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  1. I’m on record saying the Texans won’t win shit while the McNairs own the team. But this miiiiiight be the right hire to get them the fuck out of the way and let a football team be a football team.
  2. Altuve is the best Astro ever. Period. As a kid / high schooler growing up with the Killer B’s, he’s my favorite Astro hands down.
  3. Back to back days in south Louisiana…quite the difference but four of us limited both days. Nice end to duck season.
  4. Yeah, we’re gonna need the Surly poster for this one to step forward:
  5. If by “meh” you mean “shitty” I agree.
  6. Random and perhaps unpopular opinion - Veep should be in the discussion for best comedy series ever. It just kept getting better. Now, the fact that reality overtook it in terms of absurdity helped it a lot, but it still was that fucking good.
  7. We did this last year - bought into a group of 5 with four seats (16 games each couple/family). Fucking blast. Does your group use one of those sites that basically sets up a snake draft for the tickets? It’s a great deal, folks can avoid days/weeks where they know they’ll be out of town and ensures the new guy doesn’t get stuck with all the shitty games.
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