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  1. In honor of Eric Hosmer retiring
  2. I went to Minnesota lol....I think I can handle it. Plus I want to be on Astros dugout side. 2 of them are night games anyway
  3. Anyone going to Wrigley? Cubs tix go on sale Friday, unless you signed up for presale then you can get them tomorrow
  4. I don't mind super speedway racing, but I fully understand these dudes arent really racing for like 90% of the laps. Driving around at 60% to save gas. Not sure the fix.... have some penalty for guys going under a specific % of throttle for extended period of time? Not sure that is realistic at all At least the stage break makes them race the last 2-3 laps
  5. well damn we got our very own Larry Legend posting here
  6. Concessions will be limited to the point of you can't get everything that is served during Astros games. You will still be able to eat shit at the games if you care to. You cannot leave and re-enter.
  7. so dumb...its BP. Same with everyone jerkin off to Ohtani hitting a homer in 1st BP :eyeroll:
  8. Well damn....don't even know which half lmao
  9. I have absolutely zero clue so just throwing out a dumb random ass guess Cincy to New Orleans
  10. Diaz and Abreu should be flipped but prob won't be
  11. Finch fucker quit being ashamed of this shit. These movies rule
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