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  1. At least Martinez doesnt string us along...he always fucks shit up in extras immediately
  2. Espada out their asking the ump what the objective of the game of baseball is
  3. I mean its like you think they just watched him gun it to 3rd an inning or two ago or something.
  4. I may get tossed from Wrigley. I am planning on sitting behind Astros dugout area 2 of the games and I may lose my shit on Espada
  5. His fielding is suspect too. At least Bregman doesn't suck on defense so I can tolerate that more. Abreu sucks at everything
  6. How the fuck is Abreu on deck. I am going to break something Chas went full retard
  7. Would be a great time for your first donger Chas
  8. Shocked Bregman didn't get rung up by dipshit
  9. Abreus OPS is lower than every other guys BA in the starting lineup except he has Bregman barely beat. THEIR FUCKING BATTING AVERAGE
  10. Dude get a hit you sack of fucking shit
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