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  1. We all expected this to play out. Quit being bitches. We are not prepared to make a run at this word cup.
  2. Choked that one away. No ideas to break anyone down.
  3. The defense has been awesome. We have not played complimentary football all year. The only games that I was upset with the defense was Tech and Okst and both of those games could have been put away by the offense by the time the 4th qtr rolled around. At this time last year things were not looking great. Get this class signed with Anthony Hill. Wreck shit in the portal and get back to me in a year
  4. What In the fuck was that throw?
  5. Boling gave Poth all they could handle last night. Poth qb was electric, not much outside of him. Boling was driving to tie with a minute left and down 8. Pass was intercepted in the end zone after a tip drill. Great year dogs! 42-34 Poth
  6. Program altering game and we piss down our leg. Ewers has been pitiful. Feels like we are playing with 9 ppl on offense
  7. Dude honestly fuck you. He got college coaching a year ago, he’s the best Qb prospect since VY and he blows ass. May be a different story next year, but this season he is fucked.
  8. I’ve watched Quinn play 2 of the worst games I’ve ever seen from a Texas QB in the span of moth. Bench him.
  9. Quinn is throwing the game. Only fucking explanation for him to be sucking so much fat dick.
  10. Had a good one last night. Boling be East Bernard 3aD2. EB had no business being on the field with Boling and still pulled off the upset. This one eas not without some controversy though…. with 4 minutes left Boling is up 31-28 and forces EB to punt from their own 40. The ensuing punt is tipped and goes straight up in the air and advances only 15 yards in the air. An EB player catches the ball and tries to advance it. Refs blow it dead and bring it back… they then proceed to award EB the ball from where it was caught. I was losing my shit. Correct me if I’m wrong here…. But if a punt is tipped and passes the LOS the punting team can only down it? The punting team can only advance it if it’s behind the LOS and even then if they don’t make the yards to gain market it’s still a turnover?
  11. Who has the time to find this shit out?
  12. Tis the season for transfer portal sifting and someone asking if they are a take to every single person that enters. Can’t wait!
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