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  1. This is the most egregious of them all IMO. That's straight to hell conduct. I mean, seriously, you can't have a soul if you do stuff like that.
  2. 3:05. Think there was one person who hung on until the end. By Memorial, we were down to just a handful.
  3. I'd be inclined to stay at a hotel near the start then. I didn't realize there was shuttle service to the start from hotels. You'll be able to see her three times likely. I'd drive and find a place close to the start and then book it Wellesley. Leave your car near a T stop there, and then take the T into Boston, and find a spot on Boylston. The runner tracking is very sophisticated on the app, so you will be able to determine pretty precisely when she will be passing by.
  4. Congrats!! I was on the pace team for the marathon. The runners in our group fell off around mile 18-19 when you make the turn east to head back downtown. We probably lost 90 percent of the pack, so kudos to you for hanging on until Memorial Park. The heat definitely got to people; it was a great early morning but got warm quickly.
  5. I ran Boston in 2021 and considered staying near the start and having a family member drop me off. It's a really bad idea as most of the streets around the start are blocked off, and there aren't hotels in Hopkinton or really anywhere close. I'm not sure exactly how close to the start line you can get by car, and it may result in your wife having to walk a lot farther than if she got dropped off by bus. That's why you'll want a hotel close to the bus pick-up at Boston Common. Getting to the start line via those busses is logistically the best option for runners. They have that operation down, and it's an efficient and stress free one. I'm not sure where a hotel shuttle would take you; I don't know that any offer shuttles to the start. Whatever shuttle option is available probably takes you to Boston Common. In terms of watching her, it depends on her pace, but you should be able to see her 2-3 times. You can take the green line on the T to get to Wellesley which is about the halfway point. You can probably see her again at Chestnut Hill, and then make a plan to get to Boylston. Just build in extra time for finding a viewable area on Boylston.
  6. Season 1 was incredible. I watched it three times.
  7. Forgot to check in post NYC Marathon. It was insufferably hot - 68 and high humidity at the start and mid 70s by the end. Those conditions knocked me squarely off my race plan. Managed to still get a 2:52 with an ugly back half.
  8. I ran it. I actually did two legs as part of different teams. I ran on a coed team that finished 3rd in our division and a master's men team that finished 1st in our division. I was really hoping to take home the coed crown, because that is a big and competitive division, but we were narrowly beat out by less than a minute for the top spot. It's one of my favorite events. Almost everyone in the local run community puts that race on their calendar, and it kind of kicks off fall racing season around here. The weather is typically the only downside as it's sweltering at 6:00 p.m. in early September.
  9. OAN is still firmly in his corner, but unfortunately, it's only available at like truck stops these days.
  10. Appreciate the updates. Stat tracker stopped working in the second set.
  11. I call B.S. I used to work in San Rafael (not holding or spinning signs), and I can't think of any local who made reference to a West Marin. Maybe I wasn't part of the Marin 2% crowd.
  12. This is so oddly specific that it makes me think you've had the same gig.
  13. Each side spent around $6 million. There’s simply no way to spin the magnitude of this defeat for the anti-choice movement.
  14. Unaffiliated Kansas voters can vote in primary elections on state referendums like the abortion one, but they aren’t allowed to vote for candidates as part of a party’s primary. Hence the huge delta between abortion votes and candidate votes.
  15. Manchin flipped his position on the climate package.
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