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  1. Oooffff…. I was always taught to “always upgrade” the foul. The only thing is maybe they thought she didn’t do a swing with the intent to hammer her. I would have upgraded, but the 2 of the refs in that game all do NBA/WNBA and FIBA/Olympics so maybe they thought the intent wasn’t there? I mean, one of those 3 refs is dating/married to the coordinator of one of the P5 conferences. None of them are getting in trouble for that. Did Vic get a T?
  2. Another thread? Don’t give a flying fuck. 😎 - We blast the fuck out of Oklahoma State to win the Big 12 Championship on our way out the door - We get to the CFP for the first time and we are in a sneaky good position. My dad (ou fan because my uncle played there) said we will get a home game in NOLA and another one if we get to Houston. My response “you’re goddamn right” - Volleyball beats aggy and SMU on their way to yet another S16 - Women’s basketball beat the ever living fuck out of UConn in front of a packed house that included Sark and the men’s basketball team - I won some money at Wynn and Resorts World - aggy crying because their beloved savior who they said “you’re good enough to get us croots but you’re not good enough to be our DC so stay here because of the croots not because we like you or anything” told them to fuck off and left and they keep crying the media got us in the CFP and we are going to get blasted by Wershington lol. It was a great fucking weekend for Texas Longhorns athletics, and we still have business to take care of. Leggo.
  3. Being #3 isn’t so bad. We’d likely be in New Orleans in what would essentially be a home game. If Washington is #2, they’ll be pissed.
  4. Most of the analysts on XM radio have us in and the debate is between Alabama and FSU
  5. Either we know something or we are just covering but UT has Bianco tweeting tonight.
  6. You either a.) haven’t listened very well or b.) do not understand what “fluid” means She tweeted a few hours ago how she wouldn’t mind seeing a Texas-Alabama NC CFP game. She gets her tidbits from the committee. I’m not saying she’s telling us what the committee is saying but she’s right more often that she’s wrong
  7. Welp, that’s it. 12 hours from now we’re either playing Missouri back in Arlington or headed to our first CFP.
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