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  1. Sugar Land got spanked game 1....Leon blasted one late Game 2 Bastidas blasted 2 solo homers and the Hensley hit a walk off 3 run homer as they were tied 2-2
  2. Had already planned this outing for todays game and ended up with a 7 inning double header at Sugar Land
  3. Is this really chef smack? Lulz...awesome
  4. Man i haven't even really got to listen to it with this damn Hurricane and work etc. I will probably dive in hard this next week.
  5. Jizz crushed that and pimped it Down 5-3 clown boy
  6. You want to feed him his bottle and change his diaper too?
  7. I'm thinking more when he fucks up he can be abOrt
  8. 9-1 giveaway talk Need to find something for everyone to bitch about
  9. All of Mez and 3putts people are gonna want that 713 chain vato
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