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  1. He’ll be made secretary of defense so he will have access to all the classified things, thus making the crimes one of timing.
  2. I have come to preach conspiracy theories and chew bubblegum... and I'm all out of bubble gum.
  3. There's this thing. It's called a paid interview. Like, if you can go on a show, and say something interesting, they'll pay you for it. Doesn't really matter if what you say is true, it just has to be interesting to an audience. Yeah, really. It's a great way to supplement your government pension.
  4. Hereafter to be known as the "Grab 'Em By The Pussy" Defense.
  5. LOL at her Dr Seuss opening. He hid them here or there He hid them almost anywhere He hid them in his house He hid them with his buried ex-spouse He moved docs from box to box And took them away via ox Other boxes of doxes went in a car He moved them very, very far
  6. I likewise read the entire indictment. The original issue -- Trump's careless handling of classified material -- ok, that's not good, but there aren't allegations that the classified material wound up in the wrong hands or caused harm to the US or any of our citizens. So words being bandied about like "espionage" and "treason" aren't valid, imo. There's no indictment for transferring nuclear codes to Russia, Saudi Arabia, North Korea or whatever. But you zeroed in on what is damming for Trump (and Nauta). Counts 32-37, the coverup and conspiracy, where Trump & Nauta conspired to hide documents, lie to investigators and otherwise obstruct the documents investigation. If the trial proves Trump is guilty of those charges, he's a flat out criminal whose next stop should be the slammer, not a campaign rally. I am really hoping the trial is televised.
  7. I tried to check my anti-Trump bias at the door while reading the full indictment. It sounds like there is evidence that Trump had a careless disregard for security classifications, but there are no allegations/evidence of harm arising from that, willful or otherwise. Where it could get damming if supported by evidence at trial is the alleged obstruction, coverup and concealment. Counts 32 through 37, which I'll spoiler below. If the government can show strong evidence of these charges, Trump should be fucked legally and politically. If they can't, he's just a moron who we should have never gifted Presidential informational access to in the first place. A few things that stand out to me in the indictment: Trump appears dumber than I thought, and that's fucking saying something. So much of the alleged cover up is Donald Trump conspiring with Waltine Nauta, with Trump directing and Nauta carrying out. If the evidence of a conspiracy is 95% testimony from Trump's alleged co-conspirator with a legal motive to testify against Trump, its gonna be a he said/she said in the court of public opinion. Pre-existing biases will govern who everyone believes. Trump's lawyers sound inept at best, criminal at worst.
  8. Trump being President says so much about our country.
  9. Is the tint on that TV all kinds of fucked up? Or is that his current natural hue?
  10. You know, I wouldn’t put it past that stable genius to flip on himself.
  11. So is the espionage charge confirmed/official? Because that sounds potentially serious. If true, it would seem like the best case scenario for Trump is Watergate. Worst case… the Rosenberg’s?
  12. The neck pickup on my tele is pretty killer, but I find myself reaching for my strat when I want that single-coil neck sound. I am Keith Richards Tele neck humbucker curious, though.
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