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  • Wulaw Horn

    Dismantling the warriors

    By Wulaw Horn, in Basketball,

    I think that the Steph era warriors are through winning titles. I thought that was probably the case even before Klay got injured, but doubly so now. 
    wiseman looks pretty good and they have Minnesota’s pick next year which should also be pretty good. The question then becomes, is there any chance they blow it up, Florida Marlins style, and set about rebuilding for their next title run. I think it’d be interesting. 
    What could you get for Steph?  Dray?  Would anyone be willing to trade for Klay while he’s injured?  
    looks like they are going to suck again and have 2 high lottery picks (in addition to wiseman) so if it’s me I think I would want to build around at least some present talent. 
    Kind of interesting to me to think that this team who was so awesome together might now be worth more sold for its parts. 

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