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  1. 2/4 are fun to look at at least
  2. So so happy for you guys! And now we have a place to stay when the Astros play the Rockies @mchookem
  3. The only actual CF we have is Meyers the rest are moved there.
  4. Ha I literally just texted @Ldogg53 that if you hit a meaningful HR lately your ass is on the bench the next day
  5. Well I got my wish for Mancini and Diaz but at the cost of Yordan.
  6. He ain't gonna win, not at his age.. but yeah he's a good friend
  7. 100% has to be. If they send down Martinez over him (won't be Stanek or Abreu) we riot.
  8. Gotta find Dusty in this city before 11 or so so I can give him what I would like to see below 2B Altuve SS Diaz DH Yordan 3B Bregman LF Mancini RF Tucker 1B Yuli CF Chas C Vasquez
  9. Whatever helps Enzo win I'm good for. Derek going home was just an added bonus
  10. Not sure I follow Michael's logic on that one but whatever. Anything that hopefully gets greasy Elvis out
  11. Enjoy Sugarland. He’s for sure the one getting sent down now
  12. Lance must have won an arm wrestle vs Click
  13. Isn't the decision above basically the opposite of what LMJ has been saying?
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