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  1. Of all of the places on their roster I want them spending money, WR and DL are probably the two spots with the least uplift in on field performance. They have three quality starting WRs right now, and Bryant is not going to displace Stewart, Muhammed, or Smith. The fact that he is even making the trip to colleyville is perplexing given his other options.
  2. Kiper is so fucking awful at talent eval and understanding what teams are actually going to do. it is a wonder this guy still has a job. He has Will Levis at 3, Anthony Richardson at 4, and Bijan at 27 to Buffalo.
  3. When I read the part about DL my first thought was Dindy and Nolan. There is zero chance one or both of those guys are going to spend another season at third on the depth chart. I would be really curious to know just how much effort and money it took to keep 2022 class from leaving, but it feels like Fisher is staking his job on that class and then not letting many of them play.
  4. They are pointing to the Saban press conference as a positive? Allrighty then.
  5. This doesn't seem like it will backfire at all Looch..
  6. I saw it too, his opening statement was easily the most generic laundry list of coach speak he could come up with and then he jumped on the first reporter to ask him a question before the guy even finished his statement. If I were a beat writer I would start trying to skewer that little shit.
  7. If Neyor comes back healthy, I want to see them trot out Mitchell and Neyor on the outside with Worthy in the slot. That would be filthy.
  8. Good to see Malik out there.. and is that Stroh in that OL picture? Fuck he is huge.
  9. This is a first. When a guy who grew up in a G5 bumps up to a P5, then decides.. "nah I'm good."
  10. Why they did not hit the portal for OLine after the shit sandwich they signed in December is beyond me. Now, even if they sign guys in the summer, they will only have fall camp to learn a new offense.
  11. I think it really just comes down to marquee matchups. If ND joins the B1G, then you get a minimum of 3 more national games per year against tOSU, Michigan, USC, UCLA, and/or Penn State. Ranked games featuring ND are always going to be nationally televised with huge ratings, similar to Texas. That is far more valuable than Notre Dame vs. an ACC schedule, therefore Notre Dame is more valuable in the B1G. In 2021, ND vs Ohio State had over 10 million viewers. Notre Dame vs USC in 2022 had just under 7 million viewers. the last Notre Dame vs Michigan game did over 7 million viewers. Notre Dame vs. Penn State would likely do 6+ million. Here is their viewership with an ACC leaning schedule. You could probably pencil in numbers like these against lower tier B1G competition like Indiana and Minnesota, which would also be more valuable than the million or so viewers those crappy teams usually pull. Notice the biggest ratings draw.
  12. It makes for a shorter and more abrupt runway for the inevitable crash. It may be a survival mechanism.
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