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  1. For those that need more context.
  2. No one is asking, but Tonex One is pretty fucking good as two amps in a verrrry small box for direct to PA, powered FRFR cab or into an interface for recording.
  3. Captainant: What do you call 100 dead lawyers? Surly lawdogs: The indispensability of legal practitioners in contemporary jurisprudence is predicated upon the intricate complexity of statutory frameworks and the multifaceted nature of common law precedents. Attorneys, by virtue of their extensive legal education and professional licensure, serve as essential intermediaries in the interpretation, application, and advocacy of legal principles. The doctrine of procedural due process, enshrined within constitutional guarantees, implicitly necessitates the presence of legal counsel to ensure equitable adjudication and the preservation of fundamental rights. Moreover, the adversarial system, a cornerstone of modern legal practice, inherently presupposes the engagement of proficient advocates to advance the respective contentions of litigants. Hence, the professional existence of lawyers is inexorably intertwined with the very fabric of legal systems, safeguarding both the administration of justice and the rule of law. Me:
  4. Worse than a rich and entitled man’s greed is a rich and entitled man’s desperation.
  5. Yeah, I dig her playing a lot. Some midrange boost and a chorusy sound that fits their groove perfect. Somewhat Sledgehammery (which is badass in my book). Their arrangement is sparse enough to have room for the bass to get busy and she does it well.
  6. Thanks, man. Then flip the switch forward and you basically have typical strat sounds in the 3, 4 and 5 position. The one semi-desirable strat sound the Lonestar doesn't seem to do super well is the clucky Knopfler sound in the 2 position, but I need to try with some different amp models that are better for that. I don't think the pearly gates is split/tapped when in that position so it doesn't sound as close to an SSS strat in position 2 as I've heard with SSH's where the humbucker splits, but I wasn't really trying to achieve that sound, either. Will see what I can coax out of the other pickup positions this weekend.
  7. Oh, I see. Well, that is a shame. You had such potential, but we do understand that not everyone is prepared for assimilation. Please report to human remains resources for recycling, and we wish you better luck next time. Have a socialist day!
  8. Hello. You are here to begin your assimilation training. Now, repeat after me. The Surly Liberal Cabal provides the path to righteousness. Excellent! Let's try that again. The Surly Liberal Cabal provides the path to righteousness. Very good! I can tell, you are a natural. Now, do that 11230912034901 more times and your training will be complete. Have a socialist day!
  9. Basically hot PAF style pickups from Seymour Duncan aiming at the pickups in Billy Gibbon's 59 Les Paul. Allegedly, SD partnered with Fender to overwind these from the normal Pearly Gates spec to better match the output of the Texas Specials. Some people call them "Pearly Gates Plus". There are some tone samples on the SD site here https://www.seymourduncan.com/single-product/pearly-gates and lots of stuff on Youtube. I recorded this solo with the PG last night for a song the band has in the works.
  10. I'll trade it for that Hummingbird 😜 (no I wouldn't)
  11. Eh, I do ok when I'm conscientious about buys. Guitars are easy to move when you buy at the right price and have some built-in margin to work with on the resale. That said, I probably lost about $100 on the Charvel with shipping and reverb fees. But I owned it and played it for about 3 months, long enough to really get a feel for it and decide it wasn't what I was after. If I could have rented it for 3 months for $100, I would have. What I really wish existed is a guitar-of-the-month club. $X a month, you get shipped a new guitar each month with a purchase price offer. At the end of the month, if you like it, you keep it and your card on file gets hit for the purchase price. If you don't like it, you ship it back and the guitar continues its journey until it finds a home. I am sure it's a horribly unviable business model or someone would have done it already, but as a consumer, that's what I want. It's still early, and I could eventually decide this isn't what I am looking for, but yeah. I doubt this is going anywhere anytime soon. It is already in strong contention for a desert island guitar for me. A single guitar that could cover just about every style I like to dabble in. You could perform Hendrix's "Wind Cries Mary", Alice In Chains' "Rooster" and anything in between with this and a blue/red channel amp. Throw something like a 5150 pedal in front and you can extend it to Metallica's "Sad But True". You wouldn't want to use it for something like drop C djent chugging, but for everything short of that, it can pull it off just fine.
  12. The Charvel sold so I pulled the trigger on a ‘97 Lonestar Strat. It has got a great neck, and the Texas specials combined with the overwound Pearly Gates in the bridge cover a large amount of tonal ground. Super versatile tonally and feels and plays just right.
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