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  1. So Thad's friend's divorce could be your gain. We have a coming soon near the Apple Campus (they've been AirBnB'ing it for a while) I figured I'd post here as well. 3/2.5, 2188 sq feet, will be listed at 600k. Hardwood/tile throughout, surround sound, deck, large lot, nice kitchen, solid price for the area. A few pictures below. Figured yall might know of somone looking or looking yourselves in the NW Austin area..
  2. And another yo yo in the other direction. 0.15 up today. Glad we locked people when we did. Seems that's gonna be the new norm for now is lock while in the valleys and ride out the climbs.
  3. Mancini is on the roster and prob will start more often than not
  4. Are you posting from the slide on the cruise? Or the craps table at least?
  5. Some solid news to start Monday. 10 year down .12 after a good bit down Wednesday and a little Thursday. We’re down about 30 basis points since basically hitting 4.0 last week. A small reprieve but a reprieve nonetheless.
  6. We can take tequila shots when we lock your rate too. Might need it
  7. Depends on your budget really. There are condo and smaller options from say 24-35th or so. Then as you get to around 51st is gets slightly bigger but similar pricing. Just depends how close and how much
  8. Agreed. I’d prob sub off the mango though
  9. I'm pretty sure people would murder people for that rate right now. That's awesome you got that, credit unions are almost always pretty solid at rates. I'll take you off my refinance list for when rates go back down
  10. Had this many a times in my childhood
  11. Higher. Thinking cash out refi up to 80% should suffice
  12. Not a bad idea to say we will meet you halfway on the closing costs, increase your offer by x.
  13. I don’t count in said order since someone will be sending me $50 on Monday
  14. I wanna be in derkas and fawesomes division but not Ryan’s
  15. With mortgage rates creeping up on 8 I’m offering HJ’s as well
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