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  1. In the last hour, GH put out a “Best Class Scenario” article that simply added Duce and Roberson to the ‘23 crop. No real Duce update, Georgia, Texas and USC the usual suspects (I edited my post to put the schools in the same order as listed by Gerry). He did have this to say about Roberson in his list of commits/potentials: S Warren Roberson, Red Oak (Texas) High On3 Consensus: No. 270 The Saturday juice: Texas leads large over TCU headed into a scheduled Tuesday announcement.
  2. I've written it before, probably in this thread, that the “Fisher is a great coach” narrative was driven by his quid pro quo relationship with select… fuck that… several NFL beat writers. If you’ll recall, Fisher was the rare active coach on the NFL Competition Committee that set the rules every year. Fisher would be the one who tipped off Mortensen (his biggest lap dog) and Peter King and Dr. Z and John Clayton and Ed Werder, etc. about what was happening on the inside, and they always made sure his name was mentioned when “top coaches” were discussed. He may have gotten a raise or three out of Bud because of it. Jerry Jones always bought into it (he was on the Committee with Fisher) so I think it’s a miracle JJ never hired this shitheel. As we all know, this career .500 coach has been talked about in the most reverent of terms, all because he was buddy-buddy with the writers. And they are allowing this bullshit about needing time with his family. He got fired. Fuck Jeff Fisher.
  3. Some people may enjoy this lifestyle (I’m looking at you, Brennan Marion) but this would be a nightmare for me, never settling down, from 1995 on, a moving van in the driveway pretty much every other year (there are a couple three year stints). And he apparently has (or had) a wife and two kids.
  4. Gerry says Roberson is between Texas or TCU, chatter over the last 16 hours favors Texas, his “RPM” (crystal ball) remains in place for Texas. As noted earlier, Red Oak’s signing ceremony will be Tuesday, barring a monsoon or volcano eruption.
  5. Go back a page to post 32,500, it’s all there. Moved to Tuesday
  6. It’s a good joke, but I just put “Cincinnati” in Google Maps, and there are so many nice neighborhoods with trees I sneezed. Village of Indian Hills looks like a nice place for a millionaire. And it seems to be 21 minutes from the Bengals facility. Just pointing out these guys have options, rather than a scraped earth plot of land that looks like a Jarrell subdivision half a mile off 35. (Yes, not every neighborhood will be a welcome place for everyone, and I realize Cincinnati is essentially Northern Kentucky.) Just for the hell of it, here’s a different street from above in Indian Hills.
  7. Slight derail, but what a stupid fucking neighborhood. You know these mega-McMansions are ridiculously expensive, but you’re getting no privacy, no trees, not much of a yard. You pay the big bucks for the Big 3: Location, Location, Location.
  8. Well, shit. Gerry says “weather” has delayed the signing ceremony to Tuesday. Also says he doesn’t think anyone has received a LOI yet.
  9. It’s hard to tell what the actual quote was, as the affidavit used “CAN’” (with an apostrophe after the “N” suggesting the typist perhaps intended to type “CAN’T GET ME.” The CBS Sports article on the subject claimed Mixon said “The police can’t get me.”
  10. “Hey, he’s just misunderstood! Let him alone!” - Brent Musberger, probably
  11. As someone who appreciates language and its subtleties/oddities, I do credit Roach for making me consider that something going “downhill” can actually be a good thing. I usually think of it as, “His career went downhill from there,” or “They are on a downhill trajectory.” Of course, good writing doesn’t compel the reader to waste valuable minutes typing a dumbass post on a message board. Damn, you Mike Roach! It’s now going to be an uphill battle getting my work done.
  12. At least now I can be certain Laxtonto is NOT Ol’ Freak Nasty.
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