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  1. Well if anyone is going to know meatloaf it’s Paula deen
  2. Zero death wobble issue so far with the Sierra. Been to CO twice, Vegas, CA in it.
  3. I don’t know your wife from a hot rock. But I’d bet you lunch if she makes it a business it will cost you money.
  4. My guy does that a lot. I always stick a 20 under something on his bench against his objections.
  5. Love the seats in the 2022 Sierra. Heated and cooled. Way better than 2019 Tahoe.
  6. Fair. However they do have national championships and multiple heisman winners. They aren’t nobody’s.
  7. Yea go drive them. I had a Platinum F150 on order, ended up buying a loaded SLT Sierra with the 6.2. Incredibly well made and comfortable vehicle (hadn’t had a truck in 20 years). New interior is miles ahead of previous one. Get whatever you like.
  8. That’s some serious tone on that emylou video. Damn.
  9. Fuck that. There’s exactly 2 guys on that list might take over Sark right now. Might. Don’t be fucking stingy.
  10. Couldn’t make it past “Howdy”
  11. tbone_

    Led Zeppelin

    Legit. But that’s a lot of people to cover a four piece band.
  12. Fuck it. Bring it all on and let’s see what’s what.
  13. All the potential good strippers just do OF now so not sure it matters much anymore. Kind of sad actually.
  14. Also sucks the B12 runner up doesn’t get a better opponent
  15. I think Washington has an argument
  16. Sorry been away, is the theory that if bama wins Georgia doesn’t make it because one loss and didn’t win the conf and bama wouldn’t get in over us due to getting tea bagged by the horns?
  17. My bad. I’m told I was thinking of R Kelly
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