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  1. Gonna have to appeal this all the way to the Supreme Court. This also. But only after the above has been ruled on. And then finally (lol "finally") appeal this.
  2. Should be worth about 6 months in the slammer for egregious bullshit.
  3. When to choose the "like" vs the "hook'em"? Is the "prepare your anus" a warning or a threat? Under what conditions can the "fuck you" not be considered an insult? Is such a thing even possible? "Drool"- Someone explain that one to me please. Is the "FAFO" under utilized? Or should it be reserved for truly special circumstances?
  4. you get not having to listen to the coffee babies crying about the broke Keurig.
  5. She ain't exactly pretty She ain't exactly small But at 42-39-56 You can say she's got it all Ain't no fairy story Ain't no skin and bones But she give it all she got Weighing in at 19 stones
  6. Yes all this. Eat a space cake on the train back to the airport.
  7. I've been to France twice: Once for a week in paris this past summer and a few days in Alsace Lorriane, and years ago bike touring through the basque region of France and Spain. I want to set the record straight. People in France are not mean. If you make even a half ass attempt to speak french, instead of just asking if they speak english, they will appreciate the effort and be just as nice as anyone else anywhere. So dust off that high school french and don't be afraid to use it. It'll make everything so much better. Also, if by high speed train you mean the TGV, I will pray for you. Over crowded cluster fuck of epic proportions. Get ready and when it pulls up to the station, get the fuck on. DOn't worry about which car is yours, just get on. It will leave on time, and if half your shit (or the olds in your party) aren't on board yet, tough shit. Then be prepared for the crush of bodies. But when I rode it was summer time so maybe not so bad during the non-summer months.
  8. they can't understand why he the man I'm singin' 'bout a king They don't like it When I decide to mic it Wait I'm waitin' for the date For the man who demands respect 'Cause he was great, c'mon I'm on the one mission To get a politician to honor or he's a gonner By the time I get to Arizona...
  9. It almost sounds like you don't want the rich to be able to anonymously buy candidates. Again, why do you hate freedom?
  10. Lol, "based on how the country performed during his presidency." A million dead due to covid. Millions of jobs lost. Exploding budget deficits. Absurd levels of graft and corruption. I guess the video could talk about how dOTarD never wore a tan suit, or never put his feet up on the desk, or never asked for spicy mustard. The fact that you obviously hate freedom?
  11. He surrendered power a number of times. At the end of the Revolutionary War, he could have set himself up as dictator, but didn't. After two terms in office, he was hugely popular and could have remained in power indefinitely, but didn't.
  12. Allow me to present the MCM Grand Hotel and Fundome in Odessa: Sorry, I couldn't find any pics of the buffet. I actually had to stay there once a few years back. Couldn't find a room anywhere else. Oil boom, whatayagonnado? Kids in the pool and play areas running wild, oilfield roughnecks hanging out in the parking lot drinking beer. For the more discriminating, I suggest you try the MCM Hotel Elegante, just one more exit down I-20.
  13. How much has that fat fuck paid the Sandyhook families? The host has continued to “enjoy his extravagant lifestyle” and refused to stick to a reasonable budget, the Sandy Hook families claimed in the filing. Excluding professional and legal costs, Jones’ estate is spending about $65,000 to $90,000 a month to support his lifestyle, according to the document. The families tried to make Jones reduce his spending and sell certain assets, but they were met with “resistance and refusal at almost every turn,” they said in the filing. “In short, Jones has failed in every way to serve as the fiduciary mandated by the Bankruptcy Code in exchange for the breathing spell he has enjoyed for almost a year,” the Sandy Hook families said in the document. https://www.cnn.com/2023/11/28/us/sandy-hook-families-settlement-alex-jones/index.html tldr: Zero. Same same, but different, but still the same. DoTarD will die before any money is paid or any of his assets are seized. I'll bet all my rep on it.
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