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  1. idmas. aggy is crying right now about us doing it to ice their pitcher
  2. Why is there a gap between the padding and the wall? And why is there an opening where those dipshits can dump trash in between?
  3. wtf? Play ball. If the ball gets lodged in there, it's a gr double.
  4. lulz, nice throw home to allow the go ahead run to go to 2nd. Almost had her at the plate.
  5. We're the 3rd best hitting team. We've had some shitty sequencing.
  6. well shit, lost a chance to pickup a game on both
  7. Need 2 off of Miller. At least we have Breggy leading off to start a rally.
  8. base coach pointing at the bag and not waving her in
  9. Tomorrow at 9am on espn+ Go Leeds!
  10. WBT

    Survivor 46

    presumably they think they'll have the sense to not brag about it from day 1 Also, a millionaire? This isn't 1985. I'd say plenty of millionaires have played without the viewers or other players knowing about it.
  11. The CF barely had enough snap to start for home in time. I thought he was going to follow the runner all the way around.
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