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  1. You think you know people then you hear their take on jerseys past and present
  2. 8pm won't. Games last year were 1pm and 4pm central starts Or 4:07 blah blah whatever
  3. So I was looking at the weather for my trip to Minnesota to watch the Astros and the day before I fly in there is expected 1-3 inches of snow. 30% chance the day I fly in with high of 44 and low of 29. The first game would be the next day 4/6 if they play it lol
  4. Posted in the mlb thread, but if anyone wants to join the surly roto league then head over to Gambling board. Draft is Sunday 3/26 at 8pm. A few of your usual suspects from this thread are in that league.
  5. Trying to get a few more in our Surly Roto League so if any of you know-it -alls want to come join then see below We were banished to the Gambling board years ago so you will have to venture over there. Draft is Sunday night 3/26 at 8:00pm central I think was decided. Come take on yours truly, HG/Derka double team, shadow op 2, brew, txhorns, capn81, Castolon (my new nemesis apparently), volentehawk, tokamak
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    GGW....guesses gone wild #Heardle #391 [emoji347][emoji834]🟥🟥[emoji834]🟥🟥 https://spotify.com/heardle?r=share
  7. Our MVP winners really showed out tonight
  8. I'm going to hell but it would be so LAA if Ohtani broke Trouts thumb here
  9. Ohtani is gonna facefuck Trout isnt he?
  10. And should have let Griffey PH for Goldy
  11. Bruh put some respeck on Jason Adam name
  12. Too many sun rays have penetrated Smoltz bald head and fried his brain cells
  13. Kelly followed by Loup Good luck with that
  14. Yeah thanks for letting us use your bed...sorry we didnt clean up
  15. Drive about 30 mins and eat here for me and give a review lol. https://www.cheffreyeats.com/ Saw them on DDD and I want to hit them up when I do a Spring Training trip
  16. Bill Hall's claim to fame was walk off homer on mother's day with pink bat and mom in attendance. Unfortunately that was years earlier with the Brewers
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    Mad...should've gotten this on 2 #Heardle #390 [emoji344][emoji834]🟥[emoji834]🟩[emoji833][emoji833] https://spotify.com/heardle?r=share
  18. Who pitches for USA tomorrow? Please tell me it isn't Nick Martinez
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