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  1. It’s so cheap to do that the hit rate needs to be less than 1/1000 for it to make financial sense. I’d assume the preponderance of people doing it means that it at least has that hit rate. also, people are desperate and they confuse doing something with actual accomplishment.
  2. He didn’t differentiate. I saw it in the article I was quoted that was spoilered. Basically the number was so high I was like- that’s 30% of the NCAA- that can’t be right/doesn’t make sense. taken in that context if the number hits 1500 or 1800 that’s not unreasonable now, in my opinion.
  3. That counts all divisions. I don’t really care what’s going on below fbs, do you? It’s pretty irrelevant to us. I counted 12 guys just now whose bags I’d actively pack (not because I dislike them, just didn’t work out). We are at 4 now, I would guess we get to 10, easily, and beyond that we won’t be fortunate enough in all likelihood not to lose 1 or 2 we wish we hadn’t. I didn’t count any of the freshmen or redshirt freshman offensive linemen, but taking 10 the last two closes and probably 4 or 5 this class there is no doubt 4 or 5 that will need to eventually move on. Way too early for me to tell which is which.
  4. There are just over 11,000 scholarship football players in FBS football. We are going to end up, probably, with 15% in the portal. That works out to about 13 per team. If we just lose the guys we ought to that won’t play, and keep everyone we find interesting at the current time, that works out to 12-15 guys, depending upon how ready you are to move on from a rising RS sophomore or early entry sophomore that might be going into his 3rd spring in the program. I’m fine with losing any of those guys who haven’t made it into the 2 deep after 3 springs in the program. Thats probably something like 15 or so players- so again, that seems to be the magic number. put another way/ if you take 25 scholarship guys 4 years in a row, to make it to the 85 limit you need to run off (or have guys go 3 and pro) 15 per year. So, yeah, that’s the number every year you’ve got to cut, more or less.
  5. I spent 5000 of my own money joining a trade organization and going to DC to lobby against it. It’s abusive and terrible.
  6. I fully expect, if Ewers is back, that we will be a better team and more talented next year than this year.
  7. They came over the top with a ridiculous number that nobody else wanted to match in any way, shape or form.
  8. Those are all in the minor league portion of the draft, right?
  9. Nope, it will always be Whitley. He is the one. Hopefully not the one that got away.
  10. We got a 4th option year on him, so we certainly could now. Seems only sporting.
  11. He’s not saving money for anything else. We have our roster with Vic the dick I think. Maybe they add Hicks, but typing out all the salaries I’m doubtful. And that roster is really good by the way.
  12. I think we sign one actual guy (hicks looks like the target) and the rest are minimum wage in the bullpen. Presley- 15m Abreu-3m hicks- 8m Graveman- 7M montero- 13M minimum wage choices from amongst: new guy, Whitley, blanco, Bielak, Spaghetti, Souza, Martinez, mushinski Boy that Montero signing looks even worse right now unless he’s really good on the bounce back If I’m paying 50M to my bullpen I want 3 automatic guys and 2 more who are pretty good we have 2 and 1 respectively right now in those categories
  13. He’s got 5 years of club control left. I bet he ends up on the opening day roster unless Whitley looks really good in the reliever spot in spring training.
  14. Episode 40 up. We recorded before the signing of Vic the dick, but that was in our what realistically will happen. Then we engaged in some silliness that fits in the broad scheme of “what do we do about the next half decade. Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/episode/4TcDDYmLj7po4KV4CMY09l?si=_Jz_JerYTKekh2uOMZE8jg
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