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  1. Braden Fiske and Murphy were the most impressive and clear top tier in the drills.
  2. Murphy just ran a 4.88 in the 40 - 3rd fastest in his group. T’Sweat ran a 5.27
  3. I wanted to buy Argentina’s group match in Atlanta. Couldn’t find a ticket that wasn’t resale once sale was open for general public. All of them were purchased on the pre-sales. Cheapest nosebleed is almost $400 with fees. Nothing in the lower level for under a grand. A fucking joke. Thankfully, the demand for Team USA was much less and they’re still tickets available for face value. I bought 2 lower level near the box for $450 all in.
  4. Copa America tickets went on sale today. Bought tickets to USMNT match against Panama.
  5. SydneyCarton was the one responsible for that billboard.
  6. My experience was loading photos to surly was easier with Tapatalk. I haven’t uploaded pics in a long time so I apologize for saying I had issues in the past with Safari mobile. My recollection is I had to host the image online somewhere to make it viewable. No need to be a dick about people using an app that they found helpful to access your site. I like Tapatalk and was the guy who first recommended that app to blacklab and he was very appreciative and happy to make it available to shaggy users 15 years ago. OoTunes is still the best radio app with the widest selection of radio stations and it hasn’t been updated in 10 years. Similarly, Tapatalk might have flaws but it still is very user friendly and efficient tool to check message boards.
  7. Agreed. It’s the easiest way to upload a photo to surly. Using the Safari mobile browser doesn’t work for me.
  8. Fuck you. His immigration status is fucking relevant. He has no ties to Athens and is a fucking illegal with no right to be in this country. That’s what he should be described as.
  9. I hate how high the camera angle is at Baylor’s new arena. Even worse than Gallagher-Iba.
  10. Describing the murderer as an “Athens man”, instead of the illegal alien scum that he is, is peak legacy media gaslighting.
  11. With my DirecTV satellite package, I get Paramount+ for free since the end of January with my Showtime subscription since they’ve rebranded the channel to Paramount+/Showtime.
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