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  1. WBT

    La Liga 2022-2023

    RM lost to Mallorca today, allowing Barca to go 8 points ahead after beating Sevilla.
  2. Yeah this. MLB makes huge money from RSNs. If you want to watch your local team, subscribe to a carrier with the RSN. If not, you're either poor or like to whine on the internet more than you like watching your team.
  3. Bagwell's reaction is good there too, kind of a polite golf clap
  4. No high school rocket clubs in Montana?
  5. WBT

    USMNT 2023

    gotdamn amateurs. Don't tweet at croots.
  6. So we give back all of yesterday's gains because JPow is going to be big mad at the jobs report?
  7. He's listed at 5'8"? I thought he was even shorter?
  8. There's not going to be a problem with the grid. Houston isn't going to drop below 40.
  9. I refuse to believe that Jalen Hurts wins a superbowl
  10. No grounding there? Because Burrow's was also inthe direction of a receiver but short because of pressure
  11. WBT

    Welcome to Wrexham

    The writing on this show is just more and more unrealistic. I think I'm out.
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