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  1. I’d add the following: Draft Deshaun Draft Cushing Signing Jonathan Joseph and Danieal Manning Hiring Wade Phillips.
  2. We need to raid Shanahan’s staff. Their DL coach as our new DC Kris Kocurek DEFENSIVE LINE College: Texas Tech University Hometown: Rockdale, TX Experience: 19 years and their Passing Game Coordinator as OC Bobby Slowik OFFENSIVE PASSING GAME COORDINATOR College: Michigan Technological University Hometown: Green Bay, WI Experience: 10 years
  3. IT’S OFFICIAL!!! Next to drafting Deshaun, this is the best move this franchise has ever made. Yes I know how it ended with Deshaun but at the time he was drafted we were all ecstatic.
  4. I love him because he is hellbent about being a championship team and having the best organization in baseball by being proactive and on the cutting edge when it comes to analytics, pitchers, Latin American player development, etc. Most owners would have stood pat and signed Click to a long term deal after winning a WS. Love how cutthroat Crane is about winning - he took the lumps for not bringing Click back and got someone who has scouted and signed some of the best young talent in the game. Our new GM has not been infected by Rays-itis - the Braves are comparable to the Astros when it comes to financial resources so we won’t have to worry about him not being willing to make big moves. I hated Click. I’m glad he is gone.
  5. CSN Houston was great with a lot of local content and shows. ATT SportsNet is a shell of what CSN Houston was and is run on a shoestring budgets. At least they’re solvent which is better than the teams on Bally Sports.
  6. VY on Bijan being potentially picked by the Texans at 12 and his views on Sark.
  7. Looks like we are waiting for Demeco or the 2 Eagles coordinators from the answers Hannah and Cal gave. If Payton is off the table, I want to bring Demeco home. Hannah is smoking hot. I’d hit it. She is definitely the brains in that bunch.
  8. Garrison Matthews needs to be cut after this game. He almost single-handedly caused us to lose this game with his horrible 2nd half after we played one of our best 1st halves of the season. Sick of Silas and his stupidity. Worst coach by far in the NBA.
  9. Doesn’t he live in New York? That’s a pretty nice kitchen for New York standards
  10. Don’t forget he also got the letter “W” tattooed above his ankle along with Chris Simms during their time on the 40 Acres because of their love of the movie called “The Wood”. Don’t think that decision withstood the test of time
  11. Purdy is the luckiest SOB imaginable. He is nothing special at all. Great to have best at their position players at FB, TE and WR.
  12. You’re even more of an emotional rollercoaster than I am. Didn’t think I’d ever see that. Well done
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