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  1. Whats up with the card time tonight? Main card at midnight? They are in US
  2. Scraps


    I have this fucking song on my ipad and listened to another song by this artist about 4 hours ago but skipped this one....fail #Heardle #345 [emoji344]🟥[emoji834][emoji834][emoji834]🟩[emoji833] https://spotify.com/heardle?r=share
  3. That 4/5 is gonna buttfuck the league. Abreu may get 130 RBIs
  4. Profar isn't a cancer he just does dumb shit in the field. We got a lot of people who do dumb shit on the bases so might as well get one who does it in LF to bring the lulz I posted at beginning of offseason i would have signed Profar over Brantley anyway. I think Brantley is going to end up practically useless this season when it is all said and done, but hope I am wrong.
  5. They are all ass except regular cable that you get raped on
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    I am on a roll with these in 1 sec so I am just waiting for the morning when it is some 2017 douchebag that I have never heard of
  7. Yeah I know, but I also read talk about the TNT TBS TRU coming back soon potentially so maybe that will happen before then. I typically go to every home playoff game anyway and then will either go out or go to a friends to watch the away games.
  8. Yep took me about 12 hours to boot them and move to FuboTv
  9. Scraps


    #Heardle #344 [emoji344]🟩[emoji833][emoji833][emoji833][emoji833][emoji833] https://spotify.com/heardle?r=share
  10. Hes only ahead of like 6 guys. He is like in 102nd out of 108 After Day 1 he was in 61st tied with Belmonte. They are on Day 3 now
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