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  1. I have heard Jerry say Mills is a RT candidate. I just have a hard time thinking we can somehow pull Brooks and Fasusi, and thinking down the road to 2026 getting John Turntine. If I were to put money on it, I would say Brooks to Georgia. That would clear the picture a bit.
  2. I was laughing until you got to the high fives. Now I am a bit concerned.
  3. Assuming we get Mills, I would imagine that taking Brooks likely loses Fasusi.
  4. Although I have to admit, choking him by sticking a freshly shat golden chef's hat down his throat is fairly innovative.
  5. I am not sure that would have been voluntary.
  6. South Carolina is the school in the mix with a true culinary program through the university.
  7. So do we think Terry Black's or Lincoln's Black BBQ is going to win out here?
  8. All of that ridiculous explanation and "They are good ags" is somehow still attached.
  9. Are you kidding me? AI Bundy was the star of Polk High.
  10. I was thinking about this the other day. If they really do impose conference roster limits due to revenue sharing as has been floated, probably the biggest beneficiary will be the B12 schools. If the B1G and SEC suddenly only allow 70 scholarships per school, then that would mean you have about 100 higher tier guys per year who would have otherwise been playing in those conferences having to find a landing spot. It could give rise to a school like Houston, Colorado, UCF, etc because they will be landing those guys that just missed the P2 cut. With reduced roster limits, I could see there being much more parity across the conferences. As an example with Texas, we may have never taken Byron Murphy, Barryn Sorrell, or Jelani McDonald late. Maybe we decide to cut the cord on Jaydon Blue out of high school for a lower risk guy. Maybe we don't stick with Christian Jones for as long as we did. Those are impactful guys on our roster that might otherwise be at Oklahoma State or TCU.
  11. Now his redass mom has an excuse and can just blame being wind chapped.
  12. Justin Wells has entered the chat. Do those golden triangle kids track and smack?
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