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  1. Solid reunion. I had no clue Gary is only 5’8
  2. Call him up and send Dusty down
  3. Surly joke from the Baseball board.
  4. Find a bar to watch the Yankees at
  5. Current FHA setup - MI for the life of the loan Conventional setup - MI drops at 80%
  6. Enoli up Bielak down. Don't think it's official/won't be announced til tomorrow but thats the plan.
  7. And two L's. I was told you would only lose once. You probably should have lost all 4 if Dusty knew how to manage
  8. Yeah for sure. I'm still mad at the mortgage person (don't recognize his name from the GFE she sent me) that in October of last year did an FHA streamline on her 60% LTV, 720 CR deal instead of taking her from 3.25 FHA to 2.xx Conventional. By time she got to me in April we were already close to 5. So shes still stuck with MI for the life of the loan because of that jackass til it get's to a reasonable conventional number, which could not come for quite some time. Just a total bonehead move by that guy.
  9. Gotcha. Hopefully rates go down or get close to where she's getting now so she can get into CONV in the next year or so.
  10. Any particular reason you went with FHA? That could potentially be a long term very bad idea if rates hold or even go up and stay up long term. With conventional down to 2-3% down on certain programs, and fairly low credit score requirements, I avoid FHA unless absolutely completely necessary.
  11. And 175k in compound interest over the life of the loan.
  12. Prob shouldnt have been out there back to back games. Now we know. Dusty can share some of the blame.
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