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  1. We could do 15% down (and I think even 10%) but the pricing is so bad you wouldn’t want to do it.
  2. Because he does a really shitty job of managing my favorite team? I’m not talking about personally.
  3. Why on earth would you like him? He’s a clown and he’s clearly in over his head.
  4. 35k in commissions down the drain in similar situations the past 6 weeks. Just brutal market right now. Sorry to hear.
  5. Abreu should lead off. Bregman hit 2nd. Diaz 3rd. Wherever you want to go after that.
  6. Which reprice for the worse- 1st or 2nd? Anyone know why the market is down without news 38 basis points from opening? Is it because Neon touches himself? That seems like as likely a reason as any until I hear otherwise.
  7. We talk about what this team is as we hit the Mike market that is Memorial Day. A day that baseball people say is when you know what you have as a team.
  8. So, Urquidy and Javier with TJ surgery incoming? JV/Framber/Blanco/arrighetti/Brown. Garcia needs to get his ass back on the bump pretty soon and he needs to be pretty good. LMJ too would be nice- but I’m trying to deal in the realm of reality.
  9. Almost positive he’s hurt and trying to fight through it.
  10. I think this is my favorite lineup against LHP. Not necessarily that batting order (it’s fine) just the 9 guys playing.
  11. Yeah. Our bullpen has the best ERA on May in the majors. This was always likely to be a strength.
  12. I think he would have to have like 87 hits in his next 50 AB’s for me to even consider calling him back up.
  13. Remember for a couple years how I’ve said Jake was possibly good and you meanie heads made fun of me? I think it’s happening. RIP Urquidy. Will always enjoy and appreciate the 2 WS wins. Vaya con dios.
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