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  1. How long until his Saudi coach works up the courage to bench him?
  2. The local small town paper had a front page story that our Luby's is finally closing down within the next 30 days. It didn't make the cut on the list awhile back of the ones that were bought out so I figured this was coming but it still sucks.
  3. WBT

    USMNT 2023

    The Centario format should be made permanent opposite the Euros. WTF do we need yearly Gold Cups for anyway? This assumes that COMNEBOL would be willing to sell out and let 6 CONCACAF teams in every time.
  4. I'm sure the next situation will lead directly to nfl riches
  5. What career? He's washed. No CL teams want him. Hence the money grab.
  6. Judge to sign with Yankees today confirmed
  7. That's K-2 Steakhouse, not K-Bob's
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