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  1. Gotdamn Dodgers went 57 and -3 in those middle games.
  2. I never watched any of these. Which one was MacGyver in?
  3. Oh, you're just noticing the way I'm talking to you now.
  5. Pressly is now tied for 4th in franchise history in saves with Fred Gladding, behind Lidge, Smith, and Wagner.
  6. 106! We don't play again until Tuesday!?! f manfred.
  7. And only 1 hit. Ol' Tungsten Arm. He should get his first CY votes this year.
  8. Holy shit, slappy Vazquez hit one out.
  9. The 106-loss Nationals are nearing a 2 hour rain delay at new Shea.
  10. Hmm. Would be better with a jalapeno cheddar biscuit. And gravy on scrambled eggs seems disgusting. But no gravy and ranchero style eggs and they may have something.
  11. Kalas said Abreu, Montero, Stanek, and Pressly are supposed to pitch an inning each today. We couldn't have flipped any of them with Smith and gone for the no-hitter last night?
  12. 200+ innings and the league lead for Framber
  13. They were saying on the radio that a lot of the guys were wearing these (today?)
  14. The one in Chapel Hill is pretty cool. We visited before Mack's homecoming game in '02.
  15. This seems like a good excuse to go back to Barcelona
  16. Hasn't it always been lent and lent adjacent only?
  17. 3 in the 1st and 2 in the 3rd and then take the rest of the day off
  18. This was really good. It was just an hour of Lawler, Jeff Jarrett and his dad Jerry, Jimmy Hart, and Dutch Martell sitting around a table telling stories with the same type of re-enactments they do for Dark Side of the Ring.
  19. Yeah but they still have to cover 18 innings today. I guess they're allowed to call up an extra pitcher so it probably won't be too much of a big deal.
  20. The Jays were rained out at Baltimore yesterday and are playing a DH today. That's less than ideal in setting up their pitching for this weekend.
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