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  1. Just popping in to state what I’m sure hundreds of you already have, Jack Plummer is fucking awful.
  2. I think it gives the committee permission to fuck over Florida State if they win. Can’t keep the SEC champion out, can’t keep us out because we beat Alabama. The SEC margin (if it holds) eliminates much of the “Georgia deserves a spot, too!” chatter.
  3. All I know is I love her. Enhance! Enhance! Enhance!
  4. Dr Pepper commercial actress Natasha Marc, just for the hell of it.
  5. Jenny Dell: “Will Reichard kicking with a heavy heart today, one man not in the stands is his first kicking coach, his father, who died seven years ago.”
  6. Wait, who “won ugly?” Us? We won by 28. Nothing ugly about that.
  7. Sark laughing it up with the refs. Reading lips, I think they are telling him, “Yeah, we think Mar is an asshole, too.”
  8. Watching LHN and Loreal has been hanging out behind Lowell and The Gang. Her hair makes 70’s Diana Ross look like Jada at the Oscars. Texas by 60.
  9. I’m expecting this 260-pounder out of Huntsville to have a big day. Hook ‘em.
  10. According to Asu2215, probably Lulu from HeeHaw’s twin.
  11. I find 98% of the service and cost superior to the other streamers, and I’m not sacrificing that for the 2% of the time I may wish it easier to turn to LHN.
  12. Legit question, does a 12 year old TV even have an HDMI port? You’ll need one to even connect to a modern smart device. Maybe it’s time to spend a little on a new TV (they are remarkably inexpensive now).
  13. I get LHN thru ESPN app sign in from family member. Won’t matter in a few months, LHN is shuttering, as Lowell reminds us every week.
  14. If you’re advanced enough to have a fancy receiver, are you sure you don’t already have a smart TV, capable of downloading the YTTV/HuluLive/Fubo/ESPN, etc app of your choice? You may not need a Roku/Fire Stick/AppleTV, etc. But if you are still in the market, I’ve had these type devices since the early days of Roku, and I don’t recall seeing an optical port on any. I suspect it’s just a matter of you using the connection you always have, as the device turns your TV smart, and the audio receiver will decode the stereo sound as the distribution allows. But I don’t know nuthin’, somewhat tech savvy, not a wire my house for ultimate sound guy…
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