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  1. yeah, but then you won't get your insurance subsidized by all those people who don't live in flood zones or along hurricane prone coasts.
  2. Supreme Court, I'll write the perfect brief just for you. If the brief doesn't give you total satisfaction and fulfill your deepest needs, I'll rewrite it again and again. Damn, supreme court, you are so fine, I'll spend my dying days writing the perfect brief, all for you. I will not rest until your brief needs are completely and deeply filled, over and over again.
  3. wait, i thought this was the butthole board edit: dammit, brisket, very next post. You got to be fast on the butthole board
  4. @religioustypes- Is that blasphemy, heresy, or sacrilege? that sounds like an interesting and engaging read.
  5. Is that his wife? did they coordinate their outfits? "Honey, I can't find my super macho combat boots. Have you seen them?" "No, but here, I have an extra pair of these bad ass boots that were made for walking. I think they might fit. Also, it would look weird if we are wearing the same boots, but our outfits didn't match. Why don't you wear that blue vest I got you last winter?" "Good idea, that will work. Let's roll." I mean, I thought a major, hugemongous hurricane just destroyed a large swath of florida? I don't even see a leaf on the pavement. Where tf is he? Can we not at least get some rubble in the background, or maybe a downed tree, or at least a puddle?
  6. loled. probably shouldn't have but I did
  7. nah, the racists will go for Walker big time, because he confirms their racist stereotype of a black man: dumb, illiterate, but athletic.
  8. Its all a numbers game. Even if you bat 001, you still get a hit one out of every 100 times at bat. Of course you can shower, put on a clean shirt, and smile when you look at a woman instead of leer, and up that average to 005. Which is one hit out of every 20 times at bat. Stepping up to bat 20 times in a month is doable if you actually leave the basement once in a while. Shakespeare summed it up nicely: "You miss every shot you don't take"
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