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  3. fucking sellouts The best part of making the playoff was avoiding going back to jerryworld
  4. They played LSU and Florida. Name a team that played two bigger helmet schools OOC. You can't know who's going to have a down year when scheduling years in advance. Also ironic when LSU is Bama's 2nd best win and FSU had bigger margins in points and total yards.
  5. Agreed, FSU should have unilaterally changed the structure of the sport
  6. Yep. If not for that I think we're left out. Obviously leaving out the big bad secsec was a nonstarter.
  7. I hope so. We could use a split nc again to remind people that this sport is about winning your conference. National championships have always been beauty contests.
  8. Pretty sure nfl scouts have access to aggy film. Now a better offense and qb would help
  9. It really is amazing. They severely hamstrung their head coaching search to keep a dl coach that hasn't proving much other than the ability to drop bags in NJ. They think the dl coach is key to holding together their best recruiting class ever that is poised for a playoff run next year (cumulative record at aggy 12-12). Elko is the best they can find to agree to this setup. Within a week of the hire, the dl coach is gone and the best class ever starts hitting the portal.
  10. So that Elko new coach smell lasted all of a week?
  11. And came up with pounding Keilan between the tackles. It was strange.
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