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  1. WBT

    The Boys

    I'm still on episode 4 but lulz at Homelander with the taco bowls.
  2. I also have fallen from the unsullied. Tested positive for the first time yesterday. I don't know for sure how I got it but it's been going around at work.
  3. On the latest Andy Staples podcast, he and Mandel watched the 2006 rose bowl and talked about. It was a pretty good listen although they still don't quite get that there is a gulf between VY and Reggie Bush.
  4. I think I still have a tshirt somewhere around here that just says The University above the longhorn logo. That's also how the daily texan often styles it, or used to at least.
  5. WBT

    The Boys

    Wow. I like the show but it ain't exactly subtle.
  6. ou, aggy, and arky in the final 4. I feel like we ran a gauntlet there.
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