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  1. It’s a capital intensive endeavor and not all basins/assets are created equal. As prices increase, exploration fires up in areas with higher breakeven prices, supply goes up until it meets demand. Then demand wanes, prices go down, exploration wanes, supply wanes, and the bottom falls out. The industry takes about 6 months to respond to increases in demand, but about only 2 months to respond to decreases in demand. That’s why it is a boom/bust business. Everyone chases the high prices, produces themselves out of business, the healthiest companies devour the smaller, rinse and repeat until the final bust in 2063 or whenever. Saying that oil companies are jacking up prices never made sense. Their product is an openly traded commodity. They get paid based on the market indicies tied to their midstream contracts. They scored huge profit because the market dictated that the price of their product was very high in 2022. They’re not barreling oil and placing it on store shelves like it’s Coca Cola.
  2. You arrogant ass, you’ve killed us.
  3. How long have you been a degenerate ginger and why did you pick the name MissingInAction?
  4. The spike in the stock price feels like a bull trap that would unravel all the gains rapidly the moment some bad news hits.
  5. Were you rally driving when you took that pic?
  6. What we really need you to do is get all those LNG plants online ASAP so we can get gas to a $3.50 price floor.
  7. It’s not intentional, most of the time, when uppers get laced with fentanyl. They’re cutting a bunch of different drugs and then not cleaning the area before they move on to the next drug. They’ll cut a bunch of downers with fentanyl, package it up, then turn around and cut cocaine on the same table with the same tools. Fentanyl is so potent that the exposure form that alone is sometimes enough. They just had two people in Galveston overdose on cocaine laced with fentanyl on Christmas. Got it from the same dealer at the same party. Street drugs are hardly even close to worth the gamble, right now. Way more deadly that they were in the 80s and 90s.
  8. I think China played the primary role in COVID destroying the world as we know it, but we’ll have to be more patient than the excruciatingly patient Chinese to punish them. China essentially boiled the American frog over the last 4 decades by taking advantage of our “perpetual growth paradox” approach towards business. Substantial year over year growth became the expectation for American businesses and China was a conduit to lower costs, so we started relying heavily on them for manufacturing to the point where even components in critical military equipment and infrastructure are made in China with unknown hardware backdoors that could shut that equipment down if a hot war broke out. China is our friend as much as a drug dealer is to a junkie. They kept life cheap long enough for us to get addicted. The solution is to use the same “boiled frog” approach toward breaking away from them, but at a quicker pace because the Chinese government is temperamental and prideful. The moment they catch on that significant change is occurring, they’ll turn the screws on us in an attempt to inflict as much damage as possible as quickly as possible. There is no diplomacy, there are no beneficial deals to be done. It’s a deal with the devil every time, so we need to find Jesus, so to speak. The moment we stop playing ball is the moment they turn overtly hostile, economically first. But if we can position ourselves well enough, we mitigate the damage and let them flail until they burn out, much like post-Soviet Russia has been doing. It needs to be done, but we still lack the willpower, both politically and economically, to do it. To borrow from a popular phrase uttered during the last major global conflict, we’ll do the right thing after exhausting all other options.
  9. Great, are we going to have to track Call of Duty double XP weekends now like the Cardinals have to do with Kyler Murray?
  10. Our football team in high school played “open chest” for a short while. If you weren’t covering your chest, someone would punch you directly in the sternum while yelling “open chest!” It lasted all of a couple of days before a coach yelled at us to stop doing that shit because you could stop someone’s heart that way. We thought he was full of shit, but stopped anyway because running sprint laps sucks. Coach was right, it turns out. The older I get, the more I realize it’s a miracle any of us make it to adulthood.
  11. Bingo. If Bayless wasn’t such a renowned muck raking, contrarian shit heel, people would pause and think “man, he doesn’t really mean that the way I think he means it, does he?” Bayless has made a living off of being an insensitive, hot take guy who “just calls it like it is,” so his room for error is zero. Him sprinting to Twitter to dish out a poorly worded hot take is Scorpion and the Frog level self-destruction and I’m all for it. He’s been in the business long enough to read the room. He didn’t because he doesn’t. He just flings shit on the wall and people are beyond done tolerating it.
  12. Well, shit, if that’s the case, is there any money left in the wreath fund to buy him a suitcase? We could put up a poll in the Southwest Airlines thread about which one is the best to buy for him and get a neutral color so he can slap whatever sticker of the team he’s going to on it.
  13. Most reasonable Surly folk had us at 8 or 9 wins, it just sucks to be right about it. That being said, there has been a decent amount of improvement. Recruiting is where it needs to be, we just need to see development follow. That’s where Herman and Strong lacked. 10 wins and a conference championship appearance is the standard next year. Anything less than that and it’s hot seat time. Miss a bowl game and he’s out.
  14. Nah, this isn’t the attitude anymore. If this were 2012 and these guys were still getting barely paid, then sure. I’d pump the amateurism, bled for the university sunshine all day. But this is the new era. If you want big boy money, you better make big boy plays. You wanted the business, so here’s the business treatment. Perform or get out. Have a bad game or two, sure. Get paid and be a great spokesperson for the university by showing unfettering love for Texas, sure. But Worthy has done neither of those things this season. His performance sucked and then he did all the transfer drama. He’s checking zero boxes, at this point.
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