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  1. This is the first time I've agreed with that fat fuck.
  2. You sonsofbitches are useless. Roachie: "I talked to a few sources today about some targets for the wide receiver position, and one name that keeps coming up is Ra'Shaad Samples. Samples is obviously well known in UT circles considering his stint as the assistant wide receivers coach in Austin who developed into the recruiter that got him to where he is today. From what I could gather, nobody I spoke with felt that contact has been made between both sides. That said, there seems to be a repeating sentiment that Samples is a name being considered from people both inside and outside of the athletic department at Texas. In fact, I've heard several people inside the building, including some players, have voiced their support for Samples. While it's easy to see Samples as a fast-rising recruiter, his road to this point has been going for quite a while. After a decorated prep career, Samples went to Oklahoma State before transferring to Houston. His career ended due to injury, but he found his way on to the coaching staff as an offensive assistant. He worked with running backs and receivers during that time and also played a role with quarterbacks under then offensive coordinator Brian Johnson who is currently the quarterback coach with the Philadelphia Eagles. Samples moved to Texas with Tom Herman and served in an assistant role helping Drew Mehringer with the wide receivers. It was there he established himself as a plus recruiter. He got his first shot as an on-field staffer at SMU serving under Sonny Dykes. He worked his way up to Assistant Head Coach and moved with Dykes to TCU before jumping at an opportunity with the Los Angeles Rams. Samples made his return to the college coaching world at the end of 2022 joining Kenny Dillingham at Arizona State. Samples is obviously one of the top coaches out there from a recruiting perspective, and I believe he's gettable but it would probably take a pretty significant offer both on the money side and with his title. It's an offer I feel Texas could make, but the Longhorns want to find a guy who will provide some stability and be able to handle the egos in the wide receiver room. Samples checks a lot of boxes, including NFL experience, a proven track record as a recruiter, and ties in the state of Texas with a specialty in Dallas."
  3. https://twitter.com/AnwarRichardson/status/1613221848841392129?t=KSqI0YmS1oLumK9zuzSdXw&s=19 Anybody have this?
  4. Who is this Jonathon Brooks guy? Never heard of him.
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