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    i did a standard surly search and didn't find a thread, and i think i know why.
    when mf first came out, i thought it was hilarious.  even though seasons 2-4 were a little uneven, overall, the show was great.  there was drama with split showrunners after s1, so that explains part of it, but mostly it was solid.  then it went into syndication, and i was able to watch several of my favorite episodes again, and still loved them.  "the old wagon", "good cop bad dog", "phil on wire", and "yard sale" are all-time classics.
    then, season 5 came out, and suffered from the very common sitcom fatigue that you'll often find around the 75-100 episode mark.  that's a lot of fucking tv to write.  it also started to do annoying shit like taking the entire cast and crew to australia (for a half hour episode that wasn't even a season premiere or finale).  you're rich, we get it.  around season 6, i started to look around and realize this isn't fun anymore.  i asked a few other people, and most were like, "yeah, it's not as good, but we still watch it every week, we still laugh."  ok.
    sidenote - i am not a broadcast network snob.  i know a lot of people (and i'm sure there are plenty on this board) that are just done with broadcast network tv (abc, cbs, nbc, fox).  we still watch a handful of shows.  the wife watches more than me, but whatever.  if something is quality, i'll still watch, just no procedurals.
    so it was around seasons 6-7 where i stopped watching, maybe would catch an episode from the dvr and half pay attention to it, or the next day on hulu, stuff like that.  i know it's been on forever, but lost track.  bits and pieces here and there, saw some storylines come around, then watched some from this past season, because it was the end.  it was pretty bad, unsuccessfully trying to recapture its early success.
    what was interesting about modern family through the years was its non-participation with streaming services with its catalog.  pretty much every sitcom (current or past) can be found somewhere on the main streamers.  most are on hulu.  and even though it was contractually obligated to show their current season through abc on demand and hulu (next-day), the previous seasons were only avail through standard syndication broadcasts.
    after the latest wga standoff, modern family predictably settled in with hulu, and for the first time, all the seasons were available to stream.  so since i hadn't watched all episodes, and hadn't watched most in a while, i thought this would be a fun rewatch, as we like to put sitcom reruns on while we're going to sleep.  in my head, i was thinking, ok, there were ~10 seasons, and most was pretty good, i think it petered out around 7-8, and there's some garbage at the end (which most every show has, up to and especially seinfeld).
    i was wrong.  after the first 4 seasons, there was a big drop.  and what i thought i remembered as a few more solid seasons were really a few more solid episodes, and around season 5, this show was pretty much done.  and what i thought were a couple dead seasons - were five full fucking garbage seasons.  this show went to 11.  literally.  everything after season 6 was almost unwatchable.  but i persisted.  i made my way through, enduring such taunts as "you're not even laughing" and "why are you doing this to yourself?"
    even some of the nostalgia brought in with the final season was hollow and empty.  i didn't care about the future of these characters, because i didn't really care about the past few years of their present.
    the whole thing has me wondering - are broadcast sitcoms as we knew them, over?  shows like brooklyn nine-nine are fading and have been reduced to shortened seasons, and i think this is the only way to do it.  i don't think the old structure of 18-24 episodes per season is sustainable for a variety of reasons.  animation can pull it off, but there are obvious exceptions that make that possible.
    we gave the new abc show - home economics - a try (i'll watch literally any pilot), and it's harmless, but sad.  and one of the actors makes it almost unwatchable.  i thought i knew him from somewhere, and i was right.  he was in some of the later seasons.  of modern family.   

    so i was going to do a top 10, but there are so many, so this is ~10 i really liked, and then the rest that i liked enough to finish and remember for the purpose of this list.
    note - this does not include shows i love like "last week tonight", "the circus", and "bob's burgers" (i like pretty much every episode of these).
    in no particular order:
    ted lasso
    wayne (technically 2019 but whatever)
    the mandalorian s2
    schitt's creek final season
    the queen's gambit
    the last dance
    central park
    mrs america
    ap bio s3
    the crown s4
    the right stuff
    the comedy store (showtime doc)
    here are the best of the rest:
    hunters, quiz, better call saul s5, good place final season, dead to me s2, bojack horseman final season, the boys s2, the third day, high fidelity, briarpatch, away, perry mason, upload, tiger king, snowpiercer, white lines, little fires everywhere, the undoing, fargo s4, mcmillions, tehran, flight attendant.
    i still want to watch "the great" and "alex ryder" and some assorted others.


    What Do You Want for Christmas?

    By CHIEF, in Lulz,

    I've been blessed. My wife asked me what I wanted for Christmas. I told her two things. I have a sub, Arturo, that owes me about $6k, he is always struggling financially, he is overweight, and in poor health. He drives a truck for a living, and runs a concrete business out of the truck at the same time. About to loose his sister to COVID. For Christmas, I want as a gift to me, to forgive $2500 of his debt. 
    Ismael was my parents lawn guy. He works sunup to sundown 6-7 days per week. I am serving as GC on a small one bedroom, one bath carport he is converting into a barndominium. He is moving his wife and son into it, then, will build on as he makes more money. I want to buy him a bistro table for the smaller space he will be moving into.
    Materially, I am at a place where I don't really need anything, and their needs are more important than my wants. It has been this way for at least four years now. Anybody else in the same boat?
    Oh, and two chicks at one time.


    Christmas loot

    By Superhero, in Lulz,

    Premature thread, but when I'm excited, it's hard to hold it in, and I want to share it into your eyeballs.
    Share the loot you got, or are getting from yourself, spouse, boyfriend, girlfriend, family, friends, clients and side pieces.
    Got this from one of my subcontractors this morning.

    Walden Ponderer
    So, my wife is into all kinds of hoodoo. Loves ghost stories, and believes way too many of them. But she also has an affinity for collecting the really bad, obviously stupidity-induced variety, too. A few exemplars:
    I'm sorry, Billy, you're going to have to be more specific. What color hat was he wearing?
    Anyway, share 'em if you've got 'em.

    Every year I go thru the same routine.
    Buy gifts.
    Stockpile gifts in my office/practice room.
    Have weeks long intentions of wrapping gifts at least 2 weeks before Christmas so they will actually spend time under the tree.
    Evey time I plan on wrapping them a dread of going thru the act of getting the paper, finding scissors and tape, name tags, ribbons or bows just crushes my motivation.
    One week before Christmas, panick-stricken and guilt ridden because there are no presents from me to ANYONE under the tree, I finally bite the bullet and lock myself away in said room with all my supplies, plus some booze. Put on some music and start wrapping.
    I realize and say to myself "this is kind of nice, I'm in here in the quiet, drinking and I absolutely know she won't bug me because she knows what I'm doing, this is some good me time". I take my time, relax, feel no pressure and when I finally emerge she accepts that Ive accomplished something.
    Every damn year this happens, when will I ever learn? I need gift wrapping sessions all year long.

    Guest Lobo

    Happy Festivus 2020, Surly!

    By Guest Lobo, in Lulz,

    This shittastic year is almost over, but first...we celebrate Festivus.  Particularly important to mark the holiday this year since we lost too many wonderful people in 2020, including Jerry Stiller (RIP, Frank Costanza).  Jerry Stiller would be pleased to know, we can now proudly say "Happy Festivus" without fear of being canceled.  The War on Festivus is Over! 
    We've aired all our grievances between the DT, Football, and CR forums.  The feats of strength have already been won by the health care workers on this site.  The Pole has already been given to South Austin's Mom quite a few times (FYI-she also finds tinsel distracting).  All that's left is to enjoy a Festivus dinner with loved ones, and a flask.  And of course---to look for Festivus Miracles in your life or on our coaching staff.  As Hans Gruber once told one of his 12 disciple-terrorists..."It's Festivus Theo, it's the time of miracles.  So be of good cheer."  
    May your 2021 have a very high strength-to-weight ratio. 

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    • I gotta get these fucking cups out of my office and I don't want to ship them out if at all possible. So instead I am using it as an excuse to get drunk with some Surly idiots. Location will be at Pinkertons BBQ in Houston and on a Thursday because they will have dollar shiners. All Surly members welcome but you will be publicly shamed by all attendants into becoming a burnt ends member while there. Yall can pick the date, the 13th probably works best for me but I am open to any of the three. @immamac¬†will host another one in Austin at some point in the near future and there will be another opportunity when we get the Burnt Ends dinner scheduled (Probably February or March). Whatever cups are left after that we will ship out. Whatever date we have picked I will be there from probably 11:30 till 6pm or so as people filter in and out. Password is Muledick
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    • I started yesterday afternoon, and cooked up a demo in React/Material-UI in a little under 24 hours, just to play around. Here's an idea of what something could look like:


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    • Surly Horns Burnt Ends NIL Program- How YOU can help Texas with the NIL right now!
      Enough bitching, enough sitting on the sidelines, CDC isn't doing fucking dick but we can! Introducing Surly Horns Burnt Ends NIL Program. This is how we make a difference, if we can get enough interest and hit the numbers that we forecasted, that is a huge step towards getting at least one position group taken care of (possibly two pending interest and people actually putting their money where their mouths are) with the hopes that others will follow with other less appreciated position groups. Bijan, Card, even guys like Jamison and Overshown won't have issues getting paid when the NIL is fully rolled out (hopefully fucking soon, looking at you @closetojumping)or when CDC gets his head pulled out of his ass (Doubtful, fucking moron).

      Next Steps, I gauge interest through this article and see what the financials actually look like (You won't be charged dick till this shit actually gets rolled out), we get a liaison in the TE room to help facilitate scheduling, we get this bitch through compliance (Don't think this should be an issue but....), then we start to roll it out to the TEs! All the profit is going directly to the TEs, and the website will be handling the money (No Ketch bullshit). We will mail everyone's Cups and stickers and shit once things have been rolling. We will need some help designing a logo (paging @TreatyOak). This is a great opportunity for us to have some fun with the NIL, get some kids some cash legally and above board, help improve TE recruiting and keep talented TEs on the team and out of the portal. If you have any suggestions, questions or grievances shoot me and @immamac a DM. This is how we help!


      Burnt Ends- NIL Program.pptx
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