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  1. I’ll do it if it’s reasonably close. If it’s the other side of the parking lot f you that’s on the store.
  2. I used to know where Landry’s intramurals boxing championship photo was in Gregory. Always thought that was pretty cool.
  3. I love a clean amp plus pedals set up. I really wish Fender made the blues jr in a head.
  4. Buddy of mine has that plexi drive deluxe. It’s very good. I use the Bogner Lagrange in front of my clean amps. Might be worth a listen.
  5. Yea Purdue will throw down and upset from time to time for sure. Wonder if getting overlooked factors in.
  6. The coaches meeting rooms at ohio this morning must be really fun
  7. I’m partial to Michelin so I’d get whatever their comparable model is.
  8. Listened to the whole first Boston album this morning on a long walk. Still holds up fantastically after a billion listens and 46 years.
  9. Other than the obvious Texas angle, it’s fucking stupid to make a 9-0 team in conference to play a team with 2/3 conf losses in a single do or die game to win the championship. Ok rant over. Now go Jayhawks.
  10. I’m going with straight up genius over goober. As well stated by PW and JJ above, to put out two albums that sounded like that, at that time, and have one guy write the songs, arrange the songs, play the songs, and invent the tech shit that made them sound like they do, and record everything himself, with no prior experience and in his damn basement on top of all that, and oh yea get them published and played is just insane levels of capability. And to my ears I don’t hear a weak moment on either of those first two albums. Overlayed and wears you out? OK, sure I can appreciate that. But to me if you just think about what it must have taken to envision all that, then create it basically on your own and from scratch it’s just mind blowing. Admittedly, blowing my simple mind is not that hard to do. But still. Total nerd? Yea sure. But epic goober? Not it any world that I understand.
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