
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