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  1. Czechia!! Stick it to Portugal!
  2. I’d love to see Turkey and Georgia destroy Portugal. It’d be sweet as fuck if they didn’t advance out of the group.
  3. Spain looked great too.
  4. LOL Leal fucking pathetic glad he got carded for diving
  5. Is one of these Fox announcers on crack. Two times already he said that Portugal is the best team in this tournament.
  6. Oh goodie, a Fox Sports exec trying to justify the Fubo travesty.
  7. This what asshole US TV execs who made the horrendous decision to outsource games to Fubo don’t get. They’re thinking “oh it’s just Georgia vs Turkey no one gives a shit.” How fucking stupid and wrong. You miss seeing what we had today. A team playing with its hair on fire in their first major tournament and providing the magic that you see in the NCAA Tournament. Sorry US fans you don’t get to see it out of pure greed from Fox and other corporations strangling the American consumer.
  8. This game fucking delivered. Fox should be ashamed of themselves for denying this to the American public.
  9. So close for Georgia. They had 2 shots on goal potentially on the cross
  10. God damn it my internet went down
  11. HOLY CRAP!!! Amazing goal by Turkey!
  12. Free kick not a penalty
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