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  1. But his quote said by rhetoric, not by investment. Fucking stupid ass comment
  2. Still an incredibly appropriate moniker when it comes to how we are viewed on the global stage today.
  3. TLDR version: She won’t fuck me anymore, so I’ll show her what getting fucked really looks like.
  4. Honest question - are there stats on gang murders with AR-15’s vs handguns? Zero doubt what the weapon of choice is for mass shootings, so no doubt that banning, severely restricting or raising the age on AR-15s would help prevent school shootings. Whether or not they prevent gang murders is not really the point.
  5. I’m certainly no military and/or police expert, but this explanation makes complete sense to me. And is utterly enraging.
  6. If I have to get a background check and sit through an interview to get on a list for Global Entry, any person wanting to own an AR-15 should do the same.
  7. If it goes blue and the gun laws don’t change, then I will blame the politicians that didn’t deliver on their promise. But at least for now they are the only ones looking for solutions rather than lining their pockets with NRA money.
  8. So you can politicize something if you’re an elected official that enabled the tragedy, but not if you’re running against said elected official. Got it.
  9. What the fuck do you think that press conference is, in and of itself?
  10. All my usual apps (MLB, the Score, ESPN, Fantasy) say Plesac
  11. Sounds like he tried to catch it with two stubbs.
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