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  1. I fucking tried to trade for him in the beginning of the season…that’s fairly shocking. Clearly I missed that. Dammit. Almost as dammit as drafting Julio Rodriguez over King Tuck.
  2. We are down in Aransas for Memorial Day weekend and a buddy and I played Palmilla yesterday (9 hole course x2). Barefoot, of course. Such a fun little track.
  3. Dammit PO beat me by 20 mins. That is fucking hilarious. Real life (slightly milder) Randy Marsh.
  4. Another championship game Sunday for these kids (9U AAA). We are facing Bobino’s kid on the mound - lefty who works super quickly and throws lots of strikes. We are down 3-2 in the fourth with about 45 mins until the game is official. Gonna take a gritty effort to win their third tourney this spring. Fun times regardless of the outcome and a great experience for the kids.
  5. 85 with a bunch of horrible drives? Sounds like an inaccurate handle you have there…🤔
  6. Heartbreaker in our two-day member-member tournament today. Missed the horse race and winning our flight by a fraction of an inch, lipping out a putt on our 45th hole that would have won the flight. Same partner and I tied at the top of our flight last year and lost one down in the head to head tiebreaker. I just want to make a horse race one of these days…😖 Golf.
  7. Often wrong, never in doubt. Needs to be the new Surly motto. Great result today, I totally forgot about it and it was a nice surprise to see pop up on my phone.
  8. Yes that was my point on easily be able to “remake” the roster - and with the most talented player in baseball history leading the charge.
  9. I’ve read somewhere that once the Jays came over the top of what LAD wanted to pay, they had to approach Manfred to get approval for the ridiculous deferment. No idea how true that is.
  10. I hear ya, but the Dodgers aren’t the best example. Much easier to overhaul your approach when MLB colludes with you to ensure Shohei goes to your team.
  11. I really have enjoyed the show, and going back through the episodes I’m sure there are clues about the big reveal. But it’s too late to drop with only 2 episodes left - they’ve dragged us into a straightforward but very well executed film noir detective/missing person story (but always with the unknown of who he is, and who “they” are). Of course I assumed “they” are all spies of some sort, but the reveal is a very disjointed jump into a different show and genre. Assuming they get a Season 2, will see if they can take the “new” show in the right direction. The only thing I think is really interesting about the reveal is that it explains why he’s so obsessed with film - he studied it to learn how to blend in with “us”. While I’m complaining, I don’t understand the casting of Anna Gunn and Dennis Boutsikaris (although it’s fun to see them, being a big fan of Breaking Bad and BCS). She is 9 years older than Nate Corddry, her son. And Cromwell is 12 years older than Boutsikaris. Odd.
  12. This is where I was until Ep. 6. But then the writers blue it.
  13. This team misses Strommy bad. Everyone wants to lay the blame at the feet of Espada but I don’t have a lot of confidence in Miller and Murphy. I know he wasn’t here last year either, but I think that’s been the biggest loss of the franchise recently.
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