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  1. I've put in about 30 hours in the game and it isn't bad. It reminds me a lot of RDR Online/Fallout 76 but with boats. Map size is about the same, some of the mission and pop-up events are even similar. I just kind of wish they didn't decide to go the "seasons" route and just do a bigger release and keep it going with later DLCs or something. Either way, I'm having fun, I've finished the quests at the starter base and moved on to the East Indies quests now, and once I finish it I'll most likely set it aside until the next zones get released.
  2. Just started getting into Warhammer 40K, and I may have already spent more money than I'm comfortable with.
  3. Yes, you can recruit the druid later.
  4. I bought it, but I haven't gotten very far in it yet.
  5. To really make it embarrassing, 16 ambassadors from NATO in Hungary showed up to sit and watch the vote, and they're the only ones who showed up:
  6. Ahh my bad, I forget not everybody has PCs. Maybe look into the steam deck?
  7. It'll be on GamePass, so you will probably be able to play it on PC
  8. Yeah, there is close to zero chance there were any POWs on that plane, for a multitude of reasons. It's just Russians trying to spin a negative into a positive like they always try and do.
  9. From what I heard from an American volunteer who just left there, the Russians are still using blocking troops (mostly contractors now) in the second and third lines to kill anyone coming back from these meat waves, especially around Avdivka. They want to give Putin a win before his March election. He said they also are told that Russia will NOT do prisoner exchanges for them, so once they're sent, they know it's a one-way trip regardless. This is why you see them just sitting around/laying around waiting to die, or hiding under equipment and not surrendering. They can't go back for fear of being killed by Russian contractors, they can't move forward without getting killed by Ukrainians, and they think they can't surrender because they're told they never see home again. At least with death their family gets some rubles.
  10. Kinda of a cool story. I'll definitely check out the new park whenever it opens: https://www.statesman.com/story/news/history/2023/12/28/tonkawa-tribe-central-texas-sacred-sugarloaf-mountain-native-americans-herzog-milam-county/71903887007/?fbclid=IwAR01wLQ05YKhxYFNumlnZgL2Q0jKXVNnULzuE-jYZW0Iv4VQGQvY3u5UvAQ
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