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  1. This is a first. When a guy who grew up in a G5 bumps up to a P5, then decides.. "nah I'm good."
  2. Why they did not hit the portal for OLine after the shit sandwich they signed in December is beyond me. Now, even if they sign guys in the summer, they will only have fall camp to learn a new offense.
  3. I think it really just comes down to marquee matchups. If ND joins the B1G, then you get a minimum of 3 more national games per year against tOSU, Michigan, USC, UCLA, and/or Penn State. Ranked games featuring ND are always going to be nationally televised with huge ratings, similar to Texas. That is far more valuable than Notre Dame vs. an ACC schedule, therefore Notre Dame is more valuable in the B1G. In 2021, ND vs Ohio State had over 10 million viewers. Notre Dame vs USC in 2022 had just under 7 million viewers. the last Notre Dame vs Michigan game did over 7 million viewers. Notre Dame vs. Penn State would likely do 6+ million. Here is their viewership with an ACC leaning schedule. You could probably pencil in numbers like these against lower tier B1G competition like Indiana and Minnesota, which would also be more valuable than the million or so viewers those crappy teams usually pull. Notice the biggest ratings draw.
  4. It makes for a shorter and more abrupt runway for the inevitable crash. It may be a survival mechanism.
  5. Do you honestly think that Notre Dame finds the ACC attractive for football under the current GOR? Notre Dame already makes more per year than ACC schools do so even with a new GOR it would be very difficult to entice Notre Dame into a long term agreement. The ACC would also have to add ND prior to doing another GOR for them to see that uplift, and Clemson and FSU may bounce the moment they get the chance, further eroding the value. If I am Notre Dame, I would be leaning B1G because my payout goes up dramatically and I would not be diluting the value to the other schools.
  6. In the upside down, their hall of champions is bursting at the seams.
  7. Breaking: Conner Weigman arrested on 7 counts of beastiality.
  8. Vertigo

    Rodney Terry

    I think this game sealed it, and frankly he deserves to get the opportunity. If he goes to the elite 8, then i bet you see them take the tag off before the game.
  9. You lost to a LOWER RANKED team you fucking imbeciles.
  10. Not only that, but they don't advertise for games on streaming outside of banner ads. There is basically an understanding that you know why you are there. The P12 would be less watched than the MAC.
  11. Jimbo's SEC conference record is 23-17 over 6 seasons. A win percentage of 57.5% Texa A&M's historical conference winning percentage has hovered around 54% going all the way back to their SWC days and staying within about 1% of each other between SWC/B12/SEC. So technically, Jimbo is essentially right at the mean.
  12. A sweet 16 caliper team with 0 wins in 2 years.. This legitimately made me chortle.
  13. If I were Quinn, I would be debriefing Arch on anything his uncles have taught him about game prep.
  14. If Campbell can get the mental part right over the spring and summer, there is no way he is coming off the field. I think I predicted Neto to pass Conner eventually before next season. Conner seems like he would make a really good center or swing tackle.
  15. Elite centers and guards can sneak in to the bottom half of round 1, but you are talking about 1 guy every few years.
  16. Last year not every team was in attendance I know that, but I can't find any official numbers. This year all 32 teams were there.
  17. Yes, but you also have marginal attendance at some of the schools without any top prospects. There may be 5 or 6 scouts at a pro day in Morgantown, especially if it is later in the process.
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