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  1. I’d call that one self immolation It’s different then the Card thing would be. Excuse it’s heat of the moment battle not a self own where you have a ton of time to figure out the least damaging thing to do
  2. Starting Card would be the most bizarre act of anti self preservation I’ve seen from a coach, maybe, ever?
  3. For fucks sake Dusty is being silly. Literally anyone who has the chops to play SS can play 3B just fine. This makes as much sense as having to play Dubon in CF to stop people from going 1st to 3rd or any other Dusty nonsense.
  4. We cannot roster Smith in the playoffs. He’s a lefty. Dusty will feel compelled to use him. That cannot happen.
  5. We could. Maton had an option. We won’t. It we could. Maton is ass my dude.
  6. That’d be awesome. If they needed a couple sweeteners to do it (40 type prospects) I’d still be happy to do that.
  7. If Brown is what I think he is I’d absolutely view Garcia as the guy that needs to be moved. And no- 7 starting pitchers is too many. Move him for a corner OF or 1B with multiple years of control.
  8. Jose Altuve should be a national treasure and the face of baseball. People are idiots.
  9. Sub 12 seemed to be the best results. For reference I typically throw the house ball around 17 mph.
  10. They are. And yeah- foreign guys, especially ones who signed for shot bonuses, are more likely to sign extensions. my offers: Valdez- 5/72 javier- 5/50 Urquidy- 5/42 Gardia- 6/42- he’s one more year away from arbitration this the extra year at similar money I’d be happy with any of those deals as the Astros and as a fan. I think there’s a decent chance at any of them taking those deals if offered this off-season
  11. Lefty or righty for Chicago on mound? If lefty this lineup is ok for whose only it but Yuli should hit 8th. If right then JJ. It’s not going to happen.
  12. I had it on another board- 5/72 would be my offer. That’s a buy out of his arbitration at 3/30 and then 2/42 on top of that for his 2 FA years. Generational money- guaranteed and up front- make him turn it down.
  13. I had just a baby hook going and couldn’t really get a feel. the one positive is a couple spares got picked up that usually I wouldn’t have because the ball stays heavier and caries it’s like deeper through the pins if that makes sense. Picked up a split I never would have before too. But threw a couple in the ditch and just missed the head pin way more than I ever would. My strikes were all Brooklyn hitting the back of the headpin and getting some good explosion. That was when the ball hooked a little more than coming into the front of the pocket. Was probably only 50% hitting my arrows. Usually about 80+ percent on that.
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