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  1. Worthy and Mitchell underperformed in our offense? Worthy went for 1000 yards last season and Mitchell had 845 yards and 11 touchdowns. All in a conference where every defense is designed to take away the deep pass above all else. But don't let facts get in the way of a good story I guess.
  2. You are doing this all wrong. It is the deviant behavior we want to applaud.
  3. Are they doing that joint B12 Pro Day for football this year or does that start next season?
  4. Imagine Miami taking him and pairing him with Tyreke Hill
  5. 4.53 is a great time for Watts. I bet that gets him drafted.
  6. His formula is basically to give as much weight and relevance to their close losses as he does with our close wins, as if none of them ever occurred.
  7. He was ready to hobble through a wall after Joey’s pregame pep talk.
  8. Quality parting shot right there, even if it is made up.
  9. If Tyler Owens runs the fastest 40 at this year's combine, someone is going to lose their mind and draft him 3 rounds too high. That type of size/speed ratio is unheard of. He isn't a particularly good football player, but he is a freak athlete.
  10. Next time 1-800 Flowers puts out a great QB list we are golden.
  11. As a prospect, I like him better than some of the guys we have on campus now. He needs some technique work with his upper body, but he is a powerful kid with good feet and hips and agility for his size. If he played with better pad level, he would have absolutely stolen a kids soul a la Kelvin Banks in one of his hudl highlights.
  12. Acho-esque is gold. Perhaps Manny Acho-esque in the shit head department.
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