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  1. Anyone around here a d1softball.com subscriber? Would love to read their recaps of the past couple games but paywalled.
  2. Rotation could be salty once Ray returns. Webb, Snell, Ray, Harrison, Hicks will be a solid 1 thru 5 if that ends up being the rotation. No clue what to expect out of the bats other than it will look demonstrably different thanks to the additions of Soler, Lee and Chapman. I had tepid expectations leading into the off-season, but I like what the front office managed to get done despite continuing to whiff on the top FAs.
  3. Jasmin finishing Barkley is arguably the single greatest running accomplishment of the past decade. And that ultrarunning piece is fantastic.
  4. I'm from the panhandle. There are maybe 11 trees between Lubbock and Canada.
  5. It seems like we may be decent at softball this year.
  6. This is a tragic loss for the running community. He broke Kipchoge's WR in just his 3rd marathon, and he was poised to rewrite all the marathon record books. I met him at the Nike store on South Congress a couple months ago as part of The Running Event. He was really down to earth and soft spoken. I gathered he was still adjusting to the international spotlight which can be hard for a 24 year-old. I ran that Chicago Marathon, and he graciously signed my participant shirt from it and included his time.
  7. Meanwhile, Brock Purdy kicked off his postgame interview by thanking God. That's some 4d chess deep state psy oping.
  8. Haven't really checked in here like I have in the past. Had an up and down '23. Highs were PRs in the 5K (16:22), 10K (34:30) and Half (1:14). Took 2 minutes off my 10K and nearly 6 off my half which I'm thrilled with considering I'm 45. I switched run clubs and coaches in February, and it paid off. I had a terrible full in Chicago (2:52), but the highlight was just participating in the marathon that Kiptum set the new world record in. That was two bad marathons in a row so gotta figure that out next year.
  9. Infrastructure is much more efficient and cheaper in the long run when it supports densely populated areas vs. sprawl. And I'd argue exclusionary zoning is a much bigger stain on our country's recent history than whatever happened in the 60s/70s. The intent of exclusionary zoning was literally to keep communities of color out of neighborhoods when it became illegal to do so through explicitly stated restrictions (commonly deed restrictions).
  10. Yeah, and San Francisco is still 75% plus zoned single-family, and Portland largely was predominantly single-family zoning up until recently. These cities have practiced what we've been practicing which are exclusionary housing practices that protect existing homeowners at the expense of future ones through constriction of supply.
  11. Now look at central city neighborhoods without PUDs like Mueller, and see which homes are most affordable. What you'll see is that the housing inventory on shared lots is the cheapest in the neighborhood, housing that was largely illegal to build until now.
  12. 25% of the Mueller housing stock is for low to middle-income households. There are at least three low-income communities (Wildflower, Aldrich 51, the Jordan) and a couple more in the works for households up to 60% median family income, and 10% of the for sale stock is set aside for households earning up to 80% median family income.
  13. Ummm. You do realize Mueller already has duplexes and quadplexes, right? I'm assuming triplexes too but not certain. The HOME initiative is trying to replicate what's been legal in Mueller since its inception.
  14. I know what it is for a first-grader at a school in Austin, and it's more than double $10,400.
  15. Yes to Prop 2 for sure. We need to pull every lever possible to keep child care facilities operational and in business. They're doing critically important work on shoe-string budgets so any source of relief is desperately needed. There are bogus exemptions out there (hello ag exemption). This isn't one of them. Not even close.
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