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  1. aggy is going to need a new real UT
  2. tennessee slept they coach
  3. this catcher is literally regarded
  4. aggy is going to be talking about the big zone this inning until the end of time and I'm here for it
  5. stop hanging curves please
  6. wow, i was told aggy was elite at taking walks
  7. Yeah I don't love pulling him for a guy who threw 60+ pitches yesterday
  8. sansa out there looking for lemon cakes
  9. yeah...stop the presses
  10. the 12th man striking out as the tying run was fun maybe the rubes will realize that 12th man makes no sense for baseball
  11. catch the ball machete, fuck
  12. Gary Sanchez like tag. Good on the runner for going hard all the way though.
  13. They went to him too early. He's no Huston Street.
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