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  1. Carne asada analogous to saying, I’m having a barbecue or cookout
  2. Eckridge Farms Sausage is a key item to anyone cooking carne asada in South Texas gringo. It is in my top 3 of meat choices for my tacos.
  3. I’d be so jealous if that happened. Hinch and Luhnow belong in Houston.
  4. Talking about the playoffs man. Crappy managing decisions have already cost us 1 WS title in 2019 and that was with a manager who is head and shoulders better than Dusty. We’ll go into every series with a managing disadvantage
  5. Disagree 100%. Payne & Pendergast, to In the Loop and then Clint & the Show. My dial stays on 610am all day except to switch to John & Lance at 7am on 97.5. 610 has never had a better lineup.
  6. Listen to Clint & the Show right now. Dropping the truth on Dumbass Dusty. Dusty’s rationale given is Culley level stupid. Not many brain cells are left at his age apparently
  7. Looks like one of Saul Goodman’s clients
  8. Sorry Dusty’s managing is clownish and is the biggest hurdle we’ll face in the playoffs. He sucks
  9. Glad to start finally hearing Dusty’s dumb managing getting ripped to shreds on local sports talk. Clint & the Show and the guys on at 97.5 in the midday calling out that clown. What the hell does Crane see in this guy. His utility of being a nice guy to take heat off the team after the scandal has run its course. Fire Dusty now before he costs us a WS title.
  10. This offense has been in a tailspin. Pathetic. Dusty’s shitty lineups are biting us in the ass at the worst time
  11. 10 wins. Sark will have proven all of the doubters wrong. We’ll have a very tasty first glimpse of the machine Sark is creating that will demolish the opposition. Can’t wait to show everyone that Texas is really back.
  12. Dusty will be our biggest roadblock to winning a WS. Fire his ass asap.
  13. Fuck that. The name was chosen for a funny reason just like Haggen Dazs. Racist lol
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