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  1. lol hey Hope, how those orange lips working out for you career wise?
  2. negged for repeatedly, intentionally spreading vax misinformation. Also, go fuck yourself.
  3. well ain't that some shit. I'll try that the next time I get a speeding ticket. Or a DWI. Or try to overthrow the lawfully elected government.
  4. come on man. The solution to every societal ill is not another bullshit high school class that some coach who doesn't gaf will teach.
  5. she was probably screaming "take the fucking picture, for god's sake take the fucking picture before I break my neck!!"
  6. Everyone should have to watch it. If you want your tax return, to be able to vote, to get your license renewed, you should have to watch it. Small children excepted. on NPR this am, they were interviewing a local (black) pastor who has been active in police reform in Memphis. He said he is hopeful that the riots won't be as bad as they might be because 1) the cops were promptly fired, and 2) they have already been charged with murder (or manslaugther or something I forget exactly what).
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