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  1. Ha. Was gonna say if you missed it it will be on another 20 times before the season starts next Friday
  2. Shouldn’t be. I sent you a PM so I can check your scenario through a lender just to see what it says so I can better advise
  3. You’re fine. In your instance you’re going to do a one time principal reduction. Depending on the lender it should be a small fee (couple hundred) and then you write a check (min 10k) towards principal. Super easy peasy.
  4. Man the 10 year absolutely hates that 3.3xx barrier. We get close every time to breaking through and then bam a day like today and back up to 3.5
  5. I go to see @Mez2 dance and to see @Jshep34 at Biggios before
  6. @Planet Houston @APMP @Fawesome @BigOrange @hitbyatrain or whatever his Dr screen name is
  7. Plus doesn’t seem like the best time to have a heart test
  8. Officially (the black background stuff Wulaw posts.. no). As far as what lenders are seeing yes.
  9. UTPhil2006


    Depends where you’re staying for the first question, but I’ll go Brothers Taco and Truth BBQ
  10. Yup. We locked two today capturing the valley. We got into the mid 3.3’s a couple weeks back and then shot up. We keep getting to around this point and then trickles up. Here’s to hopefully busting through the 3.30 barrier we haven’t seen since Sep 8
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