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  1. @shadow_operative @John Cougar Melonballer @Capn81 @huge @Planet Houston @NorthLoop @APMP @BigOrange1 @UTPhil2006 @henrygandorf @castolon @beer @NOMAAA @Fawesome
  2. Ain’t shit else on for those who WFH
  3. It worked for @Ldogg53 and @Slacks when they throw a no no
  4. 3 putt take over your account? Julks won’t be on it.
  5. TV today for those who have SCHN (not on again til next Tues)
  6. If you have to choose one or the other go Sally’s
  7. Yeah I don’t see it on anywhere. Just was gonna check Twitter
  8. Looking forward to seeing what Spencer Spaghetti does today
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