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  1. Not trying to be a know it all, but Campbell and Witten arrived in Dallas at the same time, in Parcells’ first season (‘03), and were teammates for three years. I’m sure Dan was a great mentor for Witten, even though he only had three seasons more experience than him Nice receiving/blocking TE combo there. Campbell always seemed like a great team guy, so I wouldn’t be upset to see him have some success as well.
  2. I know we have the Apple TV thread, but it seems most shows now have their own thread, and I think this one is certainly deserving. I had no intention of taking it on tonight (I’ve seen the title mentioned a few times on media sites, thought it might be a documentary series), but I just wrapped up Black Bird, was in the app, so I hit “play.” It’s an 8 episode dramatic reenactment of Hurricane Katrina, the subsequent levee breaks and flooding and it’s deadly effect on Memorial Hospital in New Orleans (some 45 dead). They incorporate a lot of actual footage, news coverage and blend it with some pretty effective special FX. The first three eps dropped tonight, and I find it really compelling and well done. The melodrama in these types of productions can be really ham-handed, but I think they showed some discipline. Cherry Jones does a great job as a nursing supervisor who has the shit luck to be Incident Commander when the storm hit. A little Google research shows me there is going to be a significant legal mystery/moral conundrum come into play, so we’ll see how that is handled. I like how real names are used, lending authenticity. And Cherry Jones’ character’s name is almost “Muledick,” so it’s got that going for it.
  3. Did he at yeast get a good look at the incident?
  4. What are you talking about? Terrance… excuse me, “DJ Show Time”… is “Ya Boy!” He’s got it all figured out. In fact, last week was actually his HOH! Edited to ask, what the fuck is wrong with his earlobe? Did he pierce his neck to make it look like he has a lobe?
  5. If you have the ESPN+ app you have it.
  6. This coaching staff and previous staffs have allowed only a 15-20 minute viewing window for media (including stretching and some position group work), then they rush them the fuck off the field. They aren’t going to allow practices and scrimmages shown on a widely available network so opponents can view and take notes. Shit, that brief window was even yanked early this week following the Chip piece on Hall/Billingsley.
  7. Wise decision, Cedric! Welcome and Hook ‘em!
  8. Congratulations, Derion, all the best to you in your rehab and your studies. See you in a few months, ready to work and win championships!
  9. Watching Baxter’s Junior season Hudl again, and it’s a 6:07 video. He literally doesn’t get tackled in the field of play until 5 minutes in. http://www.hudl.com/v/2GVCQw
  10. I was going to pose a logistics question (How does a high school kid in Jacksonville, Florida, playing in a football game on Friday night, make it to Austin in time for a Saturday 11 am kickoff?) but I went ahead and looked it up. There are two flights leaving JAX at 6:00, one is scheduled to arrive at AUS just before 10 am, the other around 10:30. You’ll probably be a little late to the game, but you’ll be ok. We’ve got kids coming from all over, so kudos to the staff for making all the arrangements and making sure there are drivers, cars, etc., and making sure the families are cared for well. You can’t have any fuck ups.
  11. She’s said to have “significant pulmonary injury.” So, whattya think, breathing fire, steering wheel to the chest, all of the above? As Trauma Babe has noted multiple times, sometimes it’s better to not survive.
  12. You won’t like the Recruiting thread, because there’s a dude over there who thinks he’s Thatguy.
  13. Other than a highly scientific term I’m not familiar with or industry-specific jargon, you can put just about any English word in front of me, and in a millisecond, my brain can discern context and appropriateness. Gundy may be everything Mixon says he is, but he’s still apparently dumb enough to say read a slur… perhaps the most infamous slur… out loud. I don’t know how you don’t stop yourself, but then again, I don’t know how one chooses to be a Sooner, either. (Sorry, ChiTown.)
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