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  1. Makes me want to make everyone involved in creating that system have to go through it. Then I stab them all.
  2. tbone_


    Crank it up man. That album will pound you a new asshole.
  3. His real talent is as a douche nozzle
  4. Jesus fucking Christ I’m going to hell for laughing at that
  5. Best part about that show is at :58 of this
  6. I would bet a bunch of money that John Lennon got plenty of better bjs from others than he got from her.
  7. Why couldn’t I make a business renting retail space in airports, chopping it up into little cubbies, and selling a nice quiet comfortable room to take a short nap in for $25/half hour?
  8. I’ve never really done the caged thing. For those that have, what’s a good way to dive in?
  9. Monte Carlos were great. Along with the Cutlass
  10. I’ve done this on probably half a dozen cars over the years. If it doesn’t have Michelins, I’m not buying it. Dealt with way to many wobbly OEM non Michelins on the highway. Some will accommodate. Some won’t.
  11. That hits close to home because I have a pic of me sitting in that same spot
  12. Sinkhole/meteor game for sure. But I’d rather see the niners win.
  13. I didn’t make it past the opening credits
  14. tbone_

    Meet an inmate

    Mom having methadone clinic buddies seems less than ideal
  15. I went back and listened to the whole 5150 album yesterday. Say whatever you want about Sammy sucks, keyboards suck, Van Hagar sucks etc etc etc. I get it. But Eddie has some serious legit guitar work on that album. Go back and check it out. It doesn’t get near the credit that it should.
  16. tbone_

    Fat People

    Jfc slim. I haven’t weighed 185 since 8th grade.
  17. Well depressions aren’t fun. That’s what will probably happen with a declining population.
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